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Author:Pear Lands In The Autumn Spring

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Updates:Chapter 565: The Holy Tree Blooms

When the Absolute Choice appears, if a choice is not made, time will remain halted. If he fails to complete the task after making a choice, time will reverse and the Absolute Choice will restart. [Option 1: Single-handedly kill the demon world’s Great Demon King with your strength ] [Option 2: Use three words to capture the thousand year old virgin’s heart ] Shi Xiaobai chose option 1 and was fancily killed thousands of times; he chose option 2 and was rejected thousands of times in a variety of ways. Absolute Choice (Having picked 3210 times): “Make your choice, youth!” Shi Xiaobai: “I choose death!” Shi Xiaobai killed himself in anger, thinking he had liberated himself. Absolute Choice (Having picked 3211 times): “Make your choice, youth!” Shi Xiaobai: “…”
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 1-16 (Rookie Evaluation Test)
Chapter 1: Make Your Choice, Youth
Chapter 2: If Despair had a Color
Chapter 3: Have you experienced Despair?
Chapter 4: Hero! Hero! Hero!
Chapter 5: Can I call you Big Brother?
Chapter 6: Hurry Up and Sign a Contract with This King
Chapter 7: Girl, Your King is here
Chapter 8: I Can Only Rely on You
Chapter 9: Owning the Entire World
Chapter 10: People are born Unequal
Chapter 11: This King takes back everything he just said
Chapter 12: So we were overthinking the situation!
Chapter 13: Shi Xiaobai’s Confidence is Shaken
Chapter 14: Why did I agree
Chapter 15: Perception of God
Chapter 16: You Are This King’s Person
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 17-43 (Rookie Training)
Chapter 17: Riko’s Choice
Chapter 18: Return me my Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 19: Riko’s Superpower
Chapter 20: Inverse Sourced World
Chapter 21: Shi Xiaobai, you need to keep a low profile
Chapter 22: This King has Something to Ask You
Chapter 23: The Great Figure Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 24: Shi Xiaobai is not the Hope of Team Red
Chapter 25: The Targeted Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 26: This King, Tu Dahei
Chapter 27: O’ My Beloved Little Toy
Chapter 28: Shi Xiaobai’s Intuition
Chapter 29: Do you need to go this extent just because of the Bathroom?
Chapter 30: Another Game?
Chapter 31: You are actually a Demon, right?
Chapter 32: The Weakest Rookie
Chapter 33: True Weakness
Chapter 34: Please shatter it!
Chapter 35: The Game has just Begun
Chapter 36: Ye Jiaquan’s Ye Family Punch
Chapter 37: The Absolute Choice that forcefully changes the Outcome
Chapter 38: Quick hand over your underwear
Chapter 39: That Poker Card
Chapter 40: Why are you dealing your cards so erratically!?
Chapter 41: At that moment, he crumbled!
Chapter 42: The precursor before one person takes all
Chapter 43: Naagin’s Devotees!
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 44-56 (Meteor Shower)
Chapter 44: She comes from the Darkness, bringing the Light!
Chapter 45: Kali
Chapter 46: Meteors and Hero
Chapter 47: One-Pun man
Chapter 48: Watching the meteor rain fall onto Earth with you
Chapter 49: The Kind Dan Liang
Chapter 50: Kinder than Kind
Chapter 51: My Hands Are Stained with Sin
Chapter 52: Holmes.Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 53: The Sudden Upset
Chapter 54: Cherish Life, Stay Clear from Girlfriends!
Chapter 55: This Sacrifice is too Great!
Chapter 56: The Strongest Attack in History!
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 57-68 (Virtual Reality Training)
Chapter 57: It Isn’t Easy for Any One of Us
Chapter 58: Laziness and Diligence
Chapter 59: The Promotion of Anything really relies on Lying!
Chapter 60: Two Fancy Schlocks
Chapter 61: Playing games can even be done in such a grand manner?
Chapter 62: Thanking Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 63: Abusing Elementary School Students like Dogs
Chapter 64: OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation
Chapter 65: The Answer From the Very Beginning
Chapter 66: You should become such a Crab!
