“Did you hear yet? Godly Doctor Square started selling immortality pills and many families had already bought cultivation pills there early morning.”
“Furthermore, I’ve also heard that the price is even 20% higher than Heavenly Jewel Pavillions, but there were still a lot of people willing to buy it.”

“Cultivation pills are nice, but it’s too expensive for us to even hope to obtain.”

“The imperial hunting feast is very close so all the court’s younger generation are fighting for resources. Selling them now, Godly Doctor Square must make a killing!”

Baili Yuyan and Baili Haoxuan looked at each other, their faces in stunned dismay, even wondering if their ears had gone bad. Godly Doctor Square even sells cultivation pills?

Baili Haoxuan directly walked over to that nearby table and asked, “Is what you’re saying actually true?”

Their conversation having been suddenly interrupted, the 3 men were very unhappy.

But after recognizing Baili Haoxuan’s identity, they didn’t dare to reveal any dissatisfaction and could only nod, “It’s true!”

“How could Godly Doctor Square sell immortality pills?”

Baili Haoxuan’s face was baffled. Maybe it even had a lot of immortality pills.

“Could it be true, Baili Hongzhuang is actually a pill master?” Baili Haoxuan couldn’t help but cry out.

“Impossible!” Baili Yuyan didn’t hesitate to refute Baili Haoxuan’s guess, “Just look at her, how could she be a pill master!”

In all of Shengxue continent, pill masters were a noble existence. The harsh conditions alone is enough to stop countless people from becoming one.

Trash like Baili Hongzhuang as a pill master?

What a joke!

Baili Haoxuan also thought his guess was ridiculous and immediately smiled, embarrassed: “Why don’t we go and check out Godly Doctor Square for ourselves?”

What they hear could be false whereas seeing is believing. They would know once they went over to take a look.

Baili Yuyan nodded, “Let’s go!”

When the two arrived at Godly Doctor Square, they found a large crowd of people, all discussing the cultivation pills.

“This Godly Doctor Baili is really too godly. She can even bring out such rare immortality pills to sell.”

“I heard that these immortality pills were actually personally refined by Godly Doctor Baili herself, simply unbelievable.”

“I never expected that Lady Baili hid herself so deeply, thinking back, we were truly laughable!”

When Baili Yuyan heard that Baili Hongzhuang herself refined the immortality pills, a mocking look appeared in her eyes. That woman was just begging to get shot in the mouth!

Even after following Master Yun to learn the art of pill refining for so long, Du Hanyue was still only a pill master apprentice. He still wasn’t even able to form the immortality pill’s shape when he refined.

Baili Hongzhaung spent more than 10 years in the General Household, it was impossible she could’ve contacted a pill master, so how could she have possibly refined that?

Baili Yuyan and Baili Haoxuan squeezed through the crowd before they could finally spot the pills lying on the shelves.

Perfectly rounded immortality pills sat in the center of a brocade box. It was actually the foundation-stabilizing cultivation pills they needed the most!

Staring at the number of cultivation pills in that box, the two’s eyes looked at each other in shock.

They did everything they could to get their hands on a single cultivation pill, but there were actually so many in Godly Doctor Square!

Baili Yuyan’s eyes were filled with endless jealousy. How could Baili Hongzhuang, who she could step under the sole of her feet, have so many cultivation pills!

“Sister, should we buy two?” Baili Haoxuan asked aloud.

Although there was enmity between them and Baili Hongzhuang, the hunting banquet was very soon. Right now, it was most important to increase their strength and give a good performance!