Chapter 428 Meeting again, Gong Shao Qing

In the chilly and sinister atmosphere of the mountains, the rays of moonlight, made people unconsciously feel a sense of detachment.

Zhao Yi Han and the others had planned to sneak attack the group while they were sleeping. Such a thing, would no doubt save them some trouble.

However, when they rushed to the clearing where Baili Hong Zhuang and the others were, they discovered that the other party had already discovered their ambush. As soon as they appeared, Gong Shao Qing and others held up their weapons.

“Sure enough, they are students of the Cang Lan College. Their perception is sensitive!”

Although Zhao Yi Han was somewhat surprised at the quick reaction of Gong Shao Qing and the others, he was not after thinking about it.

After all, the Special Enrollment Students of the Cang Lan College would naturally be stronger, otherwise, the fame of the Special Enrollment Class would be embarrassing.

Baili Hong Zhuang stared at the stranger in front of her, had she guessed wrong? She had never seen this guy.

Not only Baili Hong Zhuang, but Gong Shao Qing and the others were filled with doubts too.

In their impression, they did not have any clashes with this group of people in front of them. Making up their minds, they just treated them as fat pigs to be slaughtered.

“Who are you guys?” Gong Shao Qing’s face was covered with a layer of ice. “There is no enmity between us. Why are you attacking us so late at night?”

Zhao Yi Han’s eyes fell on Gong Shao Qing’s body. “I really don’t have any grudges with you, but since you and my brother have grudges, it is tantamount to having a grudge against me!” As soon as they heard these words, everyone’s expressions changed slightly, it could be said that the other party had deliberately come to make enemies.

In the next moment, Yi Hu Cheng and Yan Hai Cheng (does anyone remember him, I don’t…) slowly appeared in front of everyone.

“Yi… Hu… Cheng!”

Gong Shao Qing’s voice was hard and cold, his icy eyes glaring at Yi Hu Cheng, full of disgust and contempt.

Liu Qin Yue’s face also became pale. She felt like Yi Hu Cheng was a nightmare that would keep plaguing her.

She had originally thought that after Yi Hu Cheng left the Cang Lan College they would not have any more intersections. She never thought that Yi Hu Cheng would keep appearing in front of them like a ghost.

Obviously, as long as the grudges between them were not settled, Yi Hu Cheng would keep following them.

Thinking of this, Liu Qin Yue’s heart started panicking, and her face turned even uglier.

Baili Hong Zhuang could not help but look behind her at Liu Qin Yue. Sure enough, she was panicking.

As cultivators, they highly valued pride.

The more Liu Qin Yue retreated, the more Yi Hu Cheng would not let her go.

“Gong Shao Qing we meet again.”

Yi Hu Cheng gave a sneer, the moment he saw Gong Shao Qing, the undisguised hatred in his eyes overflowed.

Seeing Yi Hu Cheng’s countenance, the faces of Cui Hao Yan and Zhan Yu Feng also changed a bit, Yi Hu Cheng’s past was known to them.

For Yi Hu Cheng’s character, they had no words to say.

In fact, the reason why Yi Hu Cheng had presently come to this stage was due to past incidents. Although he himself was not guiltless, it was undeniable that some part of the reason was Liu Qin Yue.

“Yi Hu Cheng, you really are a ghost.” Dong Fang Yu’s usually genial face disappeared in an instant. “The lesson you were taught last time wasn’t enough?”

Yi Hu Cheng burned with fury, “If not for the sudden appearance of Baili Hong Zhuang last time, could you really have escaped?”