Chapter 411 Tears, Wei Mei Dai

“Di Bei Chen is really good, he lives up to my expectations of him!”

Little Black said, somewhat proud. He had always been optimistic about Di Bei Chen, it turns out that his vision was not bad!

Little White nodded his head in agreement, “Whatever the outcome may be, Di Bei Chen is now married to the owner, so cannot be too picky!” [T/N This line was really confusing, so the meaning may be a bit changed from the original. ]

Looking at Little Black and Little Whites proud appearance, Baishi also nodded, agreeing.

As long as Di Bei Chen was good to their master, he would not object.

. . .
Xia Zhi Qing’s face was lit up with a wide, joyful smile, “Hong Zhuang, you are really too amazing!”

“Yesterday, I thought that just making him compensate was too cheap a punishment for him. I did not think that he would actually die!”

Then, suddenly, the emotion in Zhi Qing’s clear eyes changed, turning a bit strange as she looked at Baili Hong Zhuang, “Hong Zhuang, about Gu Cang Yun… it wasn’t you who killed him, right?”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s brow lifted, giving a sunny smile she shook her head, “It wasn’t me.”

She had been ready to, but before she could, someone had already taken the lead and solved this problem.

“Oh,” Xia Zhi Qing nodded, “that old guy was so annoying, he must surely have many enemies who find him less than pleasing to the eye, in such circumstanced being killed is normal.”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s mouth arced in a jesting smile, “Indeed, that disrespectful old guy, don’t know how many people he has insulted.”

“Leaving that, today I heard a lot of people talking that the reason why Gu Cang Yun came forwards to wrong you yesterday was entirely due to Wei Mei Dai. Although Wei Mei Dai has good talent in alchemy, Gu Cang Yun is now dead and her reputation is not nice. If she wants to find a new master, it won’t be easy for her.”

“She can only blame herself.”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s expression was cold. The reason why she was in such a situation today was entirely her fault.

Originally she did not intend to deal with Wei Mei Dai at all, but Wei Mei Dai joined together with Ling Jia Xin and the others to hurt her.

Since she did so, she should have been prepared to pay the price.

Her current situation was a result of her previous actions.

“They should be coming to compensate you in some time, I am curious what We Mei Dai’s expression will be now.” Xia Zhi Qing was slightly excited, compared to the proud and arrogant face of Wei Mei Dai, she would like to see her crying.

. . .

In fact, Wei Mei Dai had no tears.

Yesterday, she had been rebuked by Master before she could return to her own residence, just thinking about having to go to College tomorrow to compensate Baili Hong Zhuang made her feel depressed.

If she had known before, she would have never agreed to Ling Ji Zin’s proposal!

If not because of Ling Jia Xin and the others, would she have fallen into such a situation?

She sat in bed all night, sulking, unable to sleep. Finally, she fell asleep in the morning.

She never thought that just sometime after falling asleep, she would be awakened by other people.

She intended to curse those people but hearing the news they brought, she was shocked.

Master actually died?

He even died!

Until now, she couldn’t completely accept that fact.

Too many changes had taken place in a short period of time, and now master was dead, then… what should she do?
Without Master’s guidance, she could no longer practice being an alchemist. If she sought a new master, would there be one who was willing to accept her as a disciple?