Chapter 254


A fine and powerful sword sweeped by, startling everyone!

“Shadowless Kill!”

Baili Hongzhuang’s figure curled into a spin before directly rolling onto the armored rhinoceros’s body.

In that split second, the armored rhinoceros’s belly was split open, blood spraying everywhere.

Baili Hongzhuang even then took advantage of the lighting to extract the armored rhino’s demonic core.


Another armored rhinoceres fell to the ground. It had only appeared for a few seconds before dying.

Gong Shaoqing, Dongfang Yu, and Liu Qinyue rushed to Baili Hongzhuang’s side only to see her matchlessly beautiful face calm and indifferent as if it was normal, her black eyes light like water, without the slightest hint of panic.

Dark red blood was smeared on her beautifully exquisite face, only increasing her charm and allure.

Together with her blazing red clothes, she seemed just like a beautiful evil spirit, bewitching the world.

A shocked color flitted past Dongfang Yu’s eyes. Baili Hongzhuang’s beauty was almost earth shaking. A single glance was unforgettable.

“Baili Hongzhuang, your battle was breathtaking!”

“Hongzhuang, your skills aren’t like a newbie’s at all! It looks like our worry was meaningless.”

Liu Qinyue smiled, her voice gentle and mellow.

Gong Shaoqing inspected Baili Hongzhuang and didn’t speak, but instead looked at her meaningfully.

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips quirked into a small smile. She wasn’t prepared to hide anything.

After all, she’ll be working with this team in the future.

Even though her performance didn’t match the amount of experience her identity should have, it didn’t matter.

Because almost nobody would ever think that she wasn’t the real Baili Hongzhuang.

“The leather’s in perfect condition. You’ve completed the mission even better than required.”

Gong Shaoqing looked at Baili Hongzhuang, his indifferent voice a little less cold.

Dongfang Yu’s coquettish eyes had a stunningly beautiful smile to them, “It looks like our originally small team of ours got another demonic little helper.”

Baili Hongzhuang smiled, helping Dongfang Yu and the others disassemble the armored rhinoceros.

The most valuable part of the armored rhinoceros was its leather. The leather could be used to make very powerful armors, so it was a favorite for many cultivators.

But while the four were cutting apart the leather, an untimely voice was suddenly heard.

“Gong Shaoqing, Dongfang Yu, what a coincidence to meet again.”

The rude and frivolous voice was filled with provocation and hate, obviously filled with bad intentions.

Gong Shaoqing and Dongfang Yu’s eyes changed when they heard the voice.

“Yi Hucheng.”

Gong Shaoqing’s originally frosty face became even colder, a blizzard seeming to appear in his pitch black pupils. His whole body seemed to emit ice.

Baili Hongzhuang raised her eyes to look the newcomers. There were 4 of them, all about 18 years old.

They were led by a yellow dressed man. His long black hair was kept high up with goat slick, and his face was dashingly handsome.

(in the raws, 相貌英俊消瘦 technically means that he looked anorexically handsome, but im assuming the author made a mistake and meant 英俊潇洒, which means dashingly handsome) 为首的男子身穿一袭黄色软袍,三千墨发用羊脂玉高高冠起,相貌英俊消瘦。

His eyes seemed sharp and ruthless like a hawk, his eagle like nose only adding evil air. His thin, pale lips were pulled into a cruel sneer.

One look was enough to know that this guy was born cruel and unreasonable.

Not only Yi Hucheng, but the 3 cultivators behind him also reeked of blood and had an aura of death around them. With Baili Hongzhuang’s experience, she knew that the blood on these 4’s hands wasn’t small at all.

“Haha, truly enemies on a narrow road.’

Yi Hucheng smiled faintly, his eyes cold and vicious as he stared at Gong Shaoqing and Dongfang Yu. The depths of his pupils hid his extreme envy and resentment.