Chapter 422 Lady, you’re beautiful

After Lu Huai Yan and Fu Hong Bo made sure everything was in order and the Special Enrollment Students had arrived, the said, “Since everyone has arrived, we are ready to set off for the Yun Lu Mountains.

”Yes!” The students nodded their heads, they were already ready.

Gong Shao Qing and Cui Hao Yan led the group through the Yun Lu Mountains. Usually, both of them were captains of two different teams. The others really didn’t have an opinion when the two of them were chosen as leaders.

In the past, in order to create healthy competition among the students of the Special Enrollment Class, they had always been divided into two teams.

Only, this time, the situation was slightly special, so they had not been divided into teams.

When Bailli Hong Zhuang and the others set out and traversed the Yun Lu Mountains, Lu Huai Yan and Fu Hong Bo did not go with them, but no one knew where they were since they seemed to have disappeared.

No one was surprised at this situation.

After all, the two teachers had already previously said that they would not appear unless it was a dire situation.

Therefore, everyone needed to rely on themselves in the Yun Lu Mountains.

Baili Hong Zhuang had already been to Yu Lu mountains once. Therefore, this time she was much more comfortable.

Compared to the last time they had been here, this time their team was much better. There would be any teams in the Yun Lu Mountains because of Mercenary Union’s Blue Level Mission.

The path was made lively by Xia Zhi Qing and Bai Jun Yu.

Even though the number of people in their team was not small, but everyone was extremely understanding and efficient, so their speed was quite fast. Everyone was determined to show off the quality of Can Lan College’s Special Enrollment Students.

Finally, they arrived in an area quite deep into the mountain range.

The group decided to take a short break. After discussing, they decided to go even deeper.

Since the Blue Level Mission had been posted for some time, there had been many mercenaries going in the same direction as the Miasma Forest this time.

If they arrived too late, then it is very likely that they would have gone for nothing, since the mission would have already been completed by other mercenaries.

The people all agreed on this. They decided to not wear their usual clothes since it would be more convenient and reduce their troubles in the Mountains.

Baili Hong Zhuang wore a red dress, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

Di Bei Chen’s eyes, with their sea-like depth, were filled with intense shock and amazement. Usually, Baili Hong Zhuang was dressed in a white dress. The dress showed her off, enhancing her beauty to the fullest, giving her an elegant, gentle feel.

However, at that moment, Baili Hong Zhuang gave off a completely different feeling.

She was like a burning flame, dazzling and eye-catching, she was like an enchanting flower which had just bloomed, showing off its exhilarating beauty.

When Di Bei Chen looked at Baili Hong Zhuang with that expression, Baili Hong Zhuang could not help but smile as she saw him.

The white robe with gold embellishments that Di Bei Chen wore made him look handsome and splendid.

The handsome and perfect face seemed even more understanding. This beautiful couple naturally drew everyone’s attention.

“Lady, you are beautiful.” Di Bei Chen’s brows were still lifted in amazement, and Bili Hong Zhuang’s lips curved in an evilly charming smile.

His Lady could always make him feel amazed.

Baili Hong Zhuang smiled faintly, Her bright, clear eyes flashing with interest.

“You’re not bad either.”