Chapter 417 Experience In The Miasma Forest

“Everyone has come,” Lu Huai Yan’s face was soft with a warm smile, “after encountering that Demonic Beat Tide, I believe that everyone’s mood has calmed down?”

Listening to Lu Huai Yan, the face of the students exposed a smile.

That time when they had experienced the Demonic Beast Tide had been a shocking and thrilling experience, but they were cultivators, how could they have not calmed down even after so long?

People’s eyes could not help but fall on Bai Jun Yu and Cui Hao Yan’s body, if anyone had a psychological shadow so to say, it would be Bai Jun Yu and Cui Hao Yan.

The two of them had been seriously injured last time and everyone had mixed feelings about letting them come.

Realising quickly that everyone’s attention was them, Bai Jun Yu and Cui Hao Yan, smiled and shook their head, indicating they have no problem.

“Since everyone has no problem it is naturally very good!”

Lu Huai Yan’s deep, dark eyes flashed with satisfaction, “A cultivator should go through battles to enhance themselves, this time the Mercenary Union has released a blue level mission, I believe we all understand?”

They all nodded, the most popular news in the Cang Lan City recently was the Blue Level Mission, walking on the street, you could hear almost everyone talking about it.

At present, many people had gone to the miasma forest, but they had not got the slightest news.

“The Principle and I have decided to lead you all to the forest.” When he said this, his face and eyes revealed his excitement.

As soon as he had heard there was a blue level task, his heart had been flooded with youthful vigor.

Even if the Principle had not organized this, they had been ready to go there on their own, but now that they were coming as mentor’s, it was naturally better.

“You will regard this mission as training and unless it is a matter of life and death, I and Teacher Fu will not appear, everyone has to rely on themselves in the mountains; there should be no problem with this arrangement?”

“No problem!”

Listening to everyone’s consistent answer, Lu Huai Yan’s face had a happy smile.

Because of the last Demonic Beast Tide, the college had lost a lot of outstanding students, so they had to be cautious this time around.

To be on the safer side, he and Fu Hong Bo would travel with the students. All they had to do was ensure their safety and give them more chances for an experience.

They will not show up unless it was absolutely urgent.

After all, it should be taught in college itself to rely on themselves, since later on in the future you had to be alone.

Baili Hong Zhuang and the others naturally understood this and felt very good after seeing the painstaking efforts of these two elders.

“Since there is no problem, everyone will go back and prepare well and gather at the gates of the college tomorrow.” Fu Hong Bo spoke.


Baili Hong Zhuang slowly walked in the direction of the living quarters, about this Blue Level Mission, she had just learned today.

First, the Demonic Beast Tide suddenly appearing in the mountains and now this strange miasma forest…

“Lady, what are you thinking?” Di Bei Chen was walking with Baili Hong Zhuang and asked with a smile.

“Nothing, just thinking of what could be there inside the fog forest.”

Baili Hong Zhuang shrugged, a shallow smile on her face.

Seeing that touch of smile and those charming eyes, Di Bei Chen’s own eyes could not help but become a bit tender.

“That’s unimportant, what matters is that I am by your side.”

Baili Hong Zhuang to such comments now turned a blind eye, this guy could be really shameless, she had stopped reacting now.