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Ancient Godly Monarch

Author:Jing Wu Hen

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In the Province of the Nine Skies, far above the heavens, there exists Nine Galaxies of Astral Rivers made up of countless constellations interwoven together. For Martial Cultivators, they could form an innate link with one of the constellations, awaken their Astral Soul, and transform into a Stellar Martial Cultivator. Legend has it that, the strongest cultivators in the Province of the Nine Skies, were beings that could open an astral gate every time they advanced into a new realm. Their talent in cultivation was such that they could even establish innate links with constellations that existed in a layer higher than the Nine Layers of Heavens, eventually transforming into the heaven-defying and earth-shattering power known as the War God of the Nine Heavens. Qin Wentian is the MC of this story. How could a guy, with a broken set of meridians, successfully cultivate? There were countless Stellar Martial Cultivators, as there were countless constellations in the vast starry skies. What he wanted to be, was the brightest constellation of all, shining dazzlingly in the vast starry skies.
《Ancient Godly Monarch》 Text
Chapter 1: Cultivation with Broken Meridians
Chapter 2: Repaying Gratitude with Enmity
Chapter 3: Awakening of Genius
Chapter 4: The Tempered Thousand-Hammer Refinement Technique
Chapter 5: Autumn Snow’s Attitude
Chapter 6: Emperor Star Academy
Chapter 7: Iron Bond between Father and Son
Chapter 8: Brother & Sister
Chapter 9: Dragon Subduing Fist
Chapter 10: Gathering at the Bai Residence
Chapter 11: Examination
Chapter 12: Divide
Chapter 13: Showy Display
Chapter 14: Choice
Chapter 15: Imperial Edict
Chapter 16: Unusual Disposition
Chapter 17: Tiny Astral-Being
Chapter 18: Star River Association
Chapter 19: Natural Born Weaponsmith
Chapter 20: Pressure
Chapter 21: Ruthless
Chapter 22: Francis’s Visit
Chapter 23: Crisis
Chapter 24: A Cold Heart
Chapter 25: Violence
Chapter 26: Reinforcement
Chapter 27: The Treacherous Human Heart
Chapter 28: Summoning of War Beast
Chapter 29: Bai Qing’s Talent
Chapter 30: State of Affairs
Chapter 31: A Long Journey
Chapter 32: Royal Capital
Chapter 33: Coalition of the Nine Academies
Chapter 34: The Dark Forest
Chapter 35: The Genius Fatty
Chapter 36: Let the Power of Youth Explode!
Chapter 37: Inverting Black and White
Chapter 38: Murderous Heart
Chapter 39: Persistent Tracking
Chapter 40: Breaking through to the Arterial Circulation Realm!
Chapter 41: Divine Weapon Pavilion
Chapter 42: Renumeration
Chapter 43: Qin Heavenly Divine Sect
Chapter 44: Spirit Refinement Method
Chapter 45: On the Arena
Chapter 46: A Simple Answer
Chapter 47: Kill
Chapter 48: Punishment Result
Chapter 49: Thousand Hand Imprint
Chapter 50: Dreamsky Forest
Chapter 51: Knight’s Association
Chapter 52: The Pride of Number One
Chapter 53: Battle Accepted
Chapter 54: Familiar Person
Chapter 55: Friends and Enemies
Chapter 56: Orchon’s Plan
Chapter 57: Provocation
Chapter 58: The Eve of the Battle
Chapter 59: Attention-Attracting Batle
Chapter 60: Fetters
Chapter 61: Kill me if you dare
Chapter 62: Ren Qianxing
Chapter 63: Favor
Chapter 64: Yanaro
Chapter 65: Astral Demonic Beast
Chapter 66: Blood Ember Fruit
Chapter 67: Fall Out
Chapter 68: Who’s the Oriole
Chapter 69: Meeting Again
Chapter 70: Visitor from Snowcloud Country
Chapter 71: Luo Qianqiu
Chapter 72: Fine Line between Life and Death
Chapter 73: Assiduously Cultivating
Chapter 74: Dueling Yanaro
Chapter 75: Banquet at the Royal Palace
Chapter 76: Mo Qingcheng’s Worries
Chapter 77: Chu Tianjiao
Chapter 78: Qin Yao’s Thoughts
Chapter 79: Mo Qingcheng’s Reminder
Chapter 80: Trap
Chapter 81: Clearing Misunderstandings
Chapter 82: A Real Man
Chapter 83: I Can’t Die Here.
Chapter 84: Fantasy
Chapter 85: Winter Snow
Chapter 86: Those that share the same fate
Chapter 87: Scenery of Snow
Chapter 88: Impetuousness of Youth
Chapter 89: The Silhouette Behind
Chapter 90: The Will of the Emperor Star Academy
Chapter 91: Obsessiveness
Chapter 92: Gratitude
Chapter 93: Conversation with Mustang
Chapter 94: Luo Qianqiu’s background
Chapter 95: Attempting Creation
Chapter 96: The First Painting
Chapter 97: The Commotion Caused by a Painting
Chapter 98: Who’s the Inscriptionist?