Chapter 67: Your name
Chapter 68: Yea-habitant of the Yea Planet
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 69-105 (Battle of the Sacred Cup)
Chapter 69: There is really such a madman in this world?
Chapter 70: Yang Weiwei’s Soul of Deception
Chapter 71: Devil’s Footwork
Chapter 72: Battle of the Sacred Cup
Chapter 73: God DogLeading
Chapter 74: Xiao Xiao’s Rules
Chapter 75: Take you flying into awesomeness
Chapter 76: The Brave Pig Slaughtering Knife
Chapter 77: Unexpected Opening
Chapter 78: Princess Xiao Xiao
Chapter 79: Doomed Sooner or Later
Chapter 80: Giving you Full Marks for Customer Service
Chapter 81: Let me do it!
Chapter 82: The color of the wind is green
Chapter 83: You know nothing about your ex-wife
Chapter 84: This is not a drill
Chapter 85: Holding Power
Chapter 86: That one Knife
Chapter 87: The Great Demon Lord Xiao Xiao
Chapter 88: I hope you would last longer
Chapter 89: To be Killed to the Ends of Time
Chapter 90: If you can do it then you should go up and do it
Chapter 91: Terrifying knife strike
Chapter 92: The Benevolent Butcher
Chapter 93: Time is a pig slaughtering knife
Chapter 94: Anymore?
Chapter 95: Don’t kill them all
Chapter 96: I want to know you
Chapter 97: Door of Darkness
Chapter 98: Go on First
Chapter 99: Stabbed Into My Heart
Chapter 100: This is such a bonus
Chapter 101: This problem is problematic!
Chapter 102: Eyes have changed
Chapter 103: You sure were naughty
Chapter 104: You might not believe it if I told you
Chapter 105: Let us go home
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 106-155 (Annihilation Selection Arc)
Chapter 106: I’m back
Chapter 107: Where the King’s Blade Tip Points
Chapter 108: This is a monster
Chapter 109: A teammate that accidentally harms you
Chapter 110: Strength comes from Oppai
Chapter 111: Oppai is also justice
Chapter 112: Whiteology Appearance
Chapter 113: Why are you this skilled
Chapter 114: Lovers’ Pact 2.0
Chapter 115: Hisith wants some quietness
Chapter 116: Where did the gentle reminder go
Chapter 117: All Tu Dahei’s fault
Chapter 118: This Turtle Is Hardest
Chapter 119: Imbalanced Broken Character in the World
Chapter 120: This King is wrong
Chapter 121: Peeling Memories
Chapter 122: Do not scream in pain even when balls shatter
Chapter 123: Filthy Turtle Divine Technique Combo!
Chapter 124: Who is Chen Lingcun
Chapter 125: Refreshing your world view
Chapter 126: The adorable you
Chapter 127: This is the reason why you are enduring?
Chapter 128: Very cute, very naive
Chapter 129: Upright person despite Being tough on words
Chapter 130: Intoxicated Moan
Chapter 131: Can you be a bit faster
Chapter 132: Quick stick it back
Chapter 133: Are you kidding me
Chapter 134: Can you give This King a knife
Chapter 135: Being able to see you before my death
Chapter 136: You have successfully infuriated me
Chapter 137: A Very Silly Story
Chapter 138: A Sorrow that should be Drowned
Chapter 139: Wait, you must wait!
Chapter 140: This King needs you
Chapter 141: Hold it in even if you can’t accept it
Chapter 142: Is your face hurting badly?
Chapter 143: Beat O’ unyielding heart!
Chapter 144: Golden-white holy dragon shows its prowess
Chapter 145: What you said makes a lot of sense
Chapter 146: Invincibility is such Loneliness
Chapter 147: Able to posture even while not being awesome
Chapter 148: Cherish Life, Stay Clear from Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 149: Don’t stick it back
Chapter 150: An honest person does not “play with swords”
Chapter 151: Coach, I want to learn swords
Chapter 152: This tests skill
Chapter 153: Massage Technique of God
Chapter 154: Will you feel regret
Chapter 155: Let’s celebrate by getting a room
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 156-206 (Battle Exchange Arc)
Chapter 156: Plans of a King
Chapter 157: Big Perv Shi
Chapter 158: Fragrance and Odor
Chapter 159: Mozzie
Chapter 160: Truly Heh heh
Chapter 161: The Girl who doesn’t drink Chicken Soup.
