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Updates:Chapter 183: A beauty like a famous painting

Zhang Xiao Qiang is a minor person in this dangerous apocalyptic world. Wandering around and learning the principles of the apocalypse, the dangers of the apocalypse slowly wore away his laziness and compassion. Zhang Xiao Qiang slowly becomes stronger, of course also gaining power whilst watching the madmen of the apocalypse trampling on everything. Zhang Xiao Qiang always had a bit of conscience, but he did not want to become a hero, yet he doesn’t mind sharing bread from his plate. Zhang Xiao Qiang lived in a crack of the apocalyptic world until the crack could no longer hold him. Some places have gruesome descriptions, so enter with caution!!! Zhang Xiao Qiang mantra is: “Don’t talk to me about human rights, Don’t talk to me about the law, Don’t talk to me about love!” TL note: ‘Xiao Qiang’ is slang for ‘cockroach’ but is also the name of the main character. Doom Cockroach 末日蟑螂
《Apocalypse Cockroach》 Text
Chapter 1: Doomsday
Chapter 2: For the Cabbage
Chapter 3: Guard Dogs
Chapter 4: For Food
Chapter 5: Harvest, Weapons
Chapter 6: 1 VS. 3
Chapter 7: Zombies That Love The Rain
Chapter 8: Infected?
Chapter 9: Evolution?
Chapter 10: Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)
Chapter 11: Big Dog
Chapter 12: The Cat That Really Looks Like A Leopard
Chapter 13: Cat or Leopard?
Chapter 14: Massive Meal
Chapter 15: Preparations Before Departure
Chapter 16: Fighting the way out after being surrounded
Chapter 17: So Close Yet So Far
Chapter 18: Chinese Pork Jerky (Bakwa)
Chapter 19: Him Again
Chapter 20: Escape Day
Chapter 21: Girl
Chapter 22: Yang Ke Er
Chapter 23: Peeking at Yang Ke Er
Chapter 24: Yang Ke Er’s Strangeness
Chapter 25: I’d Rather Die Than Let Go
Chapter 26: A big piece of meat
Chapter 27: Just call me cockroach!
Chapter 28: Yang Ke Er versus zombie
Chapter 29: The night attack
Chapter 30: Are you crazy?!
Chapter 31: Uncle, You’re a big baddie!
Chapter 32: What Thing?!
Chapter 33: Cannibalism!
Chapter 34: Stop choosing, let’s transport them all!
Chapter 35: Uncle, I’m taking a bath, do you want to see?
Chapter 36: Dig deep tunnels, store grain everywhere!
Chapter 37: Just sleeping?
Chapter 38: Uncle, You Must Take Responsibility!
Chapter 39: Argh! My Back!
Chapter 40: The Sun is out!
Chapter 41: What’s that?
Chapter 42: Wow! So cute!
Chapter 43: Yang Ke’er loses her temper!
Chapter 44: I’ll kill him!
Chapter 45: Stop Hitting Him!
Chapter 46: Generation Gap?
Chapter 47: Kill Me!
Chapter 48: Seeing a D2 Again!
Chapter 49: One Thousand Years of Death!
Chapter 50: Another “Ten Thousand Years of Death!”
Chapter 51: Wake up! Stop sleeping!
Chapter 52: A Spear Is Used to Poke!
Chapter 53: I Love You, Hubby!
Chapter 54: Where did the undergarments come from?
Chapter 55: Your Brother I, am such a guy!
Chapter 56: News of WH!
Chapter 57: Light the fire!
Chapter 58: Successful Rescue!
Chapter 59: You Don’t Have To Show Mercy!
Chapter 60: One cannot lust after a brother’s wife!
Chapter 61: I have many relatives!
Chapter 62: A Problem with Rations!
Chapter 63: Form Does not Differ From the Void, And the Void Does Not Differ From Form
Chapter 64: Kill Me!
Chapter 65: One doesn’t have to stand on ceremony with a brother’s wife?!
Chapter 66: You’re not allowed to look!
Chapter 67: I want to return the goods!
Chapter 68: Does my house have rules?
Chapter 69: Yuan Yi’s Background!
Chapter 70: Getting a license together!
Chapter 71: Married?!
Chapter 72: Don’t think that I’ll not hate you just because of this!
Chapter 73: Su Qian’s Resolve!
