Chapter 212

The brigade leader’s face turned gloomy, “So it looks like you won’t cooperate?”

“Speak less nonsense.Die!”

The black robed man’s expression was the same the whole time. He didn’t say anything else, as if talking with bandits was only wasting his time!

“Hey! Looks like Gong Shaoqing’s impatient already!” The white robed man teased laughingly.

“You two mad youngsters, I’ll show you us bandit’s strength!” The bandit leader shouted furiously.

“Ta ta ta!”

The horse steps slowly grew clearer, alarming the bandit leader and the two men.

Everyone couldn’t help but turn their heads only to see a white dressed lady on a horse, slowly approaching them.

The bandit leader looked at the far away woman, his eyes bright. His face seemed as if he was about to drool, “There’s still another one!”

[TL Note: this was censored for some reason and I’m not sure what ****** is, so I just wrote what I thought should be there]
They watched as a woman slowly neared them on a horse. Her dress drifted alongside the wind as if it was in a dream.

Even though she was a bit far away, they could still see her graceful bearing and stunning face, capable of ruining a country. A glance was simply unforgettable.

Dongfang Yu looked at Baili Hongzhuang, astonished. His eyes that were bright like stars had a trace of interest in them.

Usually, when women see such a situation, they would immediately run away. Why is this one just continuing to come?

In the end, was she 100% confident, or scared stupid?

“We aren’t together with her.” Dongfang Yu stated.

The bandit chief smiled coldly. “You think you could trick me? Don’t take me for a fool!”

These 3 people were all riding on a horse, not to mention that the woman came here alone. Of course they wouldn’t believe it!

“Come! Let’s kill them!” The bandit leader waved as all the bandits charged.

Baili Hongzhuang also understood the situation now, but she ignored the brigade in front of her and instead focused on the heavy footsteps behind her.

If she was right, that should be Huang Zhiqing and his men.

She actually didn’t expect that Huang Zhiqing would be so persistent. She was already far from Fenglin City, but he still chased her all the way here.

Since there was a battle both in front and behind her, it’s better to face the easier one.

Very quickly, Dongfang Yu and that other man also noticed the footsteps. They couldn’t help but feel a burst of suspicion.

“I didn’t expect that these mountain thieves knew how to do pincer attacks.” Dongfang Yu smiled frivolously.

The bandit chief was also startled. Something’s wrong with this, ah!

All the men under his control were already here, so how could more people appear?

Damn it, don’t tell him that another bandit group came to steal the prize?

“No matter. We’ll just strike first and gain the upper hand!”

The bandit leader didn’t care, leading his bandits to charge at Baili Hongzhuang and the 2 men!

Meanwhile had also just rushed over with his men. Seeing Baili Hongzhuang, he immediately shouted, “Kill her!”

Baili Hongzhuang narrowed her eyes. Last time she had let Huang Zhiqing off, but now he was still making trouble. So this time, she doesn’t mind taking care of him herself!

But, Huang Zhiqing’s men hadn’t even gotten close to Baili Hongzhuang before they were attacked by a wave of mountain bandits.

Right now, the bandits were all looking at Huang Zhiqing with an ominous glint in their eyes!