Chapter 219

Everybody turned to stare at Baili Hongzhuang. Right now the Azure Water Inn was very lively. All the students testing for Azure Water School would come here to an inn to wait for the exam to begin.

Therefore, almost all the people who came to Azure Water City were cultivators wanting to participate in the test.

Azure Water School’s enrollment had a limited quota, so every one of the cultivators was likely to be each other’s opponents.

In this short time, some of them were very powerful. The most likely to pass cultivators were very well known.

So when they saw another strange face enter, it was only natural everyone paid attention.

But when everybody saw Baili Hongzhuang’s stunning appearance, their faces all revealed surprise and admiration.

“My goodness, I never expected this time, there would be such a beautiful woman testing for Azure Water School!”

“I heard Azure Water School’s number one beauty was Liu Qinyue, that girl shouldn’t be her, right?”

“I was fortunate enough to see Liu Qinyue a few days ago and although this woman isn’t Lin Qinyue, her beauty doesn’t lose out to Lin Qinyue’s in the least.”

All the men’s faces changed to reveal adoration. Such a beautiful woman was truly a sight for their eyes!

“Miss, will you be eating or staying?” A waiter asked, smiling politely.


“Miss is very lucky. Recently there were many customers and our inn only had one room left. We’ll book the room for you.”

Baili Hongzhuang nodded her head. She also paid a bit of attention. Right now, Azure Water City’s inns were all flourishing with business. Managing to find a room on the first try was already very lucky.

“A hundred gold coins her night, how many nights might Miss be staying?” The waiter inquired.

“3 nights.”

One night, one hundred coins. The price was considered to be extremely expensive, but most of the cultivators that came had fairly impressive backgrounds. 300 gold coins weren’t much at all.


At this moment, a green dressed woman surrounded by guards suddenly entered the inn.

“Set up 5 rooms for me.” The woman interrupted.

Hearing her, the waiter’s face was apologetic as he answered, “Miss, we’re truly sorry but our inn is already full.”

The lady frowned, “It’s full?”

The waiter nodded again and again, “All the rooms are already booked. Maybe it’s better for Miss to ask another inn?”

Tong Shengyi’s mood wasn’t very good. She had rushed all the way to Azure Water City and only finally gotten a chance to rest. But now, there were actually no rooms for her?

Glancing around, Tong Shengyi spotted Baili Hongzhuang’s hand holding a room door key. “What about her?”

“This lady came early and booked the last room.” The waiter explained.

Baili Hongzhuang held the room door key and prepared to leave. She had been running around the entire night, and really wanted to take a bath and freshen up a bit.

But just as Baili Hongzhuang was about to leave, Tong Shengyi suddenly spoke, “I’ll give you 600 coins, so give me that room.”

She didn’t care where the guards would stay. Right now, she was only thinking about herself.

“Not interested.”

Baili Hongzhuang’s voice was cold. That woman’s words were filled with contempt and were arrogant based on her identity. It was exactly the kind that she didn’t like.

600 gold coins?

She simply didn’t care!

The other cultivators eating also paid attention to what was happening. 600 gold coins, it was exactly double the amount.

It seemed that the green dressed lady’s background was quite powerful.