Chapter 429 Trouble, Vicious Flames Mercenary Group

Hearing the words of Yi Hu Cheng, everyone’s eyes could not help but fall on Baili Hong Zhuang’s body.

A trace of deep strangeness appeared in the eyes of Cui Hao Yan and Zhan Yu Feng. The last time when Yi Hu Cheng appeared, the situation actually changed due to the strength of Baili Hong Zhaung?

For a long time, they had only known that Baili Hong Zhuang’s skills were superb.

Di Bei Chen was full of praise for the strength of his wife, or else how could they have become Special Enrollment Students in the college.

What’s more, from the time he had seen Baili Hong Zhuang cultivating at the waterfall, he had known that the strength of his wifey would not be weak.

Talented cultivators were not necessarily strong, but hard working cultivators were not weak.

Yan Hai Cheng’s vicious eyes glared at Baili Hong Zhuang. If a glare full of hatred could kill a person, he would have already killed Baili Hong Zhuang many times.

“Yi Hu Cheng, if you leave now, we won’t have to fight.” Cui hao Yan said slowly. “Once we start fighting, it will be of no use to either of us.”

Listening to this, Yi Hu Cheng sneered. “You guys have a good look. Now, we have more people than you, you will lose!”

Baili Hong zhaung looked at the situation in front of her. There were fifteen mercenaries from the Vicious Flames mercenary group, plus Yi Hu Cheng and Yan Hai Cheng, so the other side had a total of seventeen people.

In contrast, there were only nine people in their group. In terms of the number of people, the other party had an absolute advantage.

Cui Hao Yan’d brows rose. “Even if you have the advantage of numbers, numbers do not represent strength. You were previously a student of Cang Lan college, you should be well aware of the strength of the people of Cang Lan College’s Special Enrollment Students.”

His words, made an unpleasant expression to appear on Zhao Yi Han’s face. The words of Cui Hao Yan clearly insinuated that the strength of their mercenary group was weak.

“All of you in the school is just a group of weak young masters. Our Vicious Flames mercenary group is made of real fighters. You say we are weak?”

Zhao Yi Han was angry, his eyes icy.

In his view, they were powerful mercenaries who had killed many and faced life and death situations which hardened them. They were stronger than these young masters who enjoyed life with ease.

After hearing the name of the Vicious Flames mercenary group, Gong Shao Qing’s face changed a bit.

They had a certain understanding of Vicious Flames mercenary group, they were able to suddenly rise to the top among the various mercenary groups, which proved the strength of the Vicious Flames mercenary group.

“I did not expect Yi Hu Cheng to have ties with the Vicious Flames mercenary group.”

Dong Fang Yu frowned, the base of the Vicious Flames mercenary group was not far from the base of the Luo Yun Mountains. Once a conflict arose, it would be impossible to avoid trouble.

“If you know about the Vicious Flames mercenary group, you should be clear about your own situation.

Looking at the ugly expression of Gong Shao Qing, Yi Hu Cheng’s heart cannot help but feel ecstatic.

Generally, Gong Shao Qing was expressionless. Now his cold mask had been completely torn off!

“Gong Shao Qing, I will give you two choices.”

Yi Hu Cheng slowly put up a finger, “First, you kneel down and apologize to me, then hand over Liu Qin Yue to me, then these affronts will be written off.”

As he said this, Gong Shao Qing and others’ faces were full of rage, Yi Hu Cheng was honestly too much!