Chapter 118
Li Chengqian’s words were full of sarcasm. Although he didn’t directly say it aloud, Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen were both smart people, and naturally knew the anger hidden in his voice.

“What kind of business does Prime Minister Li have with us?”

Dibei Chen’s expression was calm, acting as if the one Li Chengqian was mocking wasn’t him and got straight to the point.

An instant of bewilderment flashed in Li Chengqian’s eyes. Dibei Chen never had any kind of status, so according to reason, he should’ve already been shivering in fear and trepidation.

But now as Dibei Chen opened his mouth to speak, an imposing aura erupted, filling the air. It was even enough to make him feel pressured.

Exactly because of such pressure, Li Chengqian didn’t press any further, “I came here today to ask a favor from Chen Wangfei.”

Her beautiful face held a touch of confusion. Baili Hongzhuang asked, “Ask me?”

Looking at Baili Hongzhuang’s honest confusion, Li Chengqian’s heart grew a little anxious. Could it be that Baili Hongzhuang truly didn’t have anything to do with this?

From the moment he started speaking, he had always been observing Baili Hongzhuang. If this really was Baili Hongzhaung’s doing, she shouldn’t have been able to hide it so well.

“Recently, strange blemishes had begun to appear on my daughter’s face for no reason at all, and hopes Chen Wangfei would be able to treat this.” Li Chengqian slowly spoke. “

Even though he was the one asking for Baili Hongzhuang’s help, Li Chengqian’s face was still as haughty as before.

Coming here with his identity, Baili Hongzhuang wouldn’t dare refuse!

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curled into a faintly discernable cold smile as she stared at Li Yuyue who was standing behind Li Chengqian, her voice provocative.

“Miss Li came to ask for my help?”

Li Yuyue was very unwilling, coming to the Prince’s palace. She had previously wanted to make a show out of Baili Hongzhuang, but now she has lower her head to Baili Hongzhuang for a favor. Like this, where would her face go?

“Ask you?” When Li Yuyue heard Baili Hongzhuang’s provocative tone, her face instantly flushed red, “You’re dreaming!”

“Oh?” Baili Hongzhuang sneered, “Then please go back. I’m very busy with other things.””

Baili Hongzhuang’s attitude was lazy, her words seeming very indifferent. In fact, she had never intended to give Li Yuyue the medicine from the start.

She was never a kind-hearted person. Those that offend her must prepare to pay a price!

Li Yuyue was startled. She never thought that even with Li Chengqian present, Baili Hongzhuang would still dare to act so arrogant!

“Baili Hongzhuang, you clearly know my identity! You actually dare to refuse!”

Li Chengqian’s face was gloomy. This Baili Hongzhuang truly didn’t know what was good for her!

An utterly enchanting smile bloomed from the corners of Baili Hongzhuang’s lips, “Li Yuyue, weren’t you also saying this sentence earlier?”

The light in her eyes grew impatient. Baili Hongzhuang thought that Li Yuyue was truly an idiot without brains, doing nothing all day but using her identity to bully people. Apart from this, she simply didn’t have anything else.

“Audacious!” Li Chengqian was angry, “Baili Hongzhuang, I am the grand and magnificent Prime Minister! Those who dare to offend me, do you know their fates?”

Baili Hongzhuang’s smile slowly turned cold, her voice containing a bone-chilling iciness.

“In any case, I am the Chen Wangfei. As the Prime Minister, what can you do to me?”

“If you have the ability, do it directly. Don’t stay here to speak a pile of rubbish, I’m too lazy to listen!”

Hearing her words, Li Chengqian was unable to restrain his anger.

With his identity and position, whoever in the imperial court would yield to him, or at least give him some face. This Baili Hongzhuang actually had the impertinence to challenge him! Simply courting death!