Chapter 415 Happy Little Beasts

Baili Hong Zhuang’s brows lifted slightly, as she looked at Di Bei Chen, still thinking of that incident, “No, it was better than a guy who did not even give one hundred gold coins.”

Di Bei Chen’s deep sea like eyes diffused with amusement, he and his lady’s understanding was really deep.

“If I had given the one hundred gold coins, would I have been able to marry and embrace such a beauty?”

Di Bei Chen smiled evilly, eyes revealing a trace of fragility, but it made him seem all the more attractive.

Baili Hong Zhuang knew that the words Di Bei Chen had spoken were true.

If at that time he had given her the money, Di Bei Chen and she would not have any future entanglements and she would not have married him.

Baili Hong Zhuang was slightly stunned, she did not what to say to such a Di Bei Chen.

As Baili Hong Zhang was ready to enter her room, Di Bei Chen suddenly pulled her hand.

“Lady, wait.”

Baili looked at Di Bei Chen, puzzled. This guy seemed to have developed a habit of pulling her hand, ah?

Just as Baili Hong Zhuang was about to reprimand him, an object was suddenly put in her hand.

Looking down, Baili Hong Zhuang saw a Heaven and Earth bag in her hand, eyes full of doubts she asked, “This is?”

Di Bei Chen chuckled, “Gu Cang Yun’s Heaven and Earth bag, maybe there is something in it that would interest you.”

Baili Hong Zhuang was slightly surprised, understanding why Wei Mei Dai had revealed that embarrassed expression previously.

Originally the… Heaven and Earth bag of Gu Cang Yun was in the hands of Di Bei Chen, no wonder Wei Mei Dai was so embarrassed, she was cash-strapped, that’s why.

Di Bei Chen looked at Baili Hong Zhuang, “Lady, isn’t the object husband gave you now much better than a hundred gold coins?”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s elegant and exquisite face revealed a smile as she looked at the Heaven and Earth bag, “Barely.”
Going back to her room, Baili Hong Zhuang immediately looked through the Heaven and Earth pouch of Gu Cang Yun.

Whatever it was like now, Gu Cang Yun was also a refining pharmacist (alchemist), he must have accumulated a lot of things over the years.

Thinking this Baili Hong Zhuang, Little White, Little Black, and Baishi’s eyes reflected the luster of the gold coins.

Although they had guessed that Gu Cang Yun must have accumulated a lot, this guy really had a lot of money ah!

“Wow… we are rich…”

Little Balck’s hands clutched the gold, eyes bubbling with happiness, they had made a really huge sum of money recently.

Little White was not much better than Little Black, so much gold, they could now buy a lot of things, ah!

Baishi was holding a pile of gold coins, saliva dripping down his mouth.

Its claw continued to touch the colorful demon crystals, what exactly should it eat today?

Baili Hong Zhuang looked at the happy expression of the three Beasts, cannot help but feel powerless when she these three, and her mouth arced.

As Di Bei Chen said, this thing really was much better than a hundred gold coins.

Gu Cang Yun mostly had money in the bag, but he also had a small part of Dan and herbs.

Baili Hong Zhuang picked them up one by one, these Dan she knew how to make, so there is no use.

However, these Dan would still shoot to a very high price at an auction house.

After all, the most important thing for a refining pharmacist is Dan.

Baili Hong Zhuang looked at the herbs one by one, the herbs Gu Cang Yun collected were valuable and had a wide use.