Chapter 413 Ungrateful, Wei Mei Dai

“Jia Xin, don’t leave me, we will get married.”

Dai Yun Yang was gripping to the last glimmering threads of hope, now that his dantian was destroyed; everything he had worked for was gone.

All he now had was Ling Jia Xin, as long as Ling Jia Xin was willing to accompany him, he would be able to return safely to Feng Bo country.

Otherwise, he was afraid that he would die before he could return to Feng Bo country.

Listening to Dai Yun Yang, Ling Jia Xin’s eyes flashed with irony, she could not help but recall that instance when Baili Hong Zhuang had asked her why Dai Yun Yang had never brought her to his home.

“Dai Yun Yang, previously when I had wanted to go to your home with you, you found all sorts of reasons to prevent that, and now you want to marry me after becoming like this!”

As Dai Yun Yang heard this sentence, all the past emotions between him and Ling Jia Xin vanished in an instant.

She had thought that because she was from a poor family, so Dai Yun Yang was stalling for time.

It now appeared that things were not as she imagined and that Dai Yun Yang simply did not want to marry her.

Wasn’t Dai Yun Yang trying to use her now!

Either way, she will not forgive Dai Yun Yang!

Saying this, Ling Jia Xin directly left the room, without so much as glancing at Dai Yun Yang.

Dai Yun Yang’s outstretched hand felt heavy, he had always felt very proud but now he had nothing…

When Wei Mei Dai came to find Baili Hong Zhuang to pay her the fee for loss of reputation, Baili Hong Zhuang looked at the fee and asked, “What about your master’s share of compensation fee?”

Wei Mei Dai became furious, “My Master is now dead, and you are still asking him for compensation?”

“We all know that your master has been killed, he didn’t have any children and you were his only apprentice, then all of his savings would naturally be yours, even after that you still can’t pay?”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s brows raised, mouth curving in an arc, her seemingly indifferent words were full of aggression to corner Wei Mei Dai.

“Wei Mei Dai, how can you be so ungrateful, even after your master’s death you are only ruining his reputation even more.” Xia Zhi Qing shook her head, her pair of beautiful eyes filled with disdain.

“You are not ready to rest your master rest in peace, right?” Looking at Baili Hong Zhuang and Xia Zhi Qing talking in harmony, Wei Mei Dai’s face turned dark, these two had partnered to deal with her, damn them!

Others did not know, but she was quite sure in her belief that her Master had not committed suicide!

After her Master had scolded her yesterday, he had said he would find a solution, but he would not resort to suicide.

Moreover, when she went to her Master’s residence today, she found that her Master’s Heaven and Earth bag had disappeared.

All of Master’s precious things had always been placed in that Heaven and Earth bag!

Now that the Heaven and Earth bag was missing, she knew that the one who had taken it was the one who had killed her Master.

In other words, she never got anything from Gu Cang Yun!

But no matter how she explained this matter, no one listened. Everyone thought she was being cheap and selfish, but she simply did not have anything!

“Baili Hong Zhuang, my part of the compensation I have given, so I’m going now.”