Chapter 99: A very ‘Lame’ Joke
Chapter 100: Change in Attitude
Chapter 101: A Promise
Chapter 102: Gongyang Hong
Chapter 103: Riddle within the Painting
Chapter 104: Heavenly Dipper
Chapter 105: Teasing by Luo Huan
Chapter 106: Insidious Intent
Chapter 107: Deliberate Target
Chapter 108: Exchanging Pointers
Chapter 109: Overbearing
Chapter 110: Dumbo
Chapter 111: Riding Crane
Chapter 112: Dangerous Orchon
Chapter 113: Within the Astral River Hall
Chapter 114: The Wind and Clouds Rises
Chapter 115: Lighting up the Starry Skies
Chapter 116: Gathering at the Chu Emperor District
Chapter 117: Commencement of the Jun Lin Banquet
Chapter 118: A Year is too Long
Chapter 119: When the Sword is Birthed, Blood Appears
Chapter 120: The name of Qin Wentian
Chapter 121: A Smile Melting Away Hatred and Grievances
Chapter 122: The 18 who Advance
Chapter 123: The past is now past, the future is too faraway
Chapter 124: The words of Xiao Lǜ
Chapter 125: Re-appearance of Sword Light
Chapter 126: Explosiveness of the Emperor Star Academy
Chapter 127: Gu Xing
Chapter 128: Sikong Mingyue
Chapter 129: The Halberd’s Inclination
Chapter 130: Top Nine
Chapter 131: The Silhouette that lighted up the Starry Skies
Chapter 132: Damn old Fogey?
Chapter 133: A Missing Contestant?
Chapter 134: Arrival in the nick of Time
Chapter 135: Emperor Amethyst Constellation
Chapter 136: The Top Three Rankers
Chapter 137: Fighting Orchon
Chapter 138: Unable to block my path
Chapter 139: Golden-Corona Astral Souls
Chapter 140: Versus Sikong Mingyue
Chapter 141: Pointing the Halberd at Luo Qianqiu.
Chapter 142: I want you to lose
Chapter 143: I AM NOT WILLING
Chapter 144: Number One!
Chapter 145: Dominance
Chapter 146: The power of Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns
Chapter 147: Finally Unveiled!
Chapter 148: Equilibrium
Chapter 149: Danger
Chapter 150: Release of Qin Chuan
Chapter 151: A Brewing Storm
Chapter 152: Warbeast Index
Chapter 153: Azure Emperor Palace
Chapter 154: Grand Xia Empire
Chapter 155: Barbaric Warbeasts
Chapter 156: Ranked #9 in the Warheast Index
Chapter 157: Plunder
Chapter 158: Fiend Transformation Art
Chapter 159: A visit
Chapter 160: Issuing challenges to five Yuanfu
Chapter 161: Crushing Defeat
Chapter 162: Returning politeness for politeness
Chapter 163: Airborne
Chapter 164: 10 Men Group Battle
Chapter 165: Complete Victory
Chapter 166: Xiao Lan
Chapter 167: Howl of Tragedy
Chapter 168: Heartbroken
Chapter 169: The Coming of a Violent Storm
Chapter 170: Incident
Chapter 171:Confrontation in the Royal Capital
Chapter 172: Unrivalled below Yuanfu
Chapter 173: Scheme
Chapter 174: Fatal Strike
Chapter 175: A Scroll of Map
Chapter 176: The Guest Pressuring the Host
Chapter 177: Outrage
Chapter 178: Travelling together
Chapter 179: Fairy Qingmei
Chapter 180: Ouyang Kuangsheng
Chapter 181: Entrance to the Celestial Lake
Chapter 182: Dangers of the Refinement Grounds
Chapter 183: Guardian
Chapter 184: Monument of Yellow Springs
Chapter 185: Vying Over
Chapter 186: Mystic Moon Hall
Chapter 187: Ouyang Joins the Battle
Chapter 188: Gazing upon the Celestial Lake
Chapter 189: Wang Xiao of the War Continent
Chapter 190: Might of the Yellow Springs Monument
Chapter 191: Art of Nine Astrarium
Chapter 192: Qing`er
Chapter 193: Return
Chapter 194: Rising Wind
Chapter 195: Sikong Courting Death
Chapter 196: Diyi
Chapter 197: Xiao Lan’s death
Chapter 198: Life-and-Death Contract
Chapter 199: Killing Wang Teng
Chapter 200: Matters of the Past Dissipate With the Wind
Chapter 201: Little Rascal’s Evolution
Chapter 202: Unsettled Waves
Chapter 203: Revenge of the Nine Mystical Palace
Chapter 204: Mandates of the Cultivation Path
Chapter 205: Wind and Rain in the Royal Capital
Chapter 206: Besiege
Chapter 207: How do you want him to die?
Chapter 208: Qing`er
Chapter 209: Hua Xiaoyun
Chapter 210: Beyond Heavenly Dipper
Chapter 211: Meeting
Chapter 212: Ouyang’s Thinking
Chapter 213: Seven Apertures Mystical Heart
Chapter 214: Brothers
Chapter 215: On the Verge
Chapter 216: Start of the Battle
Chapter 217: Unveiling all trump cards
Chapter 218: Leaving the Safety Area
Chapter 219: Power of a single grab
Chapter 220: Total Suppression
Chapter 221: Last Words of a Fallen Genius
Chapter 222: Time is like a Dream
Chapter 223: The Useless Second Young Master
Chapter 224: Wrath
Chapter 225: Reinforcement
Chapter 226: Summons
Chapter 227: First Ranked in the Heavenly Fate Ranking
Chapter 228: Hua Taixu
Chapter 229: Winter Snow, Again.
