Chapter 241

Dai Yunyang was a very influential figure in Azure Water School, so many students wanted to form a good relationship with him.

Dai Yunyang was the General’s son. His future is limitless.

Whenever Dai Yunyang’s followers went out with him to accept missions, they always gained a lot of points as well. After 2 years, their originally mediocre achievements and cultivation had made a huge improvement.

He had already stayed in Azure Water School for 2 years before going out to learn through experience. Today, he had just returned to Azure Water City.

Since then, he had always looked for a way to get close to Dai Yunyang. If he could become one of his followers, there were a lot of benefits to be reaped. unfortunately, there was no chance.

He didn’t expect an oppertunity would arise in front of him today!

Since this woman and Dai Yunyang weren’t on good terms, if he helps him deal with this women, Dai Yunyang would definitely like him!

Then, how couldn’t he have a meteoric rise?

Baili Hongzhuang stood in line. Although it was long, the Mercenary Trade Union was also very efficient.

Time passed quickly and soon, it was her turn.

Just as she was about to speak to the young woman at the counter, a figure suddenly butted in front of her.

Baili Hongzhuang frowned. Cutting in line?

You could cut in line any time, but why did this guy wait for her to come up before cutting? Was this guy looking down on her strength, or purposefully trying to start a fight?

“I said, you aren’t allowed to cut in line.” Baili Hongzhuang’s voice was cold like ice, speaking slowly.

When Pangyun Xiang turned to see Baili Hongzhuang’s appearence, his eyes changed a little. When did Azure Water School get such a beauty?

With such beauty, she didn’t lose to the no.1 beauty, Liu Qinyue in the least.

But just as that thought popped into Pangyun Xiang’s head, it was instantly erased. Right now, the most important thing was strength!

As for women, after he’s stronger, there’d be no lack of women flocking at him.

“I am cutting in line, what can you do about it?”

Pangyun Xiang’s face suddenly revealed a rogue like smile. Even though he wanted to curry favor with Dai Yunyang, he couldn’t make it too obvious.

“Get lost. Now.” Baili Hongzhuang said icily.

The scene slowly attracted everyone’s attention. Fights from cutting in line wasn’t at all unfamiliar.

All of them lived on the edge of their blades. Their temperaments were far more violent than an ordinary person’s.

Cutting in line, if you were strong, others couldn’t say a thing. But if you were weak, you could only be taught a lesson.

This commonly seen situation was something everybody loved to watch.

This neighborhood belonged to a group of people who loved to watch the world be in chaos and interesting shows, so naturally something like this was very well received by them.

Pangyun Xiang actually didn’t expect for Baili Hongzhuang to be so arrogant, speaking such words without even knowing his strength.

“You dare to tell me to get lost?” Pangyun Xiang raised his voice, “It looks like you’re a student from Azure Water School.”

“New born calves truly don’t fear the tiger ah. I’ve studeied at Azure Water School for 2 years. I’ve seen many new students like you!”

His voice dropped, a trace of pride appearing in Pangyun Xiang’s eyes.

He believed that after Baili Hongzhuang knew that he was a senior of Azure Water School, she would definitely become panicked.

But Pangyun Xiang was disappointed.

Baili Hongzhuang still looked as tranquil as a passing cloud. Not only was she not the least bit panicked, she even seemed a bit mocking.


Baili Hongzhuang raised her brows as the corners of her mouth stretched into a contemptuous smile. There really was a lot of people looking for trouble with her today.