Chapter 162: Who is messing with who
Chapter 163: A person should be more like Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 164: Come, let’s have a good battle
Chapter 165: Be faster for This King
Chapter 166: Still able to do another few hundred rounds
Chapter 167: The Choice of Courting Death
Chapter 168: Knocking on the Wrong Door
Chapter 169: How can you be such a hooligan
Chapter 170: A Hooligan Unfortunately
Chapter 171: The kick at the threshold
Chapter 172: Have you never seen safety shorts
Chapter 173: Given up for chicks
Chapter 174: Lord God’s Advice
Chapter 175: Not even given a ‘Nice Guy Card’
Chapter 176: Fat chance
Chapter 177: How can this be
Chapter 178: Flirting Expert Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 179: This is the reason for you to break public property?
Chapter 180: Double Speed Mirage
Chapter 181: In This King’s eyes, all of you are already dead
Chapter 182: The vengeful [Zeus]
Chapter 183: This King wants to fight one against all
Chapter 184: The darn godlike collapse of tear ducts
Chapter 185: A super, super flirting expert
Chapter 186: Can I borrow your hand to smack faces
Chapter 187: Come on out, the extremely cute little loli
Chapter 188: King of Lolicons
Chapter 189: Ye Siblings
Chapter 190: Back in the day, against the headwinds, thirty feet I could pee, but today, my shoes are soused despite tailwinds
Chapter 191: Looks Competition MVP
Chapter 192: Take Ten Million to Feed the Pigs!
Chapter 193: If Shi Xiaobai were here
Chapter 194: Who should receive the Academy Award for Best Actor
Chapter 195: Why must a Fatso make things difficult for a former Fatso
Chapter 196: King’s Beginner Sword
Chapter 197: The King’s Fury
Chapter 198: Since the Heavens made the Moon, why did They make the Sun too
Chapter 199: The Former Child Prodigy
Chapter 200: A Crush from a Single Sword Strike
Chapter 201: Can Only Tolerate, Silently Suffer
Chapter 202: Feeling Sad, Wanting to Cry
Chapter 203: Didn’t you see Tu Dahei one-shot Heartless?
Chapter 204: We Can’t Lose Again!
Chapter 205: The King’s Choice
Chapter 206: His Freedom was not there
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 207-226 (Pre-Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower+Level 1)
Chapter 207: Set off with This King!
Chapter 208: These legs of hers could go around the block for a year
Chapter 209: The Purest Sword Fanatic
Chapter 210: Rookies’ Mudslide
Chapter 211: This is the happiness that belongs to her
Chapter 212: In the northern darkness, there is a fish and his name is Kun
Chapter 213: I engaged in it for five hours
Chapter 214: Combined assault on Tu Dahei
Chapter 215: Shit, there’s no way to stop!
Chapter 216: Take off!
Chapter 217: Tussled 300 times that night
Chapter 218: Not splitting, let’s assist!
Chapter 219: Choosing ten out of a thousand, picking one out of a hundred
Chapter 220: Please Read the Setting Patiently!
Chapter 221: A Wondrous Lucky Charm
Chapter 222: Mt. Chang Pulp Farmer
Chapter 223: Tu Dahei says Shi Xiaobai is awesome
Chapter 224: Team Leader Tu Dahei
Chapter 225: None of you are qualified!
Chapter 226: An Earthquake amongst Rookies
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 227-246 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 2)
Chapter 227: Tower Defense
Chapter 228: Kun-Stewing Wok
Chapter 229: This mute is a chatterbox
Chapter 230: Aggro Mobbing
Chapter 231: You seem to have big breasts
Chapter 232: The Tree of Life is about to die
Chapter 233: True Glory
Chapter 234: Hero and Villain
Chapter 235: Shi Xiaobai has come
Chapter 236: Two Peng Grills
Chapter 237: A true man never turns his head to watch an explosion
Chapter 238: Letting everyone clear
Chapter 239: City Attack!