Chapter 230: White Deer Institute
Chapter 231: Hidden Within
Chapter 232: The name of Mo Qingcheng
Chapter 233: Leng Ning’s Worries
Chapter 234: Invite
Chapter 235: The Murderous Urges of Yan Kong
Chapter 236: Hell Arena
Chapter 237: Code Name: Kirin
Chapter 238: Suffering a Violent Beating
Chapter 239: White Deer Cavern
Chapter 240: Reverse Inscriptions
Chapter 241: Bad Intentions
Chapter 242: Yan Tie’s decision
Chapter 243: Sudden Attack!
Chapter 244: Yan Tie’s Rage
Chapter 245: Tell him, I’m in love with him
Chapter 246: Wilted
Chapter 247: Heart’s Inferno
Chapter 248: Death List
Chapter 249: Metamorphosis
Chapter 250: Four Heaven’s Chosen
Chapter 251: Grandmaster Ghaus
Chapter 252: Dao Cultivation Ground of a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant
Chapter 253: Friendly Reminder
Chapter 254: I will kill you today
Chapter 255: Thoughts of Revenge
Chapter 256: Scram if you can’t do it
Chapter 257: Death of Yan Tie
Chapter 258: Excellent Seedling
Chapter 259: Zhan Chen
Chapter 260: Gathering at the Trial Grounds
Chapter 261: Altering the Heavens and Transforming the Earth
Chapter 262: Extreme Danger With Every Step
Chapter 263: A Painful Lesson
Chapter 264: Myriad Variations within the Formation
Chapter 265: Coerced
Chapter 266: Berate
Chapter 267: Zhan Chen’s True Face
Chapter 268: Silent Endurance
Chapter 269: Unworthy Successor
Chapter 270: Do you know, who you truly are?
Chapter 271: Control of the Great Hall
Chapter 272: Inheritance? Abandoned.
Chapter 273: The Dust Settles
Chapter 274: Descendant of Di
Chapter 275: Di Feng, Emperor Azure
Chapter 276: Fairy Qingmei’s Attitude
Chapter 277: Blocked Path
Chapter 278: Reverting to Simplicity, Comprehension
Chapter 279: Pressure
Chapter 280: Extraordinary Character
Chapter 281: Swords And Daggers Drawn
Chapter 282: A Bunch of Trash
Chapter 283: The Truth Revealed
Chapter 284: Slaughter
Chapter 285: Qing`er’s words
Chapter 286: Revealing the Token
Chapter 287: Subordinates Offending their Superior, Shall All be killed without Mercy!
Chapter 288: Dominance
Chapter 289: Very Adorable
Chapter 290: Thousand-Jue Alliance
Chapter 291: Invitation, once again
Chapter 292: Fifth-Jue Guest Elder
Chapter 293: Shadow Pavilion
Chapter 294: To Whom The Deer Falls
Chapter 295: Which Senior is it?
Chapter 296: Power of Space
Chapter 297: Miserable Battle
Chapter 298: Madness
Chapter 299: Only to Kill You
Chapter 300: Gazing at the Heavenly Fate Ranking
Chapter 301: Gazing-Dragon Mountain Rampart
Chapter 302: Ye Xi’s story
Chapter 303: The Strength of Fatty
Chapter 304: Cause
Chapter 305: Surnamed Ouyang
Chapter 306: Ouyang Ting
Chapter 307: Offended Someone?
Chapter 308: Chop Off One of His Arms for Me
Chapter 309: Two Madmen
Chapter 310: Lenient Punishment
Chapter 311: Unmatched Realm
Chapter 312: Suppressing all Obstacles
Chapter 313: No One?
Chapter 314: Thirty-six Mountains
Chapter 315: The Name that Shook the Unmatched Realm
Chapter 316: Equality Smackdown
Chapter 317: Price of Arrogance
Chapter 318: Situ Po
Chapter 319: Guidance by the Barbarian King
Chapter 320: Concentrating on Cultivation
Chapter 321: Spar
Chapter 322: Crafty Old Man
Chapter 323: Finding Trouble
Chapter 324: Force
Chapter 325: Murderous Urges
Chapter 326: Death Battle
Chapter 327: Heavenly Stele Platform
Chapter 328: Not a genius, no gazing upon the Heavenly Stele
Chapter 329: Contending against Ancient Will
Chapter 330: Nine Remaining
Chapter 331: Final Confrontation
Chapter 332: Ascending to the Peak
Chapter 333: Re-witnessing history
Chapter 334: Divine Stele
Chapter 335: Gathering of the Nine Continents
Chapter 336: Old Acquaintances
Chapter 337: Chen Clan of Ginkou Continent
Chapter 338: Great Solar Energy
Chapter 339: Meeting Her Again
Chapter 340: Man in Black
Chapter 341: Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil
Chapter 342: Heartbreak Echo
Chapter 343: Seven Grand Clans of Grand Xia
Chapter 344: Strongest Contender
Chapter 345: Qin Wentian’s Request
Chapter 346: Love’s Obsession
Chapter 347: Deliberate Hindrance
Chapter 348: Infuriated
Chapter 349: Dueling Duan Qingshan
Chapter 350: Threat from the Nine Mystical Palace
Chapter 351: Mu Feng
Chapter 352: Fearsome Poisonous Blood
Chapter 353: Using poison against poison
Chapter 354: Who’s the Controller
Chapter 355: Trial of the Battle Drums
Chapter 356: Chaotic Battle at the River of Life and Death
Chapter 357: Blasted into the River
Chapter 358: Chen Wang’s Strength
Chapter 359: Violet Battle Robe
Chapter 360: Platinum Battle Robe
Chapter 361: Vermilion Bird Formation
Chapter 362: Plundering Ancient Luck
Chapter 363: Unmatched Realm, Qin Zheng
Chapter 364: Chen Wang’s Violent Rage
Chapter 365: Second Degree Demonic Transformation
Chapter 366: Venting Anger
Chapter 367: Where did your courage come from?
