Chapter 207

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you everything!” Qiao Ming collapsed on the ground, “I’m begging you, let me go!”

Baili Hongzhuang opened her eyes, icy cold and ruthless. “Speak!”

“The person who hired me is the General’s Madam, Su Wanjing!”

Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyebrows in surprise. She thought that it was General Dai who sent the assassin, not Su Wanjing.

Su Wanjing, you really did a great move!

She originally thought that the General’s Household wouldn’t have anything more to do with her, but it doesn’t look like others think the same!

“Since you’ve already lost your value, die!”

Baili Hongzhuang’s voice was cold, directly stabbing Qiao Ming with her sword!

If you can kill people, other people can also kill you.

Since Qiao Ming wanted to kill her for money, he should also be prepared to be killed himself.

In this word, it was especially true!

“Master, this Su Wanjing is really annoying!”

Little Black’s face was filled with hard-to-conceal fury. Su Wanjing was simply too stupid. Even though Master had already put her in her place, she still continued to make trouble!

Baili Hongzhuang narrowed her eyes. It seems like her lesson wasn’t enough!

She never had a good opinon of Su Wanjing.

From childhood to now, Su Wanjing always looked kindhearted. But in reality, while she and Qin Yayun both had a gentle and soft image in the General’s Household, their hearts were actually cruel and vicious.

“Master, you should leave this to me and Little Black. From the moment we came here, me and Little Black had never revealed our selves!” Little White gave voice.

Hearing their words, Baili Hongzhaung fell silent for a moment. She didn’t want to do this, but if she didn’t, Su Wanjing would only continue her antics.

So, she could only settle it now!

Baili Hongzhuang nodded her head indifferently, “Then I’ll leave it to you!”

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang agree, Little Black and Little White’s faces were filled with excitement. They quickly left for the General’s Household.

Su Wanjing was constantly pacing back and forth inside her room. From time to time she would look outside the door, trying to find the late staged Mysterious Eon assassin. Dealing with Baili Hongzhuang shouldn’t be a problem at all!

Only after Baili Hongzhuang’s dead, can her resentment be quelled!

At first, she hated Qin Yayun to death, and now, Qin Yayun’s daughter even killed her own child!

How could she swallow it!

That damned Qin Yayun, that wretched Baili Hongzhuang, those two accursed bastards!

But after waiting for a long time, Su Wanjing was slowly unable to stay calm. “Why isn’t he here yet?”

“You’re waiting for the assassin?” A voice suddenly echoed across the room, smashing apart the room’s silence.

Su Wanjing was startled, but when she looked around the room in terror, nobody was there.

“Damn hag, trying to kill our Master!”

In front of Su Wanjing’s shocked eyes, one black and one white fluffball appeared before her.

In such a situation, the thought of their identities completely escaped Su Wanjing’s mind. She could only stare blankly, asking: “Did Baili Hongzhuang send you guys? She isn’t dead?”

“If you thought that assassin would be enough to deal with Master, you’re dreaming!” Little Black snorted coldly.

“And this old hag is still speaking rubbish? Just kill her already!”

Little White was too lazy to deal with her nonsense. Brilliant rays of spirit power flooded the room, sending the scrambling Su Wanjing flying out of the room. Her body heavily hit the wall and slid down limply, dead silent.