Chapter 401 I will fulfill you!

Before Pang Yun Xiang could get the answer to his question, Little Black was already shooting towards his head.

Pang Yun Xiang just saw a flash of white in front of him before his head was hit, and his entire body collapsed on the ground uncontrollably.

“I am not a ‘stuff’! Must be your family is stuff!”

Little Black stepped on Pang Yun Xiang’s head, this annoying person even called him ‘stuff’!

“This Little Master’s name is Little Black! Little Black is a good
name, right?”

Why did Pang Yun Xiang feel that this style and feeling of sudden attack was really familiar?

It was like the first tie in the Cultivation Tower when Baili Hong Zhuang had attacked him with a hidden weapon, just like that time he had no time to respond to the attack.

Liu Jing Kan’s mouth twitched, that little white fluff ball’s name is Little Black?

Could there be a more inappropriate name?

From which angle did it look black?

Just when Liu Jing Kan was trying to control his smile, Little White rushed up to him.

The same attack on the head, and just like the earlier man this one fell to the ground from the painful feeling in his head. [LJK fell down like PYX]

Liu Jing Kan felt blood drip down his nose and his eyes fell on the black fluffy body that was constantly bouncing near his head, the attack had been so fast that even his nose was broken, ah!

“Who are you?” Liu Jing Kan asked, holding his face because of the pain.

“Little Master will not tell you!” Little White glanced at Liu Jing Kan coldly, as if his appearance wasn’t worth being noticed by him.

“Don’t tell me you are called Little White…”

“How did you know?”

Little White looked at Liu Jing Kan with surprise, he clearly did not tell him his name, ah.

Liu Jing Kan’s mouth was twitching, his nosebleed getting heavier…

Dai Yun Yang and Ling Jia Xin’s faces were extremely ugly at the moment, they did not think that before they could deal with Baili Hong Zhuang, there would be two little unfamiliar guys dealing with them.

Dai Yun Yang was seven or eight meters in front of Baili Hong Zhuang and in an instant, he fiercely attacked her with a powerful force.

He did not care for or like Pang Yun Xiang and the other in general, only by rapidly attacking Baili Hong Zhuang would he achieve his goal!

He believed that even if Baili Hong Zhuang was also in the middle stage of the Mysterious Eon, Baili Hong Zhuang had just had a breakthrough, and his practice time was much longer than her.

Either combat experience or attacking skills were far superior to Baili Hong Zhuang’s, and she could not compare!

If Baili Hong Zhuang knew Dai Yun Yang’s thoughts at the moment, she would certainly sneer at him.

She was the head of a large family from one thousand years ago, she did not know how many small and big fights she had participated in, he dared to look down on her combat experience?

He was stupid!


Baili Hong Zhuang did not hesitate to meet his fist with her own.

As the fists collided, ripples of energy spread in the vicinity, Dai Yun Yang took a step back, while Baili Hong Zhuang remained emotionless.

Dai Yun Yang’s eyes were like a stormy sea, as he looked at Baili Hong Zhuang with a stunned expression, face full of shock.

How could this be?

Even though his strength dropped two levels and he was now only a Mysterious Eon middle stage cultivator, how could the power of Baili Hong Zhuang be stronger than him?

Baili Hong Zhuang looked at him with ridicule; she had not intended to immerse Dai Yun Yang into a period of shock.

Immediately, overwhelming attacks mercilessly hit Dai Yun Yang.

“Since you wanted to die, I will fulfill you!”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s words were firm and decisive, leaving no room for discussion.


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