Chapter 368: Utter Domination
Chapter 369: I want Ancient Luck
Chapter 370: Variation in the Formation World
Chapter 371: Origin of the Fiend Transformation Art
Chapter 372: Irreversible, Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation Art
Chapter 373: Too Weak.
Chapter 374: Rejection
Chapter 375: The Black-Robed Figure is a Female?
Chapter 376: Wang Jue’s Conviction
Chapter 377: Strong Against Strong
Chapter 378: Sharp Point
Chapter 379: Facing the World Together
Chapter 380: Egotistical Arrogance
Chapter 381: You, Aren’t Qualified
Chapter 382: The Nine Ultimate Arts of Grand Xia
Chapter 383: Ferocious Grand Battle
Chapter 384: Identity of the Black-Robed Figure
Chapter 385: Zhan Chen’s Determination
Chapter 386: Battle at the Peak
Chapter 387: Domineering Overkill
Chapter 388: Incantation
Chapter 389: Your Turn
Chapter 390: The Last Battle
Chapter 391: Ascending the Peak
Chapter 392: An Exceedingly Arrogant Power
Chapter 393: Gathering of the Divine Stele Remnants
Chapter 394: Purgatory
Chapter 395: Facing Danger Head-on
Chapter 396: Beginning of Chaos in Grand Xia
Chapter 397: Qin Wentian’s Ambitions
Chapter 398: Astral Soul Choices
Chapter 399: Fourth Astral Soul
Chapter 400: Sword Reverence City
Chapter 401: Legend of the Demon Sword
Chapter 402: Sword Son of Zong Clan
Chapter 403: Wails of the Demon Sword
Chapter 404: Sword’s Keen
Chapter 405: Attitude
Chapter 406: You, are unqualified
Chapter 407: Suppression by Sword Intent
Chapter 408: Contest over the Sword Range’s Control
Chapter 409: Disregard
Chapter 410: Sword Keening, Death
Chapter 411: Variable
Chapter 412: Path of Retreat
Chapter 413: Clashing of Swords at the Precipice
Chapter 414: Blood Feeding the Demon Sword
Chapter 415: Pulling out the Sword, Blood dying the Precipice Red
Chapter 416: Hate That The Heavens Are Too Low
Chapter 417: My Will Can Sunder the Heavens
Chapter 418: Dragging the Sword to Moon Continent
Chapter 419: Demon Sword Erected Outside the Pill Emperor Hall
Chapter 420: Selection of the Marriage Candidate
Chapter 421: Different Face?
Chapter 422: Fatal Blow
Chapter 423: Tyrant
Chapter 424: Utter Despair
Chapter 425: Primordial Great Roc
Chapter 426: Sword Splitting Apart the Pill Emperor Hall
Chapter 427: Sigh
Chapter 428: Meteoric Rise
Chapter 429: Judgement
Chapter 430: Seclusion of the Pill Emperor Hall
Chapter 431: Appearance of Fairy Qingmei
Chapter 432: Qing`er, a Princess?
Chapter 433: Even as a Demon, I want to be the Emperor of all Demons
Chapter 434: The man named Qin Yuanfeng
Chapter 435: Seclusion
Chapter 436: Tempest in Ginkou
Chapter 437: Ice Spirit Sect and Skythunder Country
Chapter 438: Domineering Fashion
Chapter 439: Punishment
Chapter 440: Devouring Constellation?
Chapter 441: Little Rascal’s Innate Ability
Chapter 442: Displaying Prominence Again
Chapter 443: Bloodcurse Imprint
Chapter 444: Eruption of a Grand Battle
Chapter 445: Outside Ginkou Continent
Chapter 446: Reversal of Situation
Chapter 447: Mad Pursuit
Chapter 448: Chen Wang’s Death
Chapter 449: Disaster Befalling the Mystic Moon Sect
Chapter 450: Voluntarily Walking into a Trap
Chapter 451: Tempest In All Directions
Chapter 452: Doomsday of the Nine Mystical Palace
Chapter 453: The Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation, Is Reversible?!
Chapter 454: Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay
Chapter 455: Jun Yu
Chapter 456: Royal Sacred Sect
Chapter 457: Hostage Exchange
Chapter 458: Might of Celestial Phenomenon
Chapter 459: Who among you wishes to die?
