Chapter 333

Some people, even when they say nothing, do nothing and just sit there quietly, you’d still be able to feel their remarkable presence.

This special enrollment student just stood on the high platform and a naturally grand and imposing manner had slowly started to flow out causing the audience to not dare underestimate him.

Even the knowledgeable and experienced Gong Shaoqing and Dongfang Yu felt a bit of shock in their hearts. As they are similarly talented people, this feeling was even more obvious.

This special enrollment student was definitely not simple!

Below, Xuanyuan Huan stared hard at the figure standing on top of the platform, eyes full of disbelief.

Impossible, this was impossible!

Xuanyuan Huan endlessly shouted in his heart. This was definitely not real!

Wasn’t he cripped?

Sitting in a wheelchair for so many years, how is he able to stand up now?

All these years, Dibei Chen had been the object of his oppression and scathing remarks, mud that he ferociously trampled upon.

Now, that mud actually had such a peerlessly elegant appearance. This was akin to a victory over him!

He… could there be a day he’d be able to stand up?

Shao Zifan stared blankly up at Dibei Chen. Dibei Chen was always been very famous within the Imperial City.

Possessing a perfect and handsome face, it was a pity that Chen Wangye was a cripple. He had seen him before.

However, before his eyes was an elegant son radiating the air of noble around him, not a bit of the dejected attitude of a cripple could be found.

Shao Zifan couldn’t help but turn his thoughts to Baili Hongzhuang who was ridiculed by everyone all these years. Didn’t she also wash away all the shame under everyone’s astonished gazes, becoming a first rate genius?

His mind slowly filled with the past rumors in the Imperial City – a blind with a cripple, a match made in Heaven!

Looking back at it now, Chen Wangye and Baili Hongzhuang really were a match made in Heaven. However, it can be said now that they are a perfect match made in Heaven!

Gazing at that figure in pale gold, Baili Hongzhuang’s beautiful eyes were as quiet as a deep well and held a bit of turmoil, showing shock and surprise, and even a bit of…..pleasant surprise?

Dibei Chen had always told her that after he finishes dealing with his business, he’d come to look for her.

Only, she didn’t think that Dibei Chen would unexpectedly use this kind of method to appear before her.

Azure Water School’s special enrollment student?

It couldn’t be that…..he wants to stay at the Azure Water School and cultivate, right?

“Haha, Dibei Chen came!”

“Yeah, he really gets people excited. He definitely wasn’t assured about letting Master stay here by herself. Haha.”

Little Black and Little White excitedly bounced around. Baili Hongzhuang only felt that two round balls were rolling around on the top of her head.

Her lips involuntarily twitched a bit. Did these two still have the sense that they were supposed to be pearl ornaments?

If the people next to her saw the pearls on her head rolling around, wouldn’t that give them a shock?

Fortunately, everyone’s attention was still focused on Dibei Chen and no one noticed this point.

“I am Dibei Chen and I am much honored to be a part of the Azure Water School.”

With a magnetic voice that was deep and mellow, handsome eyebrows that held a clear smile, Dibei Chen did not conceal the gaze that was staring directly into the crowd at Baili Hongzhuang.

The white dress upon her body was tranquil and beautiful. Standing amongst the crowd, she still shone like a star. It was as if she was a luminous night pearl, dazzling and captivating.

Noticing Dibei Chen’s gaze, Baili Hongzhuang’s lips slightly curved, eyes glowing with a dazzling smile.

Dibei Chen similarly curved his lips into a smile, handsome and extraordinary.

Both staring at each other with a smile, no words were necessary for them to understand each other.

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