Chapter 111
In the past, Li Yuyue had always lived without any burdens or hardship apart from yesterday’s confrontation with Baili Hongzhuang. Now today, her face had changed like this. It was just too much of a coincidence.

Li Yuyue was startled, but she didn’t want to think about it. All she wanted was a reason to pin all of this on Baili Hongzhuang’s body.

“That’s right, it must be Baili Hongzhuang!” Li Yuyue repeatedly nodded her head, “Father, you must give me justice!”

“Rest assured, if this was truly done by Baili Hongzhuang, I’ll definitely make her pay the price!” Li Chengqian’s face was gloomy as he spoke.

What kind of status did he have? Daring to move against his daughter, Baili Hongzhuang must be tired of living!

The doctor soon came. After examining Li Yuyue’s face, he shook his head.

“I’m truly sorry. My humble self is unable to tell the cause of Miss Li’s sudden freckles. This stitaution is something I’ve never heard about.”

“There’s no way at all?” Li Chengqian was unwilling to give up hope.

If Li Yuyue’s face stayed like this forever, how could she go out and greet other people?

“In my opinion, this kind of situation is only something Godly Doctor Square’s Lady Baili could cure. With other doctors, I’m afraid the chances of curing Miss Li is minimal.”

The three’s faces all turned ugly. Now, they all suspected this was Baili Hongzhuang’s doing.

If they went and asked Baili Hongzhuang for such a favor, wouldn’t it be just like a joke?

After the doctor left, Li Chengqian once again invited sevral other doctors to take a look. But in the end, everyone’s conclusion was the same as the first doctor’s.

Apart from Baili Hongzhuang, no one else could cure it.

“Lord, I think we should try and ask Baili Hongzhuang for a favor. As long as Lord wishes it, I believe Baili Hongzhuang would definetely give us face.” Zhao Wenqiang pondered.

Li Yuyue objected immediately, “Go ask that woman for help? Why should we?”

She was still thinking how they would bring Baili Hongzhuang to the threshing floor. If she asked Baili Hongzhuang for help now, Li Yuyue was afraid that she’d never have the chance to bring her to the threshing floor in this lifetime.

Zhao Wenqiang frowned elegantly, her voice holding a trace of blame.

“Yue’er, Baili Hongzhuang isn’t important enough for you to be so angry over. You think a little, as long as you become the Crown Princess, how would there be any lack of opportunities to deal with Baili Hongzhuang as the Empress?”

Li Chengqian nodded slightly, “Your mother’s words are right, we’ll handle it like this!”

Seeing Li Chengqian and Zhao Wenqiang’s firm resolution, Li Yuyue had to agree with them no matter how discontent she was, after all it was of the utmost importance to protect her face.

However, the person Li Chengqian sent to Godly Doctor Square to ask for an appointment with Baili Hongzhuang had to find out that the Square was temporarily closed, the reason being that as surprising as it may be, Prince Chen and Princess Chen had gone on a trip to the mountains?

He also sent some people to the Prince’s palace to ask for their whereabouts but was only told that they didn’t know when Prince Chen and Chen Wangfei would return.

The news caught the Li family unprepared. Baili Hongzhuang left at such a crucial time, was there really no way left?

In comparison to the Li Family’s disaster, Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen were actually very comfortable.

Hei Mu drew the carriage outside as Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen’s eyes glanced over the busy roads and sceneries though the carriage’s windows.

“Now that we left the Imperial City, there isn’t anymore need for you to act.” Baili Hongzhuang said slowly.

For an ordinary person, acting as a cripple all day would feel extremely uncomfortable.

Dibei Chen smiled faintly, “If we run into someone inside the mountain range, our identity would definitely be exposed.”

For that reason, it was still necessary to continue to be a cripple. If they were to find any clues, acting so long all would’ve been for naught.