Chapter 74: What’s this you’re singing?
Chapter 75: Hold this!!
Chapter 76: Please Don’t Give Up On Me!
Chapter 77: You call this Guts?
Chapter 78: Yuan Yi = Slaughter!
Chapter 79: Go back, or else, die!
Chapter 80: Thinking of Rebelling?
Chapter 81: You! Come Here!
Chapter 82: It feels good to be a man!
Chapter 83: These are actually the originals?!
Chapter 84: Do You Have A Smoke?
Chapter 85: Wretched Old Hairy!
Chapter 86: The two of you, help yourselves, please!
Chapter 87: Assassin!
Chapter 88: I’ll Sleep Here Tonight!
Chapter 89: Challenge!
Chapter 90: Stop…
Chapter 91: Brother Long and Chen Yi!
Chapter 92: Wow! So Many!
Chapter 93: That’s the one, go!
Chapter 94: Seed!
Chapter 95: Look! What’s that?!
Chapter 96: Old Beast!
Chapter 97: Miracle Doctor Yu?
Chapter 98: Solitary World
Chapter 99: As long as we can live!
Chapter 100 – Crucifixion
Chapter 101 – D2
Chapter 102 – D2’s Meal
Chapter 103: Barbecue?
Chapter 104:
Chapter 105: It’s not that my troops are incompetent, the enemy is too crafty!
Chapter 106: Little shit, watch how I take care of you!
Chapter 107: What’re you staring at? Hurry and move it!
Chapter 108: Wait…
Chapter 109: -Title missing-
Chapter 110: For the granary?
Chapter 111: Deal?
Chapter 112: What material is this made of?
Chapter 113: Root of troubles??
Chapter 114: What can you do?
Chapter 115: Seduction!
Chapter 116: Warmth
Chapter 117: Throb
Chapter 118: I’ll beat you to death, you bad person!
Chapter 119: A Woman’s Heart
Chapter 120: Look at what I’ve found!
Chapter 121: Military Firearms
Chapter 122: How heavy is this toy?
Chapter 123: Preparation
Chapter 124: Shangguang Qiao Yun’s dedication
Chapter 125: Set off!
Chapter 126: To pass an opportunity by without taking advantage is a waste!
Chapter 127: It’s starting!
Chapter 128: Food
Chapter 129: Proposal
Chapter 130: Despair
Chapter 131: A drop of kindness repaid with a spring*(Idiom)
Chapter 132: Against an S2
Chapter 133: Quick, run!
Chapter 134: Confrontation!
Chapter 135: Flee in Desperation!
Chapter 136: Injury
Chapter 137: Yuan Yi’s smile
Chapter 138: Doing the D2 in
Chapter 139: Su Qian’s Desertion
Chapter 140: Leaving in a huff when matters are over
Chapter 141: Going Home
Chapter 142: Missed
Chapter 143: Thugs
Chapter 144: You’d better make up for it!
Chapter 145: Light the Incense
Chapter 146: Whatever Brother Cockroach says, goes!
Chapter 147: You’re gonna let them hold it in?
Chapter 148: Rules
Chapter 149: Delegation of posts
Chapter 150: ST?
Chapter 153: Shoot!
Chapter 154: Charge
Chapter 155: Charge
Chapter 156: Stunning Shot
Chapter 157: Supernatural
Chapter 158: I can’t see anything!
Chapter 159: Otaku
Chapter 160: Two Choices
Chapter 161: Gunshots at the Gates
Chapter 162: The Old Policeman, Zhang Huai An
Chapter 163: Justice
Chapter 164: Move out
Chapter 165: The move
Chapter 166: Something’s wrong
Chapter 167: Old Frank’s happiness
Chapter 168: Materials
Chapter 169: They are still materials
Chapter 170: On the flyover
Chapter 171: Beneath the flyover
Chapter 172: Zhang Huai An’s burst of rage
Chapter 173: The expected Boss
Chapter 174: Plan
Chapter 175: Complete Victory
Chapter 176: News of WH Gathering Point
Chapter 177: At the Other Site
Chapter 178: Actual Interaction
Chapter 179: Deterrence and the Warrior unafraid of death
Chapter 180: Self Destruction
Chapter 181: Pleased, immensely pleased
Chapter 182: Children = Hope
Chapter 183: A beauty like a famous painting