Chapter 460: The Finger Descends
Chapter 461: Calamity of Great Solar Chen Clan
Chapter 462: Release
Chapter 463: Royal Tomb
Chapter 464: 10% Survival Rate
Chapter 465: Grand Xia Has Already Fallen
Chapter 466: Inheritances of Ancient Grand Xia
Chapter 467: The Hardest Path
Chapter 468: Sword Forest
Chapter 469: Seven Annihilations Swordplay
Chapter 470: Shocked Awake
Chapter 471: A Resolute Heart
Chapter 472: Vermilion Bird Immortal Palace
Chapter 473: Departure
Chapter 474: Injustice
Chapter 475: Scarlet Demon Halberd
Chapter 476: Heavenly Mountain, Treasure Seizing Assembly
Chapter 477: Presenting Treasures
Chapter 478: Spatial Brush
Chapter 479: Beneath Me to Bully You
Chapter 480: One Step, One Annihilation
Chapter 481: Deceitful Method
Chapter 482: Spied Upon
Chapter 483: Hidden Realm
Chapter 484: Might of the Seven Annihilations Swordplay
Chapter 485: Mountain within a Mountain
Chapter 486: Joining Forces
Chapter 487: Qinghua Mountain Sect
Chapter 488: Madness
Chapter 489: Existences above Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants
Chapter 490: Snatching the Celestial Constellation Fruits
Chapter 491: Snatching Food Away From The Mouth Of Tigers
Chapter 492: Snatching Once More
Chapter 493: One Attack, Overwhelming
Chapter 494: Mowing Down All Resistance
Chapter 495: One Against All
Chapter 496: Unwilling to Give Up
Chapter 497: Forced Into Desperate Straits
Chapter 498: In This Life, I Will Never Turn My Back Upon You Two
Chapter 499: Smile
Chapter 500: Strange Old Man
Chapter 501: Battle Sword Sect
Chapter 502: Arrival of the Nine Great Sects
Chapter 503: Violent Thunder Sword-Drum Formation
Chapter 504: I’m Here To Kill
Chapter 505: A Spear Sealing The Throat
Chapter 506: Tyrannical Slaughter
Chapter 507: The Young Man with the Golden Eyes
Chapter 508: Who Among You Can Kill Me?
Chapter 509: Unrivalled Spear
Chapter 510: The Sacred Royal Medallion Appears
Chapter 511: Sharply Opposed, Neither Giving Way to Each Other
Chapter 512: Berserk
Chapter 513: Escalation of Conflict
Chapter 514: Unrivalled Stance
Chapter 515: Exertion of Dominance
Chapter 516: Unpalatable
Chapter 517: Kindred Spirits
Chapter 518: Grass Hut
Chapter 519: Comprehending Sword
Chapter 520: Breaking the Record Once Again
Chapter 521: Courage and Spirit
Chapter 522: Gravity Mountain
Chapter 523: Ye Country, Medicine Sovereign Valley
Chapter 524: Tense Situation
Chapter 525: Glistening Teardrops
Chapter 526: How Could I Forget
Chapter 527: Scheme
Chapter 528 – Sacred Battle Platform
Chapter 529: Meeting An Old Friend
Chapter 530: A Single Axe
Chapter 531: Genius of the Violet Thunder Sect
Chapter 532: Completely Losing All Face
Chapter 533: The Human Emperor
Chapter 534: Ye Kongfan’s Hatred
Chapter 535: Foster Son of the Human Emperor
Chapter 536: Target
Chapter 537: Fury Towering the Heavens
Chapter 538: Sweeping Away Everything
Chapter 539: All-Out Massacre
Chapter 540: To the Qi King Manor
Chapter 541: Utter Humiliation
Chapter 542: Seclusion
Chapter 543: Experts Descending Upon the Royal Palace
Chapter 544: The Victor is King
Chapter 545: Death-Dealing Strike
Chapter 546: Unexcelled in the World
Chapter 547: Grand Battle Among Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants
Chapter 548: Arrival of Sword Sovereigness
Chapter 549: Stirred by Defeat
Chapter 550: Immortal Martial Realm
Chapter 551: Lin Xian`er
Chapter 552: Femme Fatale
Chapter 553: Superstrong Illusion
Chapter 554: Soul Mates
Chapter 555: Era-Suppressing Geniuses
Chapter 556: Reunited
Chapter 557: Pitiful Ending
Chapter 558: ALL OF YOU HAVE TO DIE!
Chapter 559: Flowing Wind, Flying Snow
Chapter 560: Yi Shooting the Nine Heavens
Chapter 561: The Wind and Clouds Changes
Chapter 562: Journey into the Immortal Martial Realm
Chapter 563: Floating Bridges
Chapter 564: Human-Bullying Demon
Chapter 565: Despair Wrought By A Single Stomp
Chapter 566: Path of Life and Death
Chapter 567: Trials of the Life and Death Cavern
Chapter 568: Grand Nihility Thousand Imprint
Chapter 569: I Will Teach You Conduct
Chapter 570: Battle Drums Shaking the Skies
Chapter 571: Killing Chen Yin, Fighting Shen Ting
Chapter 572: Invincible
Chapter 573: The Hunter and the Prey
Chapter 574: Sole Contender
Chapter 575: Top-Tiered Heaven Chosen
Chapter 576: Immortal in the Immortal Martial Realm?
Chapter 577: Poison Scorpion
Chapter 578: The Battle Intensifies
Chapter 579: Double Kill
Chapter 580: Winter Plum Flower Standing Proud in the Snow
Chapter 581: Strength of Character
Chapter 582: Courting Humiliation
Chapter 583: The Names On The Stone Monument
Chapter 584: First and the Last
Chapter 585: Ranked at the end, but still magnificent
Chapter 586: Pressure from Di Shi
Chapter 587: In an Undefeatable Position
Chapter 588: Initiating Invasion
Chapter 589: Fiendgod Heaven Suppression Art
Chapter 590: All Erupting At The Same Instant
Chapter 591: The Path Of Rising Up
Chapter 592: Eve of the Decisive Battle
Chapter 593: Message from an Immortal
Chapter 594: Major Characters of the Various Powers Arriving
Chapter 595: Who Stands At The Peak?
