Big Brother Gong—> Gong dage (da ge is chinese for big brother, but reads a lot smoother in my opinon)
Da ge is prounced dah-guh

vChapter 236
Because although the words they used as they argued were harsh, there wasn’t the least bit of force or intent behind them. Rather, it seemed more like…… a quarrel?

A quarrel?

When that thought appeared in Xia Zhiqing’s mind, even she herself didn’t dare to believe it.

As long as somebody was a student of Azure Water School, they’d all know that the strongest amongst the special enrollment students, Gong Shaoqing, always behaved coldly. There was never any ‘what if’s.

Words like ‘quarreling’ should have nothing to do with Gong Shaoqing, right?

Liu Qinyue’s eyes that were clear as water couldn’t help but turn astonished when she saw such a side of Gong Shaoqing.

She had never seen a Gong Shaoqing like this before, ever.

Usually, if somebody dared to talk to Gong dage like that, Gong dage would’ve just directly attacked. And he wouldn’t be at all polite with it either.”

She knew that as far as Gong dage was concerned, there was no difference between men and women. All apart from her.

So then why was Gong dage different with Baili Hongzhuang?

The meal ended with the awkward atmosphere still in the air. After leaving Elegant Cloud restaurant, Baili Hongzhuang’s group and Dongfang Yu’s left separately.

“Hongzhuang, what happened between you and Gong Shaoqing?” Xia Zhiqing asked curiously.

Although she and Baili Hongzhuang hadn’t known each other for very long, she knew Baili Hongzhuang’s temper very well.

Today’s argument didn’t match with Baili Hongzhuang’s usual behavior.

Baili Hongzhuang shook her head slightly, “I’m fed up with that guy, everything I said was because he started it.”

Xia Zhiqing faintly laughed in response, “Gong Shaoqing’s famous for his cold attitude and poisonous tongue. Everybody knows that.”

That was why even though Gong Shaoqing was Azure Water School’s strongest student, he wasn’t very popular.

Baili Hongzhuang raised her brows. It seemed that everyone in Azure Water School already knew about that somewhat, and she was the only one to find out now.

“Don’t mention that stupid guy. If he’s not mentioned, I won’t be grumpy!” Baili Hongzhuang replied.

“Hongzhuang, what’s your impression of Liu Qinyue?”

Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes wandered as she slowly spoke: “Pretty good, a gentle beauty.”

Xia Zhiqing shook her head, “She’s just too soft and gentle and it makes me feel a bit uneasy. I still feel a lot more comfortable with you.”

The corners of Baili Hongzhuang’s mouth twitched into a bright, clear smile. Those words really do sound like words Xia Zhiqing would say.


The early morning sun shined through the window, lighting up the room, sprinkling on the cultivating Baili Hongzhuang.

“Knock knock.”

A knock echoed at the door, followed by Bai Junyu’s clear voice, “Baili Hongzhuang, we’re training behind the mountains today. Can you get up?”

Baili Hongzhuang stopped cultivating. She already had everything prepared. She opened the door and smiled, “Bai Junyu, let’s go to the training area together.”

Bai Junyu smiled brightly. Today was their first day studying at Azure Water School, so his mood was quite cheerful.

Yesterday, Dongfang Yu had already introduced the two to the training area. Ordinary students of the school usually practiced on the fighting stages within the school, while the special enrollment students practiced behind the mountains.

The area behind the mountains was practically the special student’s territory.

As they passed through the regular training area, the two of them noticed Xia Zhiqing waving at them with a smile.

Baili Hongzhuang returned the wave and found Bai Junyu waving back in an almost extreme manner.

“Master, why is that guy waving like this?” Little White said as he turned around rolling his eyes.

“Maybe he’s interested in Xia Zhiqing.” Little Black rubbed his chin as he began to ponder.

Little White’s eyes lit up, “As a matter of fact, you might acutally be right.”