Chapter 117
“Lord, the royal hunting feast begins tomorrow. Yue’er has to participate, but how can she go see His Highness, the Crown Prince with her appearance like this?”

Zhao Wenqiang worried endlessly. Up until now, the Prime Minister’s mansion has completely sealed off all information from leaking out. But tomorrow, it was impossible to continue hiding it.

Li Chengqian’s face was very unsightly, “Tomorrow, the royal family’s hunting feast will begin, so Baili Hongzhuang should’ve already been back. Could it be possible that Baili Hongzhuang doesn’t want to attend?”

“How isn’t it possible?” Zhao Wenqiang sighed.

“Baili Hongzhuang has a trash physique, so there’s no point in joining the hunting competition. Both of Prince Chen’s legs are crippled, so how could he even take part?”

Listening to Zhao Wenqiang, Li Chengqian’s face turned very ugly.

“If that’s truly right, then we can only say Yue’er isn’t feeling well. No matter what, we mustn’t let His Majesty, the Emperor or the Crown Prince know about this.”

“I spent so long preparing for the hunting competition though.”

Li Yuyue was unwilling. The royal family’s hunting feast and competition only occurs once every two years. To win glory at the hunting competition, she had even taken an immortality pill. But now, she was actually letting this long awaited for opportunity slip by.

“Don’t tell me you actually want His Highness, the Crown Prince to see you like this!” Li Chengqian’s voice was as cold as ice.

He has waited many years for an opportunity to turn Li Yuyue into a phoenix. He couldn’t fail through the lack of a final effort now!

Just as Li Chengqian was worrying over this, the housekeeper hurriedly ran over to them, “Lord, good news!”

“What kind of news can be considered good right now!” Li Chengqian’s voice was filled with melancholy.

“Lord, Chen Wang and Chen Wangfei had just returned to the Prince’s mansion a few minutes ago!”

The housekeeper’s face revealed joy. In accordance to the lord’ s instructions, there was a person sent to watch Chen Wangfei at all times. In the case Chen Wang and Chen Wangfei returned, they would inform the lord right away.

Hearing that, Li Chengqian and the other two looked stunned for a moment, then a strong shine bloomed in their eyes immediately.

Waiting for so long, Baili Hongzhuang finally came back the day just before the royal family’s hunting competition begins!

As long as Baili Hongzhuang was able to cure Li Yuyue’s face, everything would be safe and sound.

Thinking of that, Li Chengqian and the rest of the Li Family suddenly felt their hearts stir with excitement!

Li Chengqian immediately sent someone to prepare a carriage and hurried Li Yuyue to the Prince’s mansion. Right now, this couldn’t be delayed.

Baili Hongzhuang had barely returned to her room and was about to rest when she heard a servant report the arrival of the Prime Minister.

When she heard that report, Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyebrows and her lips curled into a sneering shape.

It seemed that during the days she’d left, Li Yuyue didn’t have an easy time ah.

At the same time, Dibei Chen also entered the room, “Li Chengqian came, and specifically wanted to see you; how are things? Going to play with them?”

To the words Dibei Chen said smiling, Baili Hongzhuang answered laughing, “It’s an honor for our esteemed Prime Minister to visit us, naturally we should go take a look.”

Dibei Chen looked at Baili Hongzhuang, his gaze holding a spoiling light to it. He already knew why Li Chengqian came here today.

He knew right away that it was because of Baili Hongzhuang’s unfortunate temper. This must’ve happened right after Nichang Market.

Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen moved to the lobby, her footsteps calm and unhurried. Li Chengqian’s heart had long been filled with fury.

He was this dynasty’s Prime Minister, the future Guozhang, but Dibei Chen and Baili Hongzhuang dared to make him wait for them!

“Chen Wangye and Chen Wangfei are indeed busy people.”

Guozhang is kinda like grand duke, basically the Emperor’s father in law