Chapter 338

Dibei Chen’s gaze fell on Shao Zifan’s body. From Hei Mu’s mouth, he had already understood how Shao Zifan and Hongzhuang became acquainted.

Towards the matter of Zifan standing with Baili Hongzhuang against the pack of Hell Wolves, Dibei Chen was very appreciative and satisfied.

Dibei Chen’s thin lips raised slightly, “Hongzhuang is here. Naturally, I have to come here as well.”

Shao Zifan gave a slight smile. He had heard early on that Chen Wangye and Chen Wangfei’s relationship was good. Seeing it today, it truly lived up to the rumors.

Standing not far from Shao Zifan and Dibei Chen, Xuanyuan Huan looked at them as they conversed. His heart still had not calmed down from the shock he felt before.

How did this Dibei Chen resemble the one cripple that he had originally bullied?

In those three years, Dibei Chen had never stood up before. How could he suddenly stand up now?

Could it be that…..when Dibei Chen suddenly left, it was to heal his leg injury?

Xuanyuan Huan’s mind flashed through a myriad of possibilities, feeling that it was harder and harder to believe.

It seems that he had to quickly pass this news back home. He may as well confirm it.

Dongfang Yu and the others heard Shao Zifan’s address towards Dibei Chen, surprise slowly entering their eyes once again.

“Chen Wangye?” Xia Zhiqing’s eyes were opened wide in shock, “Dibei Chen is a Wangye?”

Shao Zifan nodded, “That’s right. He is Chen Wangye.”

Even though you would consider yourself to be a student after arriving at the Azure Water School, Wangye and Wangfei were still very distinguished identities!

The corner of Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curved. Towards this identity, she did not care about it too much.

She was a lady of the General’s Household for 15 years, was that identity not distinguished enough?

In fact, she had survived under the spite and trampling of others for 15 years.

It is precisely for this reason that towards this identity, she had never cared at all.

Dibei Chen similarly didn’t know how to deny it. Towards this identity of Wangye, he had never thought of it as glorious. Rather, it was humiliating.

However, with Baili Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen having an indifferent, even disdainful, attitude towards this, it made them appear even higher in everyone’s eyes.

To hide such an obviously distinguishing identity for so long, it could be seen that their dispositions were extraordinary.

Dongfang Yu felt tumultuous emotions rolling around like a stormy sea in his heart. Before, when he had looked into Baili Hongzhuang’s situation in the General’s Household, he had not inquired about what happened after she left.

It turns out that the Baili Hongzhuang of today was not the young lady of the General’s Household anymore, but was Feng Bo Country’s Chen Wangfei…..

“Baili Hongzhuang, Dibei Chen had just arrived at the Azure Water School. I’ll leave it to you to show him around. We’ll return first.”

Dongfang Yu had a gentle gaze, lips holding an intoxicatingly seductive smile, not letting others see any trace of his inner thoughts.

Listening to this, Baili Hongzhuang stopped for a moment to consider Dongfang Yu’s words and then nodded, “Very well.”

Even if she went back now, Dibei Chen would still come looking for her.

Just as well, she also had a few matters to talk about with Dibei Chen.

Hearing Baili Hongzhuang’s candid reply, Dongfang Yu felt a block form in his heart. It caused him to immediately find an excuse to leave.

Gong Shaoqing watched Dongfang Yu’s retreating figure and also turned to look at the completely unaware Baili Hongzhuang, showing a complicated expression on his face.

He had been Dongfang Yu’s friend for many years, how could he not know what the latter was thinking in his heart?

Brother Gong, thinking of it, Hongzhuang and Dibei Chen haven’t seen each other for a long time. They must have a lot they want to talk to each other about. Shouldn’t we leave first?

Liu Qinyue’s charming and delicate face held a light warm gentle smile, her voice containing an even more light-hearted smile.

Gong Shaoqing nodded silently, “Then we shall leave first.”