Chapter 240: The youth would eventually become a King
Chapter 241: Venturing alone
Chapter 242: Demonic Beasts that filled the lands!
Chapter 243: The Blinding of Everyone’s Eyes
Chapter 244: City Destroyer Hero
Chapter 245: I have champagne in my room
Chapter 246: You and I know Shi Xiaobai
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 247-272 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 3)
Chapter 247: Wow, this constipation
Chapter 248: It must be an illusion
Chapter 249: What posture is teaching and learning
Chapter 250: I feel we will be doomed sooner or later!
Chapter 251: But it’s too comfortable!
Chapter 252: Fear of everyone not being able to replace the lost nutrients faster than they can be gained
Chapter 253: Lord Shi Xiaobai can massage wherever he wants
Chapter 254: The best teacher, Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 255: It’s you yourself that is depriving yourself of your flexibility!
Chapter 256: Deceptive Assassin!
Chapter 257: Super Healer and Godlike Mentor
Chapter 258: The Improvement in Three Hours
Chapter 259: Intercourse for a moment
Chapter 260: Just as inaccurate as always
Chapter 261: Feels like I’ve fallen for a scam
Chapter 262: It’s coming to This King for dog food
Chapter 263: Negotiations Broke Down, Kill it!
Chapter 264: The Abrupt Sure Death Scenario
Chapter 265: Those foolish lives are worth anything?
Chapter 266: This is a true King
Chapter 267: Ah, that spot won’t do
Chapter 268: Rub, rub!
Chapter 269: Leaped over a wall in desperation
Chapter 270: Cowardly retracted its head like a turtle
Chapter 271: A little excited just thinking of it!
Chapter 272: Shi Xiaobai, you are my daddy
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 273-287 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 4)
Chapter 273: Battle Arena, enemies often cross each other’s paths
Chapter 274: That night, she shattered several toilets squatting
Chapter 275: Bronze Minotaur
Chapter 276: Always ready
Chapter 277: This black sword is against him!
Chapter 278: Jealousy
Chapter 279: You are actually a lefty, right?
Chapter 280: You can scold anyone but Tu Dahei!
Chapter 281: What goes around comes around!
Chapter 282: For Lord Shi Xiaobai!
Chapter 283: I’ll just quietly watch you posture
Chapter 284: You shall be defeated by this sword attack
Chapter 285: Heavens, quickly take this bastard back
Chapter 286: Failure is the mother of success
Chapter 287: Excalibur
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 288-304 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 5)
Chapter 288: How do you wish to die?
Chapter 289: You really can’t blow well
Chapter 290: So as to eliminate her personally
Chapter 291: Professional Assist
Chapter 292: The Bullet that Changed the Outcome
Chapter 293: Who dares to touch her
Chapter 294: This pair is not to be spared
Chapter 295: Fusing as one
Chapter 296: Last Minute
Chapter 297: Tolerated you for a long while!
Chapter 298: This King will follow shortly
Chapter 299: Protect Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 300: What about my hand?
Chapter 301: The avenger that waited for the opportunity
Chapter 302: The best protector
Chapter 303: Never expected
Chapter 304: I’ll accompany you on this escapade
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 305-333 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 6)
Chapter 305: What a shameless old hag
Chapter 306: I’m rushing back to sleep with my boyfriend
Chapter 307: Trousers just halfway off
Chapter 308: After saying so much, can I have a spot on your Friends list
Chapter 309: This spot definitely should harden, as a form of respect
Chapter 310: Don’t hesitate, quickly kiss
Chapter 311: What happened during This King’s afternoon nap
Chapter 312: It’s time to bring out the big guns
Chapter 313: This King has a diamond, do you have applause?
Chapter 314: We have a deal
Chapter 315: Sudden turn of events
Chapter 316: Blood-red fireworks
Chapter 317: Massacre induced by a smelly fart
Chapter 318: An Impossible Possibility
Chapter 319: Murder induced by a pool of pee
Chapter 320: Why spit everywhere!
