When Dibei Chen left, the two fluffballs jumped on the bed, their faces puzzled.

“Master, why did you want to help Dibei Chen?”

Little Black’s face revealed confusion. It wasn’t like Master’s temperament to have the losing side of the deal.

“There’s things that just don’t have a true answer to them.” Baili Hongzhuang said quietly.

Dibei Chen was a deep, unknown mystery, and she knew with certainty that there were many secrets undiscovered regarding him. It was also quite likely that he had a large power behind him.

From the view of others, those with power had a limitless view. But she knew the sorrows that came with power.

They could never speak with feelings. If they didn’t have enough strength, then they’d only be trampled underfoot by others.

Going from a peerless genius into a cripple, one could only imagine the torment he felt inside.

She had already spent some time thinking about him. There wasn’t any real harm to her, even though this wasn’t following her way of life, this time she was willing to make an exception.

The next few days, Dibei Chen stopped by Jingli Garden every day for Baili Hongzhaung’s acupuncture.

The paralysis in his legs lessened little by little. He only needed to wait until the 7th day before he could stand up again.

On this day, Baili Hongzhaung took out Qin Yayun’s diary.

This was where Qin Yayun wrote out her feelings. She also wanted to know what were Qin Yayun’s thoughts.

In the expanses of letters, Baili Hongzhaung could clearly see the love in her heart Qin Yayun had for Baili Zhentao.

She believed that after she married and became a general’s wife, her life would be content. She never imagined that she’d be thrust into an abyss.

From the beginning, the text was filled with anticipation and longing before falling into a terrible, lonely end. Baili Hongzhuang sighed quietly. Her mother had loved the wrong man from the start.

Turning to the last page in the booklet, Baili Hongzhuang suddenly found that 2 pages were stuck together.

She could clearly see that words were written inside. Why would she take all the trouble to glue the last two pages together?

Only after carefully prying the two pages apart while keeping them intact, could Baili Hongzhuang see the text written inside.

With just a glance, Baili Hongzhuang couldn’t help but be stunned. Her heart constantly jumped in surprise as she read through the paper. Even when she finished, her heart couldn’t calm down for a very long time.

Because it stated, she was actually not Qin Yayun’s daughter!

At first, in order to compete for Baili Zhentao’s love, Qin Yayun lied that she was pregnant. Although Baili Zhentao had no doubts about it, Su Wanjing was very dissatisfied.

The next day, Baili Zhentao didn’t see Qin Yayun who claimed that she was going to give birth.

Originally, Qin Yayun made plans with a woman who was pregnant. The baby would be brought to her as soon as it was born.

But when the birth family found that the baby was a boy, they were unwilling to give their child to the maid, letting Qin Yayun fall into a pit.

Just as Qin Yayun was panicking, not knowing what to do, the maid suddenly found a baby just outside the gates. This baby was Baili Hongzhaung!

“So it turns out, I’m not Qin Yayun’s and Baili Zhentao’s child.” Baili Hongzhaung was shocked.

But after thinking it through, she was actually very content. Baili Zhentao was never a man she wanted as a father. Now that Baili Hongzhuang knew there weren’t any blood ties, she could breathe a sigh of relief.

“Only, who are my biological parents? Why did they leave me at the General Household’s gates?”

Baili Hongzhaung frowned a little. According to Qin Yayun’s description, her body was covered with blood at the time she was found, which meant her parents must’ve been forced to leave her there.

So what exactly happened with her parents? Were they even still alive?