The sky still wasn’t bright as nannies and maids all clustered around Baili Hongzhuang’s body, waiting for her to put on the red dress before beginning to help Baili Hongzhuang apply her makeup.
Everything was done step by step, and everyone was very busy. Baili Hongzhaung was similar to a doll as people draped jewelry on her and combed her hair into a chignon. She never thought that a marriage would actually have to be so complicated.

She finally understood why Dibei Chen was so busy to the point where she couldn’t even catch a glimpse of him. Just understanding these customs, the personalized wedding dress, and looking for an experienced nanny alone would take an unimaginably long time.

“Master! Master!”

The black and white fluffballs were tragically tossed aside by the nanny and bumped into a maid before dropping on the floor. Many people were busily walking, the two fluffballs under the constant threat of being trampled on.

Hearing their cries, Baili Hongzhuang quickly discovered their situation and immediately withdrew them back to the primordial chaos ring. Any later, and they might’ve been stomped flat as a pancake.

Ji Wenbin, Dong Sirou, and Du Tianshuo arrived at Qinzhuang Garden early in the morning. They had long known that Baili Hongzhuang had wanted to marry from Qinzhuang Garden and wanted no relation to the General’s Household.

Usually, it was very lively when a bride was to be married. But the huge Qinzhuang Garden had only Baili Hongzhuang and no family members to give their blessings. It was rather regrettable.

Since they were her friends, they decided to come today and act as her family. At the very least, they sincerely hoped for Baili Hongzhuang to be happy.

When they entered Baili Hongzhuang’s room, the three people were frightened. The room was just like a battlefield. Groups of servants surrounded her as they unceasingly stacked various things on her face, hair, and body.

Dong Sirou shrank his neck, “Princess’s battle plan for marriage is really unusual. I’ve never seen a strategy like this.

“It’d be strange if you have seen one!” Du Tianshuo laughed, “The Princess’s identity is honored and dignified. If it wasn’t for Brother Ji kindly introducing us, we simply never would’ve gotten the chance to see a Princess’s wedding!”

In such a boring situation, Baili Hongzhuang could only think about how slow the time was. Finally, the nanny looked at her and nodded with satisfaction. “So beautiful! This is the most beautiful Princess I’ve ever seen!”

Not only the nanny but the other people in the room were also stunned when they saw Baili Hongzhuang. This beauty was enough to ruin a kingdom!

Baili Hongzhuang looked at herself in the bronze mirror. For a few seconds, she couldn’t help but be completely stupefied.

Her long, black hair was pulled up high, combed into a unique, elegant bun that was perfect for a princess, slender, willow-like brows gentle and elegant.

A pair of phoenix eyes glittered brightly, a hint of red on her cheeks. Her fine, jade-like nose was small and delicate, cherry red lips holding a charming luster.

What was most notable was the specially painted peach blossom drawn between her brows, just like Qinzhuang Garden that was full of peach blossoms. It symbolized the flowers Dibei Chen had gifted her along with the house, the feelings between her and Dibei Chen.

Her ivory like skin was as smooth as water, coupled with a large, red gown. It radiated nobility and grace, peerlessly elegant!

Everything was ready and all the people in the room retreated outside. All that was left was to wait for the auspicious time to arrive, for the Prince to escort the bride to the wedding!

Seeing Ji Wenbin and the others enter the room, Baili Hongzhuang opened her mouth to reveal a bright smile, “You’ve come!”

But Ji Wenbin, Dong Sirou, and Du Tianshuo just stood there, frozen in place. Looking at the beauty in front of them, Baili Hongzhuang full of grace and incomparable elegance, a kind unspeakable shock appeared in their hearts!