Wei Meidai never wanted to come to Azure Water School. Besides, wasn’t going to bid for Baili Hongzhaung’s Channel Opening Pills tantamount to directly bringing about her own humiliation?
She was a rather prominent figure, so there was no way Baili Hongzhuang would sell her the Channel Opening Pills.
If it was her, there was no way she’d sell the Channel Opening Pills to Baili Hongzhaung.

But she couldn’t disobey her Master and could only brace herself to go. She also knew what her Master planned to do.

The reason why Baili Hongzhuang had been able to be so arrogant towards her Master was only because she held the long lost Channel Opening Pills in her hand.

If her Master could research and figure out the Channel Opening Pill’s recipe, Baili Hongzhuang wouldn’t have the qualifications to be so arrogant.

Then, Baili Hongzhuang wouldn’t have any capital to be so unbridled in front of them!

Thinking up to here, the depression on Wei Meidai’s face disappeared.

For a gentleman to take revenge, not even 10 years were too long!

Even if she doesn’t have any methods to deal with Baili Hongzhuang now, there’ll definitely be one someday.

Before long, she’ll definitely force Baili Hongzhuang to kowtow to her for forgiveness!

“Wife, what are you watching?”

Dibei Chen noticed Baili Hongzhuang watching the crowd interestedly and finally couldn’t help but ask as he stood beside her.

Baili Hongzhaung’s lips curled, a playful smile dancing at her lips, “It’s nothing, just a few enemies were attracted to the auction. It really is lively.”

“Wifey has enemies in Azure Water School?”

Dibei Chen raised the tip of his brows, his eyes turning cold. Daring to make enimies of his wife, he won’t let them have an easy time!

Baili Hongzhaung smiled and shook her head, “No, it’s just some small trouble, nothing serious.”

As cultivators, there was never a lack of trouble.

Because everyone were cultivators, there was naturally pride arrogance along with strength. Thus, it was very normal for a small conflict to explode and magnify.

The more talented the cultivator, the more conflicts there’d be. That was a commonly known fact.

And she, Baili Hongzhuang, never feared trouble!

Daring to look for trouble with her, they need to prepare to pay the price!

Dibei Chen saw Baili Hongzhuang’s confident appearence and set away his worries. Conflicts among cultivators were indeed very common.

As long as it wasn’t too complex, his wifey could solve it herself.

“Hongzhuang, Ling Jiaxin and Liu Jingkun both came. They probably want to make some trouble so you have to prepare yourself.”

Dongfang Yu frowned with a trace of worry as he warned her.

Baili Hongzhuang nodded slightly, a confident smile on her lips, “Don’t worry, I can deal with it!”

There was a saying: virtue was one foot tall, and the devil ten foot (one must always be vigilant to stave off danger). She could almost already imagine Ling Jiaxin and the other’s plan.

Since they wanted to do it like that, she’ll follow their wishes and teach them a lesson: trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice to lure it!

It wasn’t long before the students all finished writing and placed their slip of paper into the box.

Baili Hongzhuang took the box and began to read through the papers.

Not all the papers were the same, but most of them just contained things like points and demonic beast crystals.

For Baili Hongzhuang, the things she wanted most were points.

After she went to the Cultivation Padoga, she understood how big of a benefit the energies of the Padoga had on her cultivation so she longed for points very much.

She believed that after the auction was over, she’d be able to cultivate in there for a very long time.