Chapter 426 Lady is wise, and we belong together

Baili Hong Zhuang was startled and glanced at Di Bei Chen, this guy’s narcissism was on another level!

“I was afraid you would fall asleep and then all the others in the team would be in danger, that would be bad.”

Hearing this, Di Bei Chen smiled evilly at Baili Hong Zhuang, there was a hint of affection an laughter in his eyes. “Wifey, I know you just don’t want to admit it.”


Baili Hong Zhuang was helpless. Sure enough, she could just not reason with this guy.

Suddenly, Baili Hong Zhuang sat up straighter and the instincts that had been cultivated in her throughout the year made her feel that something was wrong.

Intuition is a very magical ability that could not be seen and cannot be touched. It could not be explained by common sense but is actually there.

The keen instinct often appeared when the person was on the verge of danger. This type of instinct was more accurate than what is seen by the naked eyes.

Under the twilight, Baili Hong Zhuang looked at the dark woods in front of her. The surroundings at this time were particularly dark, the darkness before dawn was sinister.

Shortly after observing the surroundings, Baili Hong Zhuang’s and Di Bei Chen’s eyes were filled with a touch of seriousness.

“Lady, you go and inform everyone.” Di Bei Chen whispered.

Baili Hong Zhuang nodded slightly and whisper-shouted to Xia Zhi Qing and the others who were asleep.

After Xia Zhi Qing and the others heard Baili Hong Zhuang’s voice, they were surprised. On the surface, their eyes looked heavy with sleep but their body was ready to go.

Baili Hong Zhuang went back to the side of Di Bei Chen. His handsome face shone with radiant wisdom. “How did you determine that there was an aura of menace coming from a human and not from a Wicked beast?”

He did not miss the fact that she had discovered the danger. Seeing this exemplary show of talent, he could determine that there were still many secrets about his wife.

All along, he had felt that his perception of danger was extremely acute, but he had not expected her response to be better than his.

This kind of intuition had to be honed, and this alone was enough to judge that her secrets were not simple.

Baili Hong Zhuang’s red lips curved slightly. “At this time, many Wicked beasts begin to rest, if they want to attack they will not choose this time. Now is also a time when humans are most tired and lax, this is a good time for other humans to sneak attack. Don’t you think so?”

The reason why Di Bei Chen did not directly wake everyone up but let her remind them was because he wanted to judge her.

“Lady is wise.” Di Bei Chen blinked in admiration. “We belong with each other.”

The next moment, Baili Hong Zhuang’s brows were knotted.

The fact that it was a human and not a Wicked was thought-provoking.

In the Luo Yun Mountains, it was not uncommon for cultivators to get robbed. However, even if the opponents were trying to rob them, they wouldn’t have chosen such a large group of people. It would only make things harder for them.

As a result, there was only one possibility left—the other party had enmity with them!

As soon as this revelation came to light, a man appeared in Baili Hong Zhuang’s mind—Yi Hu Cheng!

The last time they were in the Luo Yun Mountains, they had clashed with Yi Hu Cheng. From the attitude of Yi Hu Cheng, he did not seem to be one to give up easily.

This time the blur level task was a hot topic, so Yi Hu Cheng and the others are very likely to be here.

Behind a tall tree, Yi Hu Cheng led the rest of the gang as they looked at Dong Fang Yu and the others, his eyes shining and sharp as hawk’s, with fierceness in them.