Chapter 321: The dragon is here!
Chapter 322: The dragon won’t run away anymore
Chapter 323: I have ten thousand ways to let him die
Chapter 324: The Light in a Hopeless Situation
Chapter 325: You raged for This King, This King will commit suicide for you
Chapter 326: You must return safely as well
Chapter 327: Don’t fucking add scenes for yourself!
Chapter 328: God Slaughtering Command
Chapter 329: Sorry Kali
Chapter 330: Pushing down Kali!
Chapter 331: True demon
Chapter 332: Nobody should have thoughts on grabbing tomorrow’s headlines!
Chapter 333: Prevent Wang Feng from making the headlines
《Absolute Choice》 Chapters 334-378 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 7 - Transcendence)
Chapter 334: You have clearly awakened, why are you playing dumb
Chapter 335: Take a good look at who he is!
Chapter 336: Are you courting death or committing suicide
Chapter 337: Shi Xiaobai’s Delicacy Tour
Chapter 338: This matter was so hard to refuse
Chapter 339: A Difficult Nemesis
Chapter 340: Not only mimicry
Chapter 341: Their Choices
Chapter 342: It’s venomous, you are toxic
Chapter 343: Four legendary figures
Chapter 344: Stop or die!
Chapter 345: Racial Discrimination
Chapter 346: To dare mess with This King, eat first, talk later
Chapter 347: The powerful Transcendents
Chapter 348: Leonis and civil strife
Chapter 349: Do you prefer being raped before being killed, or being killed before being raped
Chapter 350: Some fruits no longer exist if you miss them
Chapter 351: Wrong way of posturing
Chapter 352: The importance of a posturing technique
Chapter 353: Shi Xiaobai, I want to learn to posture!
Chapter 354: Shi-style Posturing Technique
Chapter 355: Unarmed combat
Chapter 356: Leonis on the brink of raging
Chapter 357: Moya’s rage
Chapter 358: Erroneous Plot
Chapter 359: Humans are just this and nothing more!
Chapter 360: You have successfully infuriated This King
Chapter 361: The physique of humans is bad?
Chapter 362: But This King won’t do so!
Chapter 363: His opponent is only himself
Chapter 364: Wait for your fucking tomorrow
Chapter 365: In front of the Door of the Bravehearts, the meeting of girls
Chapter 366: Transforming without a word
Chapter 367: Come on, let’s clash head on!
Chapter 368: Always waiting
Chapter 369: Heart feeling downtrodden, an exhaustion that comes from the soul
Chapter 370: None of you know anything about strength!
Chapter 371: What is he trying to do?
Chapter 372: The hard to beat Leonis
Chapter 373: Leonis who lost his reason
Chapter 374: The story behind the sword
Chapter 375: Even a fly wanted to bite a piece of meat from a lion
Chapter 376: No next second
Chapter 377: Never took a step back
Chapter 378: This King has been targeted!
《Absolute Choice》 Text
Chapter 379: The Sudden Appearance of the Choices
Chapter 380: End the Age of Bravehearts
Chapter 381: Do you know what you have eaten
Chapter 382: King’s Mandate
Chapter 383: This King is immune to poison
Chapter 384: 139?
Chapter 385: Darling, you finally came back?
Chapter 386: Did I make a mistake
Chapter 387: I know every inch of your body!
Chapter 388: Proving His Identity
Chapter 389: The Infernal King is also a King
Chapter 390: Gods and Demons
Chapter 391: I’m only waiting for you
Chapter 392: In order to not be bored
Chapter 392-2: Yesterday’s Villain, Tomorrow’s Hero
Chapter 393: Because you want to be Speechless Li
Chapter 394: Darling, do you want to take it off yourself?
Chapter 395: Because you are not the strongest Transcendent
Chapter 396: Why don’t you die now?
Chapter 397: An “Ouch”
Chapter 398: How can it be put into the mouth just like that. Hands had to be washed first!
Chapter 399: A King that doesn’t know how to bow his head has no right to stand above the heads of his subjects
Chapter 400: I’ll do whatever you want to do tonight
Chapter 401: War has already begun!
