Chapter 430 Hands On!

Liu Qin Yue’s face turned pale, her delicate features appearing even more tender and affectionate.

She understands that Yi Hu Cheng had long since held bitter hatred for her. Once she falls into the hands of Yi Hu Cheng, she would be tortured inhumanly.

Yi Hu Cheng’s cold eyes fell on the body of Liu Qin Yue, looking at Liu Qin Yue who seemed on the verge of crying, he felt very satisfied.

Once, he was deceived by the delicate appearance of Liu Qin Yue. Now, he would destroy these features himself!

‘The second is that you all die and Liu Qin Yue still ends up at our mercy!”

Yi Hu Cheng’s lips arced in a sly smile as if he knew that he had already won. He would take Liu Qin Yue and make her suffer.

“You keep dreaming!” Gong Shao Qing’s knotted brows revealed his anger and disgust, he felt that this Yi Hu Cheng was really repulsive.

Yan Hai Cheng’s eyes fell on the body of Baili Hong Zhuang, “Baili Hong Zhuang, for what you have done to me, I will not let you off!”

Hearing this, the corners of Baili Hong Zhuang’s lips curved ever so slightly, revealing a trace of evilness and pride.

“If you had the ability, you would not have lost your hand. The last time I had only just started, and you lost an arm. This time, I won’t go so easy on you!”

Baili Hong Zhuang felt too lazy to waste tie on the other party. Although the number of opponents was far greater than them, the end result had yet to be decided.

What’s more, there were the two teachers overseeing them. What did they have to be afraid of!

They could directly fight!

Xia Zhi Qing’s mouth was open wide, Baili Hong Zhuang was really not like the average person, ah!

After hearing the words of Baili Hong Zhuang, the heavy emotions that Cui Hao Yan and the others felt, disappeared.

Baili Hong Zhuang was right. Since the contradiction between the two parties was irreconcilable, they would fight!

Yan Hai Cheng’s face was a bit ugly. He had intended to take advantage of this opportunity to goad Baili Hong Zhuang. He had not expected that she would be so arrogant!

Does Baili Hong Zhuang even know the situation she was in right now?

The eyes of Yi Hu Cheng who was looking at Baili Hong Zhuang also changed a bit. The last time Baili Hong Zhuang had been a considerable variable, this time too, Baili Hong Zhuang’s performance was completely different from other people.
This woman was really not simple!

In fact, Yi Hu Cheng and the others had overlooked a person. That was Di Bei Chen, who was standing beside Baili Hong Zhuang.

From the beginning to the end, Di Bei Chen had not said a word, not because he was too afraid, but… he was simply too lazy to speak.

These few jumping clowns dared to be so presumptuous, they were making a big joke of themselves.

“Since you don’t know when to shut up, I will make you feel regret!”

Yi Hu Cheng’s face was dyed with wrath and his gaze crossed to Zhao Yi Han. Zhao Yi Han nodded slightly, waving his hands he firmly, and coldly said, “Hands on!”

As Zhao Yi Han’s voice fell, the mercenaries behind him, clasped their weapons without hesitation and rushed towards Baili Hong Zhuang and the others!

The atmosphere suddenly became tense, and a quietness spread.

Not far away, Lu Huai Yan and Fu Hong Bo were looking at this scene, their expressions also changed slightly.

“It seems this is not the first time that Yi Hu Cheng has had a conflict with Gong Shao Qing,” Fu Hong Bo said slowly.

Lu Huai Yan glanced at Fu Hong Bo, “Now in this situation, should we interfere?”