Chapter 193

Everyone secretly sighed. The first bone cleansing pill was already taken by His Highness, the Crown Prince.

“If it wasn’t for His Highness’s bid, the first bone cleansing pill definitely should’ve sold for more.” Shao Zifan said, sighing regretfully.

This was why pill masters were all practically worshiped in Shengxuan Continent. Just a single pill they refined was enough to make cultivators go mad!

Zhao Yunxi nodded, “Once His Highness, the Crown Prince opens his mouth, who else dares to talk? Do you think that His Highness is going to bid for all 3?”

Shao Zifan muttered to himself for a moment and spoke, “He probably won’t.”

“Bidding for the second bone cleansing pill starts now!”

“100,000 gold coins!”

Hearing 100,000 gold coins again, everyone was momentarily startled.

But this time it wasn’t Xuanyuan Huan who called, but the Prime Minster, Li Chengqian!

Seeing Li Chengqian, Baili Hongzhuang’s lips slowly curved into a shallow smile. This kind of ‘‘enemies on a narrow road” truly was interesting.

When everyone saw that His Highness, the Crown Prince still hadn’t bid, their hearts all actually felt a bit relieved. Although the Prime Minister was also powerful, far fewer people were afraid of him.

“110,000 gold coins!”

“120,000 gold coins!”

Seeing everyone fall silent before starting to call out earth-shattering prices, Li Chengqian’s face couldn’t help but turn a bit ugly.

When Dai Zhiman returned to the auction hall and found that it was already on the second bone cleansing pill, she immediately joined in on the bidding, “150,000 gold coins!”

“160,000 gold coins!” Li Chengqian bid.

“170,000 gold coins!” Dai Zhiman frowned. The price was already almost twice as much as the first bone cleansing pill!

But Li Chengqian was completely determined to win the bone cleansing pill, increasing the price once again without the slightest hesitation.

He had partaken in many auctions and had a lot of experience. He knew very well that the third bone cleansing pill would definitely be even more expensive than the second, so no matter what, he needed to get this one!”

“200,000 gold coins!”

After hearing Li Chengqian shout his bid, Dai Zhiman also gave up.

She’s heard of Li Yuyue’s current situation and knew why Li Chengqian was so determined to get it. However, she was sure that the third pill would be hers!

The second bone cleansing pill was sold to Li Chengqian and the auction for the third one began.

“150,000 gold coins!”

Opening her mouth, Dai Zhiman directly raised the price to 150,000 gold coins, forcing many cultivators to give up their plans.

Everybody looked at Dai Zhiman, their hearts filled with endless regret. Cultivation pills were truly something only the wealthy could afford to bid for.

As for they ordinary people only watching, just the price alone was enough for them to look up in shock!

Noticing everyone’s eyes of admiration, Dai Zhiman’s face was full of pride. She wants to see who dared to bid against her!

But in that moment, a cold voice suddenly called, making the smile on her face falter.

“150,001 gold coins!”

Everyone was flabbergasted. At the very least they all raised the price by 1000 gold coins, and many even raised it at least 10,000 gold coins. But, did they just hear Baili Hongzhuang increase it by only a single gold coin? =

This already couldn’t be called bidding. It was just provoking Dai Zhiman!

Dai Zhiman’s face was ashen. That damned Baili Hongzhuang!

“160,000 gold coins!”

“160,001 gold coins!”

“170,000 gold coins!”

“170,001 gold coins!’

No matter what Dai Zhiman bid, Baili Hongzhuang would always bid one gold coin higher!

Her joking voice clearly told Dai Zhiman that she was only playing with her!

But Dai Zhiman couldn’t do anything!