Chapter 217

Baili Hongzhuang inspected Gong Shaoqing. His body was like jade and his face was similar to a god’s. The most enchanting were his two peach blossom eyes, flirtatious and graceful.

With just a look, it was clear that many women adored him.

“My name is Baili Hongzhaung.” Baili Hongzhuang answered.

Although she didn’t have any good opinions about the black robed man, the white robed man had indirectly helped her earlier so she also had no malice against him.

“So it’s Miss Baili.” Dongfang Yu’s smile was gentle, “I’m very honored to get to know you.”

“Dongfang, let’s go!”

Gong Shaoqing only left a few words before taking the lead to mount his horse and leave.

“Gong Shaoqing!” Dongfang Yu shouted, but Gong Shaoqing didn’t even look back, continuing to go.

Seeing that, Dongfang Yu felt a burst of helplessness. Gong Shaoqing was always no fun!

Dongfang Yu turned, a brilliant smile on his face, “Miss Baili, we have an important matter to attend to so we must leave early. Someday we’ll be brought together by fate.”

Baili Hongzhaung faintly nodded, “Goodbye then.”

How could she not understand that?

That so-called important matter was only an excuse he made up, but she also didn’t want to have contacts with him and Gong Shaoqing. The two of them were only strangers coming together by chance, so separating like this was excellent for her.

After Goong Shaoqing and Dongfang Yu left, Baili Hongzhuang also rode her horse forward. Azure Water School was only a few days away now. Arriving earlier would be quite good,

Dongfang Yu quickly caught up to Gong Shaoqing, “Hey, Gong Shaoqing, you really gave no face!”

“The school’s new student enrollment will start soon and the teachers wanted us to prepare in advance. Do you want to arrive late?” Gong Shaoqing asked rhetorically.

Hearing his words, Dongfang Yu’s face changed a bit. This was the first time the two were in charge of helping the teachers with the entrance test. If they arrived late, their punishment wouldn’t be light.


Baili Hongzhaung rode along the path to Azure Water School but found out that the two earlier weren’t far in front of her.

She pondered. Those two should be Azure Water School’s students.

“Master, those two are pretty strong. They shouldn’t be new students.” Little Black analyzed.

Baili Hongzhuang slowly nodded her head. “They should be old students of Azure Water School.

Earlier when the two were fighting hand to hand with the mountain bandits, she could already see their strength. With such strength, they truly were geniuses.

Azure Water School was worthy of its fame. Inside, there was truly no lack of talents.

Dongfang Yu looked at the not far, not close Baili Hongzhuang trailing behind them, surprise on his clear and handsome face. “Miss Baili’s path is actually the same as ours.” ”

Gong Shaoqing looked at Baili Hongzhuang, cold and disdainful. “You, always attracting these sort of stalker women.”

Dongfang Yu touched his forehead, awkwardly smiling, “I think Miss Baili just happened to go the same way as us this time.”

Dongfang Yu’s strength and beauty attracted love from all kinds of unnormal women.

Some women were even unwilling to give up and even followed behind Dongfang Yu. Gong Shaoqing had already seen a lot of women like that.

Gong Shaoqing sneered. He moved his hand, stopping his horse to wait for Baili Hongzhuang to catch up.

Baili Hongzhuang saw the two suddenly stop and was a bit confused. But she didn’t have anything to do with them, so she just continued forward.

The instant Baili Hongzhuang passed by the two, Gong Shaoqing spoke up, “Stupid woman, even if you follow us, it’s no use.”