Chapter 185
“Imbuned Blood Blade. Bidding starts at 4000 gold coins, and every increase in bid must not be less than 1 thousand gold coins. The auction starts now!

Just as Su Jin’s voice fell, shouts began to echo in the hall, raising the price higher and higher.

“5000 gold coins!”

“6000 gold coins!”

As soon as one shouted, another person would bid even higher. The scene was very lively.

“9000 gold coins!”

“10000 gold coins!”

In such a short time, the Imbuned Blood Blade’s price was already raised to 10000.

But after every call, some of the buyers would no longer bid. For an auction, the price of an Imbuned Blood Sword already wasn’t bad.

“11000 gold coins!” Another one shouted.

Su Jin’s face revealed a smile, “A guest bided 11000 gold coins, 11000 gold coins. Would anyone like to bid higher?”

Just after Su Jin asked, another voice called out, “12000 gold coins!”

“12000 gold coins! Anyone higher?”

Everybody fell silent. The price of the Imbuned Blood Sword in the auction was already very high.

In the audience, the owner of the Imbuned Blood Blade smiled as he saw everyone bid for the sword. Compared to just selling it at the shop, selling it here was far more profitable!

“12000 gold coins, sold!”

Su Jin raised the small hammer and hit the gong. The loud, heavy sound of the hammer echoed clearly in everybody’s ears, declaring the end of the first auction item.

“Congratulations to the new owner of this Imbuned Blood Sword!”

Tianxiang Auction’s people took the lead to start clapping, followed by applause from the audience.

At Su Jin’s right hand side, the bewitching figure of the woman dressed in red once again walked to the stage. She took the tray and walked in front of the guest, handing him the Imbuned Blood Sword.

Under everybody’s applause and the beauty’s smile, the man accepted the Imbuned Blood Sword, grinning.

“Its no wonder Tianxiang Auction’s so amazing. Its already clear from the first item.” Little White sighed. Their grasp and knowledge of how humans thought were truly outstanding.

Baili Hongzhuang faintly nodded, “Tianxiang Trading Commerance’s methods are truly indescribable.”

The Imbuned Blood Blade was no way worth 12000 gold coins, but because it was from Tianxiang Auction, they would be happy even if they paid a little more.

She was convinced that the next time the man wanted to join an auction, he would defintely choose Tianxiang’s.

After the first item, different products kept on getting called and brought up, but Baili Hongzhuang’s group still hadn’t bid once.

“The next one is called- Mysterious Star Sword!”

Su Jin teared open the red silk, a silver sword appearing in front of everybody.

“The sword cuts iron like clay. The wind from this alone can make cuts, truly an excellent weapon!”

“You musn’t miss this brillant oppertunity!”

Shao Zifan who had up until now been quitely watching the auction suddenly got up, staring intently at the Mysterious Star Sword.

Seeing Shao Zifan change, Baili Hongzhuang asked, “You like the Mysterious Star Sword?”

Shao Zifan smiled and nodded, “This Mysterious Star Sword is pretty good. I’m leaving for Azure Water School’s assesement soon, so I want to at least find a nice weapon for myself.”

“Go for it! Get that weapon!” Zhao Yunxi smiled.

“Mysterious Star Sword, bidding starts at 30,000 gold coins. Each increasement musn’t be less than 1000 gold coins. Start the auction!”

“31000 gold coins!”

“32000 gold coins!”

The second class guests had already started making their bids, and the 3rd class guests could only shake their head and watch.