Chapter 228
“That white dressed girl actually was a special enrollment student!”

“My god, no wonder she seemed so unique!”

The cultivators that were originally mocking Baili Hongzhaung had changed sides in the direction of the wind. Special enrollment students were very special extances in Azure Water School.

They were people everybody wanted to fawn over and curry favor with. Nobody wanted to offend them.

“I heard that this year’s special enrollment quota was especially small, so the level of special enrollment students should be even higher.”

Tong Shengyi’s face paled. She never thought her luck would be so bad.

Altogether, there were only 2 special enrollment students. This random person she had purposely provoked and offended in Azure Water City was actually a special enrollment student?

Xia Zhiqing smiled brilliantly. She also didn’t expect that Baili Hongzhaung would be a special enrollment student, but…… no matter that identity Baili Hongzhuang had, they were still friends!

Seeing Xia Zhiqing’s grin, Tong Shengyi became furious, “Xia Zhiqing, don’t be too proud!”

“I am very proud, what can you do about it?”

Xia Zhiqing didn’t care about her, but Tong Shengyi’s anger had reached an extreme.

Dongfang Yu led Baili Hongzhaung around Azure Water School. Earlier, she was outside the entrance and couldn’t see what was inside. Entering, she found that it really was a magnificent sight inside the school.

Many lofty and majestic buildings towered around inside the school. Wide training fields and fighting stages were supplied with everything needed available. It was easy to imagine how the students cultivated and trained every day.

“Miss Baili, special enrollment students, and ordinary students live in separate areas. This area is the ordinary students’ residences.” Dongfang Yu introduced to Baili Hongzhuang as he pointed at a big, orange-yellow building in front of them.

Baili Hongzhaung’s long, shapely eyebrows raised a bit, “We live in different areas? Why?”

“Azure Water School’s standards for special enrollment students are always very strict. To be a special enrollment student, their strength is bound to be many times above ordinary students.”

“If special enrollment students and ordinary students cultivated together, it would definitely slow down a special enrollment student’s speed.”

“So not only do they not live together, special enrollment students don’t even cultivate together.”

Dongfang Yu explained. Baili Hongzhuang understood somewhat and carefully thought. Azure Water School reason had a point.

If 2 different standards of cultivators cultivated together, there really would be some problems.

“But if an ordinary student has a very fast cultivation speed, they can also cultivate alongside the special enrollment students.”

“Special enrollment students had their own room to live in alone and most necessities are already prepared. Ordinary students like with a roommate, so they can encourage each other and raise a competitive spirit.”

Baili Hongzhuang nodded faintly, “I understand.”

“This year, Azure Water School only has 2 new special enrollment students. One is you, and the other is called Bai Junyu.”

“He just came and is in the neighboring room. You can meet him sometime.”

Under Dongfang Yu’s lead, Baili Hongzhaung became somewhat familiar with Azure Water School’s layout. “This is Azure Water School’s famous cultivation pagoda.”

“Cultivation pagoda?”

“There’s a type of enchantment under the cultivation pagoda that attracts spiritual energy, letting cultivators cultivate with half the work and twice the effect. But if you want to cultivate in the cultivation pagoda, you need to collect points and exchange them.” ”

Hearing Dongfang Yu’s words, Baili Hongzhaung found that she truly didn’t know enough about Azure Water School.

It seems like this cultivation pagoda was the fastest possible way for ordinary cultivators to cultivate.

And you could only enter by exchanging points. Baili Hongzhuang suddenly understood. It seems like her school life will be very interesting indeed!