Chapter 127
“A few days ago, Yuyue and Chen Wangfei had a little conflict so I brought Yuyue to Chen Palace to clear the resentment between us. But I didn’t expect for Chen Wangfei to speak so rudely or for Chen Wangye to actually send someone to seriously wound Yuyue.”

“Chen Wangye and Chen Wangfei’s conduct is just truly too much!”

Li Chengqian’s words were filled with righteousness, acting as if Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen’s actions were disgraceful and outrageous.

Facing Li Chengqian’s criticism, the scorn in Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes only grew deeper as her lips widened into a smile.

“Prime Minister Li, how could you not blush saying such things?”

“What I said were facts, why would I blush!” Li Chengqian insisted.

Baili Hongzhuang glanced at the crowd around them, “Prime Minister Li might as well ask everyone here. Does anyone think he is saying the truth?”

Everyone lowered their heads one after another. In fact, nobody believed Li Chengqian’s words were the truth.

With Li Chengqian and Li Yuyue’s temper, not forcing Dibei Chen and Baili Hongzhuang kowtow in an apology would already be pretty good. Going personally to seek reconciliation, how could that be possible?

Seeing everyone’s faces, Li Chengqian’s complexion turned ugly, “What do you mean?”

“Justice for myself is the will of the people.” Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyebrow, “Since you brought up the topic yourself, I don’t mind saying the truth.”

“Emperor, yesterday Li Chengqian and Li Yuyue went to Chen Palace just to speak rudely, ordering people by pointing the chin to make me treat an illness. Then he made jeering remarks, saying Wangye was your illegitimate child.”

“So in his anger, Wangye sent someone to take action.”

Everybody sucked in a cold breath as Baili Hongzhuang finished her words, staring at her shock.

Until now, news of Dibei Chen being the Emperor’s illegitimate child was always spread around secretly.

Although Xuanyuan Yutian already heard of it, nobody would dare to say come out and say it directly. But didn’t Baili Hongzhuang just do that?

Xuanyuan Yutian’s brows couldn’t help but raise, “Is this true?”

“Emperor, you cannot listen to her drivel!”

Li Chengqian immediately tried to justify himself. If even a bit was revealed, his position was at risk ah!

“Baili Hongzhuang is saying this to escape the blame. Emperor, please see clearly!”

“Emperor, Li Chengqian was always trying to hide that Li Yuyue’s face had gotten a disease. Even today, in order to conceal it, he shrank from responsibility and tried to push all the blame onto my body. As long as Emperor sends someone to the Prime Minister’s mansion, you will understand.”

Baili Hongzhuang continued to remain calm. As early as yesterday, she had already expected for something like this to happen.

Li Chengqian’s position was rather high and would surely try to avoid all responsibility while pushing it all onto her. But apart from the Emperor and Empress, nobody knew of Dibei Chen’s identity. Therefore, along with Dibei Chen’s sudden rise, their positions would be incomparable!

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang speak so reasonably, everybody was somewhat partial to Baili Hongzhuang. After all, Li Yuyue not coming today was just too suspicious.

Li Chengqian instantly turned ugly. In accordance with his plan, the Emperor shouldn’t have allowed Baili Hongzhuang to even explain, but the situation right now was entirely different from what he had thought.


Li Chengqian still wanted to explain. If the Emperor truly sent a person to check the Prime Minister’s mansion, the secret would no longer be possible to cover up!

Xuanyuan Yutian waved his hand, “This affair will stay in the royal hunting competition and will be discussed after.”