Chapter 191

“The auction’s final…… it can’t be yours, right?” Zhao Yunxi asked.

Baili Hongzhuang faintly smiled and nodded, not hiding it. “Yeah, it’s my item.”

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang confirm it, Shao Zifan and Zhao Yunxi were astonished. From the previous auction items, Baili Hongzhuang’s treasure must be incredibly valuable if it could become the auction’s final at such short notice.

“Do you mind if I ask what it is?” Shao Zifan asked.

“A pill.”

On the stage, the lady in a red dress placed a silver plate on the auction block in front of Su Jin.

Su Jin’s smile grew wider and wider, “I am sure that everybody must be very curious about the auction’s final item, so I won’t keep you all in suspense any longer. The final item is something all young cultivators need- Bone Cleansing Pill!”

For a split second, the auction hall seemed to freeze.

It was soon followed by wave after wave of surprised discussions which came like a downpour. The large hall became extraordinarily lively.

“Bone cleansing pill! Tianxiang’s auction actually had a bone cleansing pill!”

“I didn’t expect for this auction to give us such a nice surprise. Usually, it’s near impossible to buy a bone cleansing pill ah!”

“If I had known about the Bone Cleansing Pill earlier, I would’ve come with more money. Not good, I need to hurry and pass the news back to get more gold coins!”

“Right, I need to as well!”

When Dai Zhiman heard the words ‘bone cleansing pill’, she was stunned. She never thought Tianxiang Auction would give her such a nice surprise!

A bone cleansing pill was something all young cultivators yearned for even in their dreams. She was also like that.

“Not good, I need to get money now!”

Dai Zhiman hurriedly got up. Earlier, she hadn’t found anything she wanted in the auction book.

Today she only came to watch the fun and didn’t bring that much money.

Dai Zhiman quickly left the auction. Meanwhile, Liujing Kun’s heart was also thumping heavily.

Even in Azure Water School, it wasn’t easy to get a Bone Cleansing Pill. If he could get the bone cleansing pill here, it’d be perfect!

“Master, Dai Zhiman left the auction.” Little Black watched Dai Zhiman run under it.

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips stretched into a smile, “Dai Zhiman’s only going to get some money. She’ll be back soon. But…… the money she brings back will be useless!”

Shao Zifan and Zhao Yunxi’s faces were filled with shock as they stared at Baili Hongzhuang. They’ve long known that Godly Doctor Square was selling pills, but it had always only been immortality pills and detoxification pills. They never thought that Baili Hongzhuang would also have bone cleansing pills!

Although bone cleansing pills and immortality pills were both second-grade pills, immortality pills were very common and most pill masters knew how to refine it.

So although immortality pills were rare, if one really wanted to get one, it wasn’t too hard.

Bone cleansing pills were actually very different. Very few pill masters knew how to refine it. In the entire Imperial City, only one person was able to refine bone cleansing pills.

Yet Baili Hongzhuang, remarkably, was actually still able to bring out such a pill.

Shao Zifan and Zhao Yunxi glanced at each other. They could never understand how Baili Hongzhuang was so strange.

In accordance to her original identity, she was only the General’s Household’s unfavored daughter. But how could she just be so different?

Baili Hongzhuang watched as the two’s faces changed over and over, a small smile still on her face.

Even though what she did today really was strange, she no longer cared.