Chapter 596: I Really Feel Like Kissing You
Chapter 597: Engraved Names
Chapter 598: Immortal Martial Realm Ranking
Chapter 599: Glimmering Tears
Chapter 600: Seventh Level of Heavenly Dipper
Chapter 601: Origin
Chapter 602: The Complex Feelings of the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness
Chapter 603: Family Matters
Chapter 604: Are You Kidding Me?
Chapter 605: Threat of Death
Chapter 606: Too Crazy
Chapter 607: Arrangement
Chapter 608: She’s Lying
Chapter 609: You Don’t Need Me Anymore
Chapter 610: To the Grass Hut Once Again
Chapter 611: What exactly is Celestial Phenomenon?
Chapter 612: Sacred Royal City
Chapter 613: Divine Weapon Academy
Chapter 614: Moon’s Worries
Chapter 615: Sky Demon Oracle Bone
Chapter 616: Who To Scram?
Chapter 617: Weapon Forging Apprentice?
Chapter 618: Settling All Together
Chapter 619: Descent
Chapter 620: You Are Truly Weak
Chapter 621: Group Battle of Heroes
Chapter 622: Fighting Di Shi
Chapter 623: Extreme Combat Strength?
Chapter 624: Undefeatable
Chapter 625: Epiphany
Chapter 626: Death of Di Shi
Chapter 627: Dominance
Chapter 628: I’ll Have to Disappoint You
Chapter 629: Command Issued By The Royal Sacred Sect
Chapter 630: The Purpose of the Royal Sacred Sect
Chapter 631: Rejection of Invitation
Chapter 632: Immortal Palace
Chapter 633: Burying Immortals?
Chapter 634: 80,000 Years
Chapter 635: Burying Ten Million Immortals and Demons
Chapter 636: The Powerful Buried Immortal
Chapter 637: Breakthrough in Battle
Chapter 638: Key
Chapter 639: Immortals As Sparring Partners
Chapter 640: Fusion of True Intents
Chapter 641: Inverting Black and White
Chapter 642: The Meaning of a Hegemony
Chapter 643: Guilty of The Same Crime
Chapter 644: Making it Known To The World
Chapter 645: The Medicine Sovereign and the Realmlord of the Immortal Martial Realm
Chapter 646: The Sacred Emperor Appears
Chapter 647: Illusory Demoniforce
Chapter 648: Voice of Utmost Arrogance
Chapter 649: Will You Marry Me?
Chapter 650: Attitude of the Mo Residence
Chapter 651: Going Home
Chapter 652: Family
Chapter 653: Heart Warming
Chapter 654: Conflict
Chapter 655: The Divine Weapon Gifted By Brother-In-Law
Chapter 656: Get the Emperor of Greencloud Imperial Empire To See Me
Chapter 657: Earthquake in the Royal Capital
Chapter 658: Welcoming An Arrival
Chapter 659: Slayed With A Single Sword Strike
Chapter 660: Convene
Chapter 661: Frog In The Well
Chapter 662: Return In A Domineering Fashion
Chapter 663: Reason for Return
Chapter 664: Unexcelled In This World
Chapter 665: Killing Celestial Phenomenon
Chapter 666: Persisting Storm
Chapter 667: Darkshadow Sovereign
Chapter 668: Reenactment of History
Chapter 669: Judgement Day
Chapter 670: Destruction of the Pill Emperor Hall
Chapter 671: Threaten
Chapter 672: Devil Statue Cliff
Chapter 673: Worship of Ten Thousand Devils
Chapter 674: Greencloud Sovereign
Chapter 675: Bloodline Protection
Chapter 676: Desperate Battle
Chapter 677: Dangerous Situation
Chapter 678: AGM 678 - Killing Their Way Over
Chapter 679: Who Wants To Kill Me?
Chapter 680: Frightened into Retreat
Chapter 681: Arriving One After Another
Chapter 682: Doomsday of the Greencloud Sovereign
Chapter 683: Omen of Breaking Through
Chapter 684: Celestial Phenomenon Realm
Chapter 685: Grand Wedding
Chapter 686: Mysterious Visitor
Chapter 687: Gift
Chapter 688: Promise of a Lifetime
Chapter 689: A New Era
Chapter 690: The First Command
Chapter 691: Dreamworld Constellation
Chapter 692: The Medicine Sovereign’s Cultivation Realm
Chapter 693: Almighty Sealer
Chapter 694: Kill Order
Chapter 695: Killing Their Way Over In A Grandiose Manner
Chapter 696: Departure from Grand Xia
Chapter 697: The Silhouette In The Shadows
Chapter 698: A Battle to Seek Death
Chapter 699: No Obstacle One Cannot Conquer
Chapter 700: Country Bumpkin
Chapter 701: Rumors
Chapter 702: Death By Suppression
Chapter 703: Wanting Qin Wentian’s Death
Chapter 704: Treasures of the Medicine Sovereign
Chapter 705: Knocked Down From Their Divine Pedestal
Chapter 706: Visitors From The Outside Worlds
Chapter 707: The Immortal Realms
Chapter 708: The Ignorant is Fearless
Chapter 709: Scum
Chapter 710: Immortals Descending from the Skies
Chapter 711: Innate Supremacy
Chapter 712: The Most Beautiful Tears
Chapter 713: Princess Evergreen
Chapter 714: Connecting Passage
Chapter 715: Peak of the Ninth Immortal Mountain
Chapter 716: Myriad Incarnations Immortal King
