“Now, Hongzhuang’s finally proven innocent right!?”
Xia Zhiqing raised an eyebrow as she looked proudly at Gu Cangyun’s group. The Vice Principal finally proved Hongzhuang was innocent!

Gu Cangyun wanted to puke blood. Even if he accused Baili Hongzhaung wrongly, that Channel Opening Pill really was fake ah!

“The Channel Opening Pills Baili Hongzhaung gave them are real, but the ones she sold to us were definitely fake!”

Gu Cangyun had just understood the key point of everything. Wei Meidai couldn’t have switched out the Channel Opening Pill.

So, that was the only possibility left!

Hearing Gu Cangyun’s words, a trace of disdain appeared in everyone’s eyes.

As matters stand, the truth has already been exposed yet Gu Cangyun still wanted to accuse Baili Hongzhaung. Really too shameless!

“Master Gu, its already like this but you still want to slander me?”

Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes were filled with disdain and ridicule, “The truth is already set now, shouldn’t you guys understand?”

Gu Cangyun stared rigidly at Baili Hongzhuang. He had lived so many years, but this was the first time he was tricked by a junior!

Not only was his repuation destroyed, but he even had to give her compensation. In the future, where would he put his face!

Gu Cangyun’s heart was filled with endless anger. He simply couldn’t believe his circumstances!

“Baili Hongzhaung, are you worthy of my apology?”

Gu Cangyun’s voice was filled with rage and menace as he stared at Baili Hongzhaung with mad killing intent!

This wretched, loathsome girl, after he’s done with today, he absolutely won’t let Baili Hongzhuang slip off!

Baili Hongzhuang sneered, her eyes filled with ice, “How am I not worthy of Master Gu’s apology? Even if you kneeled down and kowtowed to me as apology, I would be worthy!”

Hearing this, Gu Cangyun’s face instantly ashened, turning as cold as ice.

“Baili Hongzhuang, don’t go too far!”

Gu Cangyun’s face turned red, the hatred in his eyes shocking.

“Whose going too far!” Baili Hongzhaung’s voice was cold and strict, “Making Wei Meidai buy my Channel Opening Pill, you should be the most clear about your plan!

As a senior, targetting me, pushing me aside, slandering me, don’t tell me you still want me to respect you?

Take a look at your own morality and conduct, do you deserve my respect?”

Gu Cangyun was extremely angry. His right hand pointed at Baili Hongzhuang, but not a single word could come out of his mouth.

His face seemed as if he could faint fron anger at any moment.

“If you can’t afford the bet, then don’t bet. Or else, you’ll just be provoking everyone’s ridicule!”

Baili Hongzhaung stared at Gu Cangyun coldly. She had seen many shameless people, but ones like Gu Cangyun who want to 女表子还想立贞节牌坊的 truly made her feel sick!

Since they’ve already shed all pretenses of cordiality, she naturally wasn’t the least bit courteous with her words.

Everyone stared at the scene, stunned. Baili Hongzhuang was really too domineering!

That was Master Gu ah, yet Baili Hongzhuang was scolding him like a grandson.

But thinking carefully, everyone thought that Baili Hongzhuang’s scolding wasn’t unreasonable. In fact, Gu Cangyun’s actions made everyone feel sick.

Wei Meidai was also currently terrified. Where did Baili Hongzhaung’s courage come from?

An unexplainable sense of regret spread in her heart. If she could, she really wanted to find a hole to hide in.

From here on, she’ll really have no face in Azure Water School to meet anybody!