Shocked stares fell on Baili Hongzhuang’s body. It was incredibly hard for anyone to believe that Baili Hongzhuang said those words.
Leave Azure Water School!

How big of a punishment was this?!

So many cultivators were racking their brains for a way to squeeze into Azure Water School but couldn’t, yet Baili Hongzhaung actually used it as part of a bet.

How domineering was this, how self confident!

At the same time, this was testimony to Baili Hongzhaung’s persistence!

If it wasn’t for Gu Cangyun and others to be accusing her wrongly, how could she say such a thing?

In short, everybody was dumbstruck.

Even Wei Meidai and the rest stared at her in astonishment.

They indeed wanted to use this as a chance to get Baili Hongzhuang expelled from Azure Water School, but it was simply too hard to do so.

They never thought that Baili Hongzhaung would actually choose to leave Azure Water School herself!

But, now that Baili Hongzhuang was personally choosing to, they were not only unhappy but even filled with worry.

Who would believe that Baili Hongzhaung didn’t care about Azure Water School at all. Doing this meant was for one reason.

She had absolute confidence with the test!

Thinking up to there, Wei Meidai’s face ashened.

If after the test, it proved that Baili Hongzhaung’s Channel Opening Pill was real, then……. What would happen to them?

Wei Meidai couldn’t help but stare at Gu Cangyun beside her, only to see Gu Cangyun’s pale face staring at her.

If it wasn’t for Wei Meidai’s hotheadedness and directly responding to Baili Hongzhuang like that, how could they be in their current situation?

Ling Jiaxin and her group glanced at each other, a bad premonition spreading in their hearts.

“Miss Ling, the situation doesn’t seem to be going well at all.” Pangyun Xiang lowered his voice.

Ling Jiaxin looked into the crowd and found that Dai Yunyang had at some time, unknowingly left.

Before, Dai Yunyang had already said that as long as they succeeded, he would personally make Baili Hongzhaung compensate.

Now that Dai Yunyang left, their chances of success were minimal.

“Now hold on, the result isn’t certain so maybe Baili Hongzhuang is just trying to scare us so we wouldn’t dare to test it.”

Ling Jiaxin spoke slowly. Right now, it was their only hope.

Liu Jingkun nodded slightly. There was a chance, although it wasn’t very big.

“On the other hand, all of you guys must apologize to me and repay the damage to my reputation!”

Her indifferent and cold gaze landed on Gu Cangyun and the rest’s bodies. Baili Hongzhuang’s stance was firm and unyielding.

Dongfang Yu and the others sighed in admiration as they stared at Baili Hongzhuang. She was always filled with unexpected things, but sent their blood racing.

Although Gu Cangyun was right in front of her, she wasn’t the slightest but worried.

Dibei Chen’s lips curved into a perfect, bewitching smile. His wife was truly bold. He……. liked it!

A trace of astonishment also flitted by Huan Chuyou’s eyes, but after thinking a bit, he also understood the reasoning behind Baili Hongzhuang’s actions.

In fact, if Baili Hongzhuang was really accused wrongly, then this was something she ought to be doing.

“Damage to your reputation?” Gu Cangyun asked, raising his voice.

Baili Hongzhuang nodded slightly, “Your actions today definitely ruined my reputation, so you must compensate the damage to my name!”