Chapter 220

Baili Hongzhaung’s reaction was completely in everybody’s expectations. All of them were cultivators. If they yielded to Tong Shengyi just for 600 gold coins, they’d really be too cowardly.

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang refuse without the slightest hesitation, Tong Shenyi’s face was filled with displeasure,

“1000 gold coins!”

Baili Hongzhuang continued to walk forward without out stopping once.

“2000 gold coins!”

“3000 gold coins!”

Every step Baili Hongzhuang walked, Tong Shengyi raised the price higher and higher.

Seeing her raise the price by so much, everyone’s faces turned a bit surprised.

3000 gold coins. Even for them, it wasn’t a small number.

“5000 gold coins!”

From the beginning to end, Baili Hongzhuang wasn’t the least bit moved.

Suddenly Tong Shengyi rushed up and grabbed Baili Hongzhuang’s shoulder, her beautiful face a bit angry, “Behave with integrity, a person cannot be too greedy!”

Baili Hongzhuang brushed her hand off her shoulder and slowly turned around, her delicate, stunning face cold, “I said, no matter the price, that I’m not interested!”

Her cold and beautiful voice held an unquestionable aggressiveness as Baili Hongzhuang emphasized her words.

Clearly, Tong Shengyi’s actions had made her a bit angry.

But Tong Shengyi still didn’t seem to understand, still continuing to act selfishly, “5000 gold coins, that’s my limit.”

The surrounding cultivators watched the scene, their eyes revealing a hint of greed.

5000 gold coins for only a 3 night stay. Without a place to stay, cultivators would at most just have to stay under a tree for the night, but with their strength, it hardly mattered.

At this moment, a man approached Tong Shengyu, “How about I give you my room for 5000 gold coins?”

Having those gold coins were enough for him to buy a lot of resources for his cultivation.

Tong Shengyi glanced at the man, her voice cold, “No, I only want hers!”

In front of so many people, that woman gave her no face. She needed that woman to regret it!

Now it wasn’t just a problem about the rooms, but a problem of her, Tong Shengyi’s, face!

Baili Hongzhuang frowned. This woman was simply too unreasonable.

The man helplessly returned to his seat. Seeing this, the other people secretly started to talk.

“The two are arguing, haha, trying to one up each other. How interesting.”

“If it was me, I would definitely agree for 5000 gold coins. It’s only a room. 5000 gold coins are worth a lot more.

“You’re wrong. This woman is so arrogant, if you just directly give her the room, won’t you be losing face?”


“I’ll give you 5000 gold coins if you stop bothering me.”

Baili Hongzhuang’s words were cold. She was only a newcomer and didn’t want to provoke too much trouble.

The next moment, everybody was stunned. A pile of lustrous, gold coins was left on the front desk.

And Baili Hongzhuang had already gone up the stairs.

Such a scene dazzled the eyes of everyone present on the scene!

5000 gold coins, just for Tong Shengyi to stop bothering her!

Before, they thought that Tong Shengyi was wealthy, but now it turned out that the white dressed woman was the real rich one!

It was no wonder why whenever Tong Shengyi raised the price, she didn’t react at all.

From the beginning, she had never even put that small amount of money into her eyes!

Tong Shengyi was also startled by Baili Hongzhuang’s actions. She didn’t expect for that woman to do such a thing.