Chapter 402: We aren’t real
Chapter 403: They are a pack of lone wolves
Chapter 404: Who exactly are you
Chapter 405: The Seductive Infernal Queen
Chapter 406: No one can prevent the war!
Chapter 407: A Fool that did not care for his life
Chapter 408: Take you flying in awesomeness
Chapter 409: Complicated and Confusing Changes
Chapter 410: Let us play a board game that tests wisdom and strategy
Chapter 411: A Complex Chess Game That Turns Crazy
Chapter 412: It’s impossible for This King to make a mistake
Chapter 413: Truly realistic acting
Chapter 414: Darling asked the right person
Chapter 415: Speechless begins to question life
Chapter 416: Infernal King’s Mandate
Chapter 417: Tolerate my ass!
Chapter 418: The most cowardly Infernal King in all of eternity!
Chapter 419: The only fear is that the Celestial King will not dare to participate
Chapter 420: So, apparently Field Marshal Awesomo is very awesome?
Chapter 421: Goodbye
Chapter 422: The Battle can be lost, but the Celestial King has to die
Chapter 423: Shall we make a bet?
Chapter 424: Forgot to tell you
Chapter 425: Does the naked Infernal Queen look good?
Chapter 426: Posturing before the battle
Chapter 427: Make your move!
Chapter 428: Everything was done by me
Chapter 429: Meaning of my Existence
Chapter 430: I hate you
Chapter 432: No More Escaping
Chapter 433: Are you willing to be a side hoe
Chapter 433: The fifth path
Chapter 434: If Shi Xiaobai confessed
Chapter 435: What is your goal?
Chapter 436: Lucifer’s Sword
Chapter 437: Always been stalking you
Chapter 438: Loathe killing him
Chapter 439: Are you satisfied
Chapter 440: Goodbye forever, Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 441: The color in his eyes
Chapter 442: Dual-wielding
Chapter 443: It’s too realistic
Chapter 444: A battle that could be ended in an instant
Chapter 445: The unverified savage history
Chapter 446: Loneliness is the greatest enemy
Chapter 447: The painstakingly found sense of reality
Chapter 448: Monster that triple-tasks
Chapter 449: Might as well slash out with one strike to end it once and for all
Chapter 450: This King’s eyes can only accept victory
Chapter 451: The boy and girl that were buried together
Chapter 452: Is that the real Sunless Ye?
Chapter 453: We need to have a good chat
Chapter 454: Power of Love
Chapter 455: What do you want to talk about? I’ll accompany you
Chapter 456: So, die!
Chapter 457: The Conversation of Fate
Chapter 458: The Miracle of Magic
Chapter 460: To the Ends of the World Together
Chapter 461: Earthbound Yaksha
Chapter 462: Proclaiming loudly to the sky
Chapter 463: The sudden appearance of despair
Chapter 464: Grabbing the Devil's hand
Chapter 465: Virtues and Sins
Chapter 466: All a Bachelor Dog could do was laugh foolishly
Chapter 467: Because she's a goddess, her love was more submissive than mortals
Chapter 468: The world without the Minotaur
Chapter 469: A Divine Operation Finished in Ten Minutes
Chapter 470: Welcome back
Chapter 471: This must be a joke!
Chapter 472: Thank you and Sorry
Chapter 473: As long as there's love, it doesn't matter even if you are siblings!
Chapter 474: Warming each other
Chapter 475: Do you dare believe?
Chapter 476: He objected to everyone's objections
Chapter 477: Dispute
Chapter 478: Not to be Subdued by Force
Chapter 479: Leaning on Furniture Cannot be Obscene, Turning Wet at a Glance
Chapter 480: Is this the time to act cute?
Chapter 481: The difference between 9cm and 18cm.
Chapter 482: The Passer-by Female Protagonist that takes the Counteroffensive Path
Chapter 483: The Imitation that Vanished
Chapter 484: Thoughts separated by Three Thousand Years
Chapter 485: Triangular Slandering
Chapter 486: Time for this game of chess to come to an end
Chapter 487: Stick it in forcefully!
