Seeing how serious Baili Zhentao looked, Su Wanjing didn’t dare to ask any further. She turned and said, “Lord, no matter what, you need to get revenge for Haoxuan!”
That was what had originally made Baili Zhentao worry so much. Now that he heard Su Wanjing mention it again, for some reason, his heart felt incredibly annoyed.

“His skill was inferior to the person who hit him, and now you want me to accompany him in losing face!”

Baili Zhentao flew into a rage before pointing his finger in Baili Yuyan, his voice furious “Know your place a little and don’t go leave the household to cause trouble again! You can’t bother Baili Hongzhuang again, understand?”

Baili Yuyan looked at Baili Zhentao, stunned. Why would father suddenly protect Baili Hongzhuang?

Su Wanjing was also stunned. Last night, he had clearly said that he’d teach Baili Hongzhuang a lesson she wouldn’t forget.

How did his attitude turn a complete 180 from last night?

After his wound was dressed, Baili Zhentao left. Today really made him worry!

The sunlight was golden, shining brightly. It was a fine, spring day.

When Baili Hongzhuang left her room, she suddenly found that Jingli Garden had changed greatly. The maids and manservants shuttled around the estate, she almost even thought she was in the wrong place!

Her face was stiff as she walked around. Looking at the familiar peach blossom forest, Baili Hongzhuang knew she wasn’t at the wrong place and immediately walked over to Jingli Garden’s gates.

“Congratulations to Lady Baili!”

“Congratulations to Lady Baili!”

When they saw Baili Hongzhuang come out, the maids and manservants immediately started to bow and congratulate her.

The look on Baili Hongzhuang’s face was strange. She didn’t know what was wrong with these people.

Then she saw the red lanterns being raised high into the air. The usual peaceful calm in Jingli Garden turned bright and festive.

Outside the gates, the carriages were constantly unloading items. Watching the scene that was full or red, 2 words instantly popped up in Baili Hongzhuang’ mind- Dowry!

Sure enough, Dibei Chen popped up in front of her, “Wifey, are you satisfied with your hubby’s dowry?”

Looking at the piles of gifts in front of the gates, a smile appeared on Baili Hongzhuang’s lips. “Just barely.

The betrothal gifts were extremely extravagant compared to other women when they married. Even when a Royal Prince married, there’d still only be half as much!

‘“Just barely enough?” Dibei Chen pretended to frown, “Turn around and take a look.”

Although Baili Hongzhuang was confused, she still turned her head. She didn’t understand just what Dibei Chen wanted her to see.

“Master, look, look! The name plaque changed!”

Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyes to look at the signboard, and discovered that the 3 characters, Jingli Garden, had been replaced at some unknown time to qinzhuang Garden!

“Wifey, this is also one of the betrothal gifts.” Dibei Chen said with a smile.

The loud noises had already attracted many people. At first, many people were skeptical when they saw Dibei Chen bringing the betrothal gifts to Jingli Garden. Didn’t the Emperor marry Dibei Chen to Baili Hongzhuang?

However, Dibei Chen didn’t bring the betrothal gifts to the General’s Household, but instead here. It was just too strange!

But when everyone saw Baili Hongzhuang come out of qinzhuang garden, everybody instantly had a flash of understanding. So Baili Hongzhuang was living here!

“Prince Chen’s betrothal gifts are so generous, it’s much more than the other Prince’s gifts!” One person exclaimed.

Other royal marriages were also very lavish, making others feel amazed. But none of them could compare to Dibei Chen’s astonishing betrothal gifts.

note- Qinzhuang takes the zhuang from Hongzhuang’s name, and qin means to marry.