Chapter 409 No, she did not admit this!

Listening to Di Bei Chen, the emotions in Baili Hong Zhuang’s eyes deepened even more.

She had to admit, Di Bei Chen and she did have a tacit understanding of sorts, it seemed that… the things she wanted to do had already been guessed by Di Bei Chen.

“Lady, let’s go back.” Di Bei Chen said, smiling.

Baili Hong Zhuang glanced at Di Bei Chen and then her eyes fell on his arm around her waist.

This guy… why did he hug her waist so naturally and skillfully?

Noticing the direction of Baili Hong Zhuang’s eyes, Di Bei Chen smiled brightly, “Lady, the night is now deep, no one can see us now.”

That was not the key point here, alright?

She doesn’t mind that nobody will ever see, but… this guy’s hand shouldn’t be there at all?

However, looking at Di Bei Chen’s happy smile, who seemed to think nothing was wrong, Baili Hong Zhuang could only speak up helplessly, “Take your hand away.”

“Lady, we are already a couple, why do still care about such things?”

Di Bei Chen winked at her with a bewitching smile, a devilish look on his face.

Baili Hong Zhuang could only glare at Di Bei Chen with a pair of cold eyes.

This guy, he looked pleasant but he was really unruly!
Di Bei Chen seeing Baili Hong Zhuang’s serious look, reluctantly pulled back his hand, “Since the lady does not like, then… well…”

Baili Hong Zhuang was satisfied that he had released her, this guy could be really shameless.

As Baili Hong Zhuang was lost in thinking, Di Bei Chen’s big and strong hand, pulled her tender, soft one, walking towards the front.

“Lady, we should go back.”

That warm touch startled Baili Hong Zhuang, she stared at the tall stature walking in front of her, an indescribable sensation spreading in her heart.

This feeling made Baili Hong Zhuang forget her resistance, letting Di Bei Chen lead her back to the college.

However, she did not see Di Bei Chen’s smile that was as brilliant as sunshine.

That kind of smile, that came from the heart could not be hidden no matter how strongly one tried.

It was as if every cell in his being was happy, and the emotion reflected in his eyes.

Little Black and Little White looked at them, confused.

Wasn’t master going to deal with Gu Cang Yun right now?
Now, Di Bei Chen had said a few misty words and they were directly heading back to the college; did that mean that Di Bei Chen had already solved the problem?

“Lady, take rest now. You experienced many twists and turns today, you must be tired.”

Di Bei Chen smiled gently, like a gentle stream it surrounded Baili Hong Zhuang, and she could not help but indulge in this feeling.

She looked at DI Bei Chen and nodded, “You must also take rest.”

Saying this, Baili Hong Zhuang did not turn to look at Di Bei Chen and opening the door, directly walked into her room.

Closing the door, Baili Hong Zhuang leaned against the door, her face flushing slightly.

What had happened just now?

She could not help but touch her face, was she actually so immersed in the tender feelings Di Bei Chen evoked in her?

No, she did not want to admit this!

Outside the door, Di Bei Chen stared at the closed door, smile overflowing with happiness and amusement.

His lady, who always had a low emotional quotient, but it seems… Had he finally reached her?


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