Chapter 414 Hand cramps from counting money

Seeing that Wei Mei Dai was ready to leave, Xia Zhi Qing could not help but say, “Wei Mei Dai, your master has taught you for so long, now after such a thing has happened to him, you can’t even do such a thing for him?”

After the information of Gu Cang Yun had spread, the students of Cang Lan College were very curious as to how this matter would be dealt with.

Therefore, after the arrival of Wei Mei Dai, many people came there, wanting to know the final result.

At the moment when they saw Wei Mei Dai’s attitude, everyone’s contempt and disdain for her deepened.

“This Wei Mei Dai is really too ungrateful, whether Gu Cang Yun was right or wrong doesn’t matter but he was her master for so long, ah!”

“Her character is not good at all, she got so many benefits from Gu Cang Yun, but now she is being so stingy…”

“If it wasn’t for Wei Mei Dai, GU Cang Yun wouldn’t have lost face yesterday. Really is a scourge ah.”

Hearing the words of those around her, Wei Mei Dai felt as if a knife was stabbing her right in the heart and her face became ugly.

No one believed her, even if she explained it wasn’t of any use…

However, the amount of money she had on her now was barely enough for herself… In the past, to get her hands on the Channel Opening Pill from Baili Hong Zhuang, she had spent a lot of money and now for this compensation.

Before she had an abundance of these, and a large part of the reason was Gu Cang Yun, but now Gu Cang Yun was dead, and he was even robbed before he was killed!

This Xia Zhi Qing really does not know how to shut her mouth, ah!

Wei Mei Dai couldn’t bear to hear such accusations, and she was cornered right now. She stared at Baili Hong Zhuang and Xi Zhi Qing angrily.

“My master’s shared, I will give in a few days!”

Looking at the back of Wei Mei Dai who was leaving, Baili Hong Zhuang’s brows raised, eyes revealing her doubt.

In theory, Wei Mei Dai should have handed over the money directly now, and then get angry, this approach did not seem to fit her style at all, ah.

Following Wei Mei Dai, Ling Jia Xin’s trio one by one paid the reputation loss fee to Baili Hong Zhuang.

Their current attitudes were different from their past arrogance, facing Baili Hong Zhuang, the three of them tried to flatter her.
Xia Zhi Qing’s lips curved in an ironic smile hearing their words and pleasing smiles.

They seemed to have decided to no longer be an enemy of Baili Hong Zhuang, and treated her with a caring attitude, hoping that Baili Hong Zhuang would forgive them and write off this grudge.

Looking at the attitude of the trio, Baili Hong Zhuang knew that her own purpose had been achieved, she did not make things difficult for them and only replied arbitrarily.

When Baili Hong Zhuang went back to her own room, she saw that Di Bei Chen was standing next to the door, smiling as he looked at her.

“Today, your hand did not cramp because of counting, right?” [He means counting the money]

Di Bei Chen smiled warmly, and even she (BHZ) was impressed.

Seeing Di Bei Chen’s deep, meaningful smile, Baili Hong Zhuang could not help but recall the first time she had met Di Bei Chen.

This guy, at that time, hadn’t even been ready to give her one hundred gold coins!