Chapter 208
Little Black watched as Little White quickly disposed of Su Wanjing, his eyes filled with helplessness. “I didn’t even have a chance to do anything.”

Little White stuck out its tounge. “I forgot~!”


The next day, the news was all over the Imperial City.

The General’s Household Madam had been mysteriously killed inside her room late last night, and the General’s Household was unable to find any traces of the culprit!”

This wasn’t a trivial matter. The General’s Madam was a very distinguished identity. Now that the Madam was killed inside her own room in her own house, the General’s Household’s face can be considered as completely lost!

Baili Zhentao didn’t expect that just a few days after Baili Yuyan’s body was put into the coffin, Su Wanjing would also die. And not only was her death was a complete mystery, he didn’t even have a clue of who could’ve killed her!

Baili Zhentao didn’t know, but Baili Haoxuan’s heart was very clear who it was.

Mother had told him that she’d sent somebody to assassinate Baili Hongzhuang. Right now, Baili Hongzhuang was alive and his mother was dead. Who else could’ve done it but Baili Hongzhuang?

But he couldn’t let anyone know. Otherwise, it’d turn into a huge scandal for the General’s Household.

Father already told him to avoid Baili Hongzhuang. Even if he did tell him, he was afraid that Father still wouldn’t do anything with Baili Hongzhuang.

He clenched his hands under his sleeves. Baili Haoxuan’s eyes were filled with bitter resentment. If it wasn’t for Baili Hongzhuang, how could his family have possibly become like this!

Baili Zhentao seemed to have turned many times older in one night. He could no longer bear the series of attacks raining down on the General’s Household one after another.

He couldn’t understand. In such a short time, his daughter and wife had died, leaving only him and Baili Haoxuan left.

Dai Tianxiong originally wanted to go argue with Baili Zhentao, but when he heard about Su Wanjing’s death, he actually didn’t know what to say.

“Azure Water School’s exam is starting soon. Baili Hongzhuang will have to leave some time in the next few days, otherwise, she’ll have no chance of making it.” Dai Tianxiong’s voice was heavy.

Everything happened too suddenly. Finding a suitable assassin to kill Baili Hongzhuang needed time. If it was too rushed, there might be some holes.

At this moment, Liujing Kun suddenly spoke up, “General, it’s better to get someone to kill Baili Hongzhuang after she enrolls in Azure Water School!”

“Yunyang will definitely be able to avenge Zhiman!” Dai Tianxiong nodded his head slightly. Azure Water School was a place where most cultivators learned through experience and could possibly lose their lives. In such a situation, it wouldn’t be a problem at all if Baili Hongzhuang died!

Dai Yunyang was his son. He entered Azure Water School a year before Zhiman and already had a decent reputation in the school.

He was Dai Tianxiong’s pride and the Dai family’s hope!

“Right, big brother’s strength is outstanding. Killing Baili Hongzhuang would be easy as blowing off dust!” Liujing Kun agreed.

Dai Tianxiong waved and a man immediately stepped forward, “Immediately pass on the information about Dai Zhiman’s death and Baili Hongzhuang to Yunyang. He’ll definitely avenge Zhiman!”



3 days later, Baili Hongzhuang packed up her things and left Chen Palace.

Azure Water School was very far away. Even hurrying there would still take a very long time. Since she promised the two teachers that she wouldn’t be late, she couldn’t break her word.

Shao Zifan, Xuanyuan Huan, and Jiang Hanyue had all left for Azure Water School together. Although they invited her two days ago, she chose to decline.

She and Xuanyuan Huan didn’t exactly have a good relationship. If they traveled together, there was bound to be some sort of trouble. So, traveling alone would be far more free and relaxed!

Shao Zifan was very clear about Baili Hongzhuang’s situation and immediately agreed to meet in Azure Water School.