Chapter 717: Endless Slaughter
Chapter 718: The Remaining Four
Chapter 719: White Robe Immortal King
Chapter 720: Eastern Sage Accepting a Disciple
Chapter 721: Bitter Experience
Chapter 722: He Will Regret This
Chapter 723: Taking on a Master
Chapter 724: The Curtain Falls
Chapter 725: Four Great Constellations
Chapter 726: Actions of the Royal Sacred Sect
Chapter 727: Start of War
Chapter 728: Controlling A Puppet
Chapter 729: Great Combination Formation
Chapter 730: Eruption Of A Single Sword
Chapter 731: Disastrous Casualties
Chapter 732: The Old Sacred Emperor Descends
Chapter 733: Immortal Han
Chapter 734: Swordsaint Li Mubai
Chapter 735: Fanatical Old Man
Chapter 736: Lifting The Seals
Chapter 737: Imminent Peril
Chapter 738: Tremble
Chapter 739: End of an Era
Chapter 740: Crossing Over of the Era
Chapter 741: Separation
Chapter 742: Eastern Sage Thirteen Prefectures
Chapter 743: Initial Visit to the Immortal Realms
Chapter 744: Immorseize Residence
Chapter 745: Gambling Match
Chapter 746: Start of the Formation Battle
Chapter 747: Combat Prowess
Chapter 748: Leaving with Reluctance
Chapter 749: The Remaining One
Chapter 750: Greed
Chapter 751: Tyrannical
Chapter 752: Heavenly Talisman Realm
Chapter 753: Taking On A Master
Chapter 754: Heavenly Talisman Treasure Tome
Chapter 755: Zhao Yuyan’s Determination
Chapter 756: Abduction
Chapter 757: Are You Willing To Take Me As Your Master?
Chapter 758: Overwhelming Slaughter
Chapter 759: Arrival
Chapter 760: Demanding Release
Chapter 761: Exchanging Blows
Chapter 762: Ruthless
Chapter 763: Order of Arrest
Chapter 764: Main City of the Jiangling Country
Chapter 765: Resonance of Divine Weapons
Chapter 766: Nine Immortality Bells
Chapter 767: Communication with the Nine Immortality Bell
Chapter 768: Expulsion
Chapter 769: Bell’s Reverberation
Chapter 770: Driftsnow Inn
Chapter 771: A Poignant Legend
Chapter 772: Crossing Verbal Swords
Chapter 773: Liven Things Up
Chapter 774: Retaliation
Chapter 775: Dominant Attitude
Chapter 776: Mad Sweep
Chapter 777: A Complete Humiliation
Chapter 778: Driftsnow Master
Chapter 779: Gathering of Experts
Chapter 780: Using Flesh and Blood to Refine a City
Chapter 781: Connecting With Immortality Through Weaponsmithing
Chapter 782: Snobbish
Chapter 783: Law Energy of the Nine Immortality Bells
Chapter 784: Half Disciple
Chapter 785: Slaying an Immortal
Chapter 786: Unexcelled In This World
Chapter 787: Weaponized City
Chapter 788: Exposed
Chapter 789: Words That Tremble The Heart
Chapter 790: Startling Transformation Of The Earth
Chapter 791: Terrifying Ancient City
Chapter 792: A Storm Descends
Chapter 793: Seven Sword Sect
Chapter 794: Combat Against the Seven Sword Elders
Chapter 795: A Character from the Heavenly Talisman Realm
Chapter 796: Crisis
Chapter 797: Appearance of the Ancient
Chapter 798: Unmatched Magnificence Through The Generations
Chapter 799: Decimated Through Space
Chapter 800: Falling In Love With An Ancient
Chapter 801: Fellow Sect Members
Chapter 802: Tempering Oneself In The Combat Region
Chapter 803: Two Years
Chapter 804: Reject Him
Chapter 805: Cloudheaven Arena
Chapter 806: Driftsnow’s Successor
Chapter 807: Unstoppable Momentum
Chapter 808: Most Dazzling
Chapter 809: Golden Blazing Divine Falcon
Chapter 810: The Young War King
Chapter 811: Idlecloud Immortal King’s Judgement
Chapter 812: Powerful
Chapter 813: Qin Wentian’s Madness
Chapter 814: Seven-Star Swordsman
Chapter 815: Clash of the Strongest
Chapter 816: Give and Take
Chapter 817: Conclusion of the Cloud Prefecture’s Selection Test
Chapter 818: Spatial Transference Arrays of the Prefecture Manor
Chapter 819: Meeting An Old Acquaintance in Emperor City
Chapter 820: Gusu Tianqi
Chapter 821: Mini Banquet
Chapter 822: Convene
Chapter 823: The Thirteen Prefectures
Chapter 824: Eastern Sage Cliff
Chapter 825: Good Fortune Everywhere
Chapter 826: Immortal’s Shadow
Chapter 827: Hundred Immortals Forest
Chapter 828: Kill Our Way Back
Chapter 829: Absolute Superiority
Chapter 830: Fighting Against Blackpeak
Chapter 831: Disdain to kill you
Chapter 832: Battle Will
Chapter 833: Battle Art
Chapter 834: Visit Request Cards
Chapter 835: Brutal Rule
Chapter 836: One Palm
Chapter 837: AGM 837 - Who Kills Whom
Chapter 838: Intense Killing Intent
Chapter 839: Enraged
Chapter 840: One Against All
Chapter 841: Domineering Counter Attack
Chapter 842: Tempest