Chapter 488: A Fate that the World can only watch from the side
Chapter 489: What did Little Pervert Experience
Chapter 490: Yama Minamiya's bet
Chapter 491: The Frog in the Well that Looks Forward to the Mighty Eagle
Chapter 492: Breaking! A Particular Village Leader Repeatedly Climbs a Tree to Find Chickens!
Chapter 493: Bunny Cao and Handsome Chen
Chapter 494: This child is a dragon
Chapter 495: I have a 'Vajra Body Defending' book
Chapter 496: An unmistakable 36E
Chapter 497: The Elusive Big Boobed Loli
Chapter 498: This isn't an illness, but fate!
Chapter 499: Bunny learns to Scold
Chapter 500: Girls do not know about pounding the meat
Chapter 501: It's not something Darling can Stick it in or Retract as you wish!
Chapter 502: The Endless Historical Story
Chapter 503: What's wrong with enjoying sufficient foreplay before the climax!
Chapter 504: Here comes the Climax
Chapter 505: Massacre
Chapter 506: What are rules? They never existed from the beginning
Chapter 507: The crop from the field is as large as your guts can yield!
Chapter 508: The Upper Echelons that Harbor Evil Schemes
Chapter 509: None of you should harbor the thoughts of running
Chapter 510: XXX without a word
Chapter 511: Can Shi Xiaobai be eaten
Chapter 512: Yamate, that place won't do!
Chapter 513: The Sin Poison of the Holy Tree
Chapter 514: Balance of One's Worldviews
Chapter 515: Unexpected Life-saving Straw
Chapter 516: The Immaculate Black and the Holy White
Chapter 517: Overbearing Little Loli
Chapter 518: Can you read more books?
Chapter 519: Congratulations Darling
Chapter 520: Freedom or Annihilation
Chapter 521: Six Mistakes
Chapter 522: The Infernal Queen had long seen through everything
Chapter 523: A Series of Operations 0-8
Chapter 524: Is it thrilling? Is it agonizing?
Chapter 525: Shi Xiaobai, I want to bear your children!
Chapter 526: Where is Speechless Li's house
Chapter 527: Business World's Queen and the Political World's Emperor
Chapter 528: The Brave Girl's fight with a Ferocious Tiger
Chapter 529: I suspected that you cuckolded me!
Chapter 530: I will not harm the both of you, really!
Chapter 531: Go back, you are not welcomed here
Chapter 532: This King is very angry. The consequences will be severe
Chapter 533: A True Face Smacking!
Chapter 534: NTR in the face
Chapter 535: Absolutely not running
Chapter 536: The worth of a piece of shit
Chapter 537: Proud Dragon Repents!
Chapter 538: Defeat meant Death!
Chapter 539: This isn't a boy, it's a monster!
Chapter 540: That cold arrow was really damn cold!
Chapter 541: Upon hearing, Men cry while Women salivate
Chapter 542: Truth of the Battle
Chapter 543: Breaking the Balance!
Chapter 544: Nearly fishing out the dick
Chapter 545: Why did you kill him
Chapter 546: Reverend Misery Sea, Esteemed Monk
Chapter 547: The Buddha says: Go fuck yourself
Chapter 548: Misery Sea in misery
Chapter 549: Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?
Chapter 550: The Reason Speechless Li's name is Speechless Li
Chapter 551: Had an Accomplice!
Chapter 552: Wish I could give three tight slaps to myself
Chapter 553: Black Turtle Hibernation
Chapter 554: This King doesn't know much about such matters
Chapter 555: Finally asking the question
Chapter 556: Blissful Boy
Chapter 557: Actors
Chapter 558: The World's Most Stirring Scenery
Chapter 559: Thank you for being this gentle
Chapter 560: Reclaiming the Homeworld
Chapter 560: Reclaiming the Homeworld
Chapter 561: You are Instigating a War between Both Races!
Chapter 562: Cherryblossoms in Despair
Chapter 563: Do you Believe Now
Chapter 564: Only Resorting to Sophistry
Chapter 565: The Holy Tree Blooms