Chapter 307
Feeling the disgust in everyone’s eyes, Ling Jiaxin’s expression became even more ugly and shouted, “What are you looking at! Didn’t I just do this for your own good?”

Hearing this, everyone was even more speechless. If it wasn’t because of Dai Yunyang’s status, they really wanted to rush up and teach Ling Jiaxin a lesson.

With the kind of attitude that deserves a beating, anyone who saw it would not be able to stop from getting a bit angry.

“She’s really a crazy woman!”

“There are always idiots, but this year there is especially a lot.”

“What reason is there to pay attention to her? I want to avoid lowering my style!”

One word after the other. All the students casually spoke words full of mocking and derision. They did not at all have any good feelings towards Ling Jiaxin.

The students gradually dispersed while Ling Jiaxin just stood there blankly.

At one time, these people also looked at her with envy. There were no lack of people that sucked up to her. And now, what is this!

Why is everyone standing on Baili Hongzhuang’s side? It is really hateful!

Ling Jiaxin desperately yearned for Dai Yunyang to return. As long as he returned, these people absolutely wouldn’t dare to treat her like this.

Dongfang Yu and Baili Hongzhuang walked down the hallway of their dormitory. “You’ve been at the Cultivation Pagoda these past two days?”

Baili Hongzhuang smiled slightly as she nodded. “That’s correct. I’ve cultivated for two days and used up my points. However, the results of cultivating at the Cultivation Pagoda was indeed very good.”

Dongfang Yu lifted his eyebrows. Looks like Gong Shaoqing’s is very knowledgeable towards Baili Hongzhuang’s movements.

“Senior Dongfang, I have an important matter I want to ask of you.” Baili Hongzhuang stared deeply at Dongfang Yu, her beautifully bright and clear eyes held a light of expectation.

“What matter? As long as it’s within my power, there’s definitely no problem!” Dongfang Yu’s reply was quick and refreshingly unreserved

“I hope that you can come to the auction seven days later. Your prestige in the school is quite high. With you there, everyone would maintain order better.”

Her ink black phoenix eyes flashed brightly with wisdom. Even though her fame in the Azure Water School was also high, it did not reach Dongfang Yu’s level of prestige.

After all, prestige is not the kind of thing that could be established overnight. Dongfang Yu had already spent a year at the school and had an irreplaceable position in the students’ hearts.

Dongfang Yu suddenly nodded and said, “No problem! Don’t worry about it!”

“Then I will thank you first.”

Returning to her house, Baili Hongzhuang immediate brought out her furnace. She didn’t have any extra Channel Opening Pills on her hand. So she had to refining them now.

The Channel Opening Pill she gave to the stall owner before was actually prepared for her own use. Due to the unique characteristic of the Demonic Calling Scripture, she not only had to open her meridians but also broaden them. Therefore the effects from using the Channel Opening Pill would be excellent.

The stall owner’s need for a Channel Opening Pill had greatly exceeded her expectations. However, the situation now was quite good.

The news that Baili Hongzhuang still had Channel Opening Pills in her possession instantly spread throughout the entire Azure Water School.

To everyone, this news was tremendously exciting. As long as they had enough things to trade with, they’d be able to get the coveted Channel Opening Pill!

Even though she is auctioning them off, the students felt their good feelings towards Baili Hongzhuang increased by quite a bit.

This was because Baili Hongzhuang chose to have the auction within the school and didn’t bring it to Azure Water City to auction off. Otherwise, with their resources they could never compete with those businessmen.

It was precisely because of this point, no one could say that Baili Hongzhuang placed more importance on benefit. She was also considerate towards the Azure Water School students.

All of a sudden, the students of the Azure Water School all started to get busy. Due to this, the entire City Square of the Azure Water City had also become unusually lively.

(Ignore that forever absent guy and teach her a lesson! – Adelicya)