Chapter 843: Final Battle
Chapter 844: Propping Up The Heavens and Earth
Chapter 845: Mad Group Battle
Chapter 846: Complete Annihilation
Chapter 847: Conclusion of Battle
Chapter 848: Immortal Banquet
Chapter 849: Two Emperors, Green and White
Chapter 850: Why Are You Here
Chapter 851: Crossing Verbal Swords
Chapter 852: Chaotic Competition
Chapter 853: As Many Geniuses As Clouds
Chapter 854: Staring At All In Arrogance
Chapter 855: Wild Sweep
Chapter 856: Unimaginable Battle
Chapter 857: Divine Falcon Light
Chapter 858: Jun Mengchen’s Crisis
Chapter 859: One Punch Man
Chapter 860: Detoxified
Chapter 861: Top Twenty
Chapter 862: Recruit
Chapter 863: Frost Queen Mo Wen
Chapter 864: Savage Attacks
Chapter 865: Fellow Sect Brothers on the Battle Platform
Chapter 866: Trampled
Chapter 867: Gu Zhantian Dodges The Fight
Chapter 868: Unending Battle
Chapter 869: Eight Eliminated
Chapter 870: One Punch Again
Chapter 871: Top Ten
Chapter 872: Test for the Top Ten
Chapter 873: Ranked Last
Chapter 874: Intentionally Targeting
Chapter 875: End Of The Second Test
Chapter 876: The Last Battle
Chapter 877: Proving Themselves Worthy
Chapter 878: Qin Wentian’s Arrogance
Chapter 879: Clear Sky Worldly Diagram
Chapter 880: Dongsheng Ting’s Intentions
Chapter 881: Fighting Against Hua Taixu
Chapter 882: My Heart Remains the Same
Chapter 883: Destined to Rank #4
Chapter 884: Clash of the Supreme
Chapter 885: You are not a match for me
Chapter 886: Is this Enough?
Chapter 887: Bestowing Treasures
Chapter 888: Taking On A Master?
Chapter 889: Confronting an Immortal Emperor
Chapter 890: Thousand Transformations Emperor Lord
Chapter 891: Intention of the Heavenly Talisman Realm
Chapter 892: City of Ancient Emperors
Chapter 893: Heavenly Talisman Realm’s Rewards
Chapter 894: Different Worlds
Chapter 895: Heading to the City of Ancient Emperors
Chapter 896: Gathering Place of Geniuses
Chapter 897: Immortal Ascension Rankings
Chapter 898: Group Battle
Chapter 899: Ranker on the Immortal Ascension Rankings
Chapter 900: Lost Game
Chapter 901: Dogged Pursuing
Chapter 902: Xiao Lengyue
Chapter 903: Joining the Xiao Sect
Chapter 904: Twin Stars
Chapter 905: Underground Palace
Chapter 906: Ancient Emperor Yi
Chapter 907: God’s Hand
Chapter 908: Giant Palm
Chapter 909: Comprehending the Abstruse
Chapter 910: Comprehension Completed
Chapter 911: Stone Monument in the Emperor Palace
Chapter 912: Oracular Chant of the Great Dao
Chapter 913: Not Trusting
Chapter 914: Final Deadline
Chapter 915: Making A Move
Chapter 916: The Supremely Powerful God’s Hand
Chapter 917: Heavenly Mystic Mirror Art
Chapter 918: Fighting Against the #4 Ranker of the Immortal Ascension Rankings
Chapter 919: Joint Attack
Chapter 920: Fighting Side By Side
Chapter 921: Slaying an Immortal Emperor’s Descendant
Chapter 922: A Battle Between Female Chosens
Chapter 923: Heavy Injuries on Both Sides
Chapter 924: Confession
Chapter 925: Underworld Mountains
Chapter 926: Encountering Danger
Chapter 927: Release Her
Chapter 928: Attacking the Xiao Sect
Chapter 929: Tyrannical Sweep
Chapter 930: Brahma Heavenly Emperor
Chapter 931: Showdown of the Strong
Chapter 932: Complete Domination of Xiao Lengyue
Chapter 933: Top Ranker of the Immortal Ascension Rankings
Chapter 934: Nanfeng Yunxi’s Joining
Chapter 935: Gathering at the Underworld Mountains
Chapter 936: Mysterious Character
Chapter 937: The Ancient Emperors in the Coffins
Chapter 938: Slaughter Out a Path of Blood
Chapter 939: Nine Grand Inheritances
Chapter 940: An Unparalleled Character
Chapter 941: Golden Body
Chapter 942: Casting a Physique
Chapter 943: The One Who Wants to Wear the Crown has to First Bear its Weight
Chapter 944: Mo Xie
Chapter 945: Battle Against Mo Xie
Chapter 946: The First
Chapter 947: Establishment of Mo Xie’s Physique
Chapter 948: Seizing The Inheritance?
Chapter 949: Shattering Immortal Foundation
Chapter 950: Six Tiers, Three Grades
Chapter 951: Beaten Back
Chapter 952: Changes to the Immortal Ascension Rankings
Chapter 953: Apology?
Chapter 954: The Arrogant Que Tianyi
Chapter 955: Que Tianyi’s Terror
Chapter 956: Overwhelming Strike
Chapter 957: Enraged Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor
Chapter 958: Tripartite Confrontation
Chapter 959: Tyrannical Zi Daoyang
Chapter 960: Great Battle in the Underworld Mountains
Chapter 961: Strongest Battle States
Chapter 962: Injury
Chapter 963: Kill List