Chapter 431 I Didn’t Want To See You

“We don’t need to act unless it is very dangerous. Now that such a tricky situation has appeared, I believe that our students will be able to persist for a while.”

Lu Huai yan nodded slightly, this had always been their intention.

There was nothing wrong with the words of Zhao Yi Han.

Compared to mercenaries who were always facing dangerous situations, the students of Cang Lan College had much lesser experience. That is why the academy let them go out on this mission.

In the battle of life and death, having guts to spill blood and courage is the most important.

In the Sheng Xuan Continent, it was not uncommon for the young inexperienced masters to die at the hands of weak but bloodthirsty mercenaries.

If their students gave up at the very face of danger, then these students were not worth grooming.

Sometimes, a life and death experience could be an of great benefit as it could cause a surge in strength.

“Baili Hong Zhuang is indeed different.” Lu Huai Yan’s words were full of appreciation. “It was worth trying so hard to make her come to our college.”

Fu Hong Bo nodded in agreement. “She rejected us. Actually, her courage can be easily seen, if people were ridiculed all year round, their personalities would become weak and fragile. Baili Hong Zhuang can be considered a rare type. In that environment, she not only did not lose her morale but even had such great courage. I have always felt optimistic about such students.”

Lu Huai Yan’s mouth curved in a smile, originally he had not thought that going to Feng Bo Country’s imperial city would have any gains but did not expect they would have such a huge profit.

Fu Hong Bo looked at Di Bei Chen pensively, slowly saying, “Di Bei Chen seems even more mysterious. From the moment Yi Hu Cheng and the others appeared, his expression has not changed at all. His expression is almost like… he does not care!”

Lu Huai Yan shared his views with Fu Hong Bo.


Fu Hong Bo nodded, generally, when someone encountered a situation like this, they would be nervous or worried, but Di Bei Chen was very indifferent.

“His confidence cannot be a bluff. He must, naturally, have a certain idea or measure.”

Lu Huai Yan smiled faintly. There are always some geniuses in the world that could not be comprehended.

Yi Hu Cheng directly faced Gong Shao Qing. He had always wanted to compete with Gong Shao Qing. This time he would surely be victorious!

In just a few moments, Baili Hong Zhuang and the others already had opponents facing them.

Yan Hai Cheng stood in front of Baili Hong Zhuang, his face full of resentment at seeing her beautiful face.

“Baili Hong Zhuang, we meet again.” Yan Hai Cheng smirked.

Baili Hong Zhuang shrugged in indifference. “I didn’t want to see you.”

Yan Hai Cheng turned stiff, hearing such an eloquent retort, he couldn’t form a single sentence.

“Master, do we need to help?” The eyes of the three little beasts flashed with excitement. The guy in front of them, a few slaps from them would be enough to teach him a lesson!

Baili Hong Zhuang shook her head slightly, “You can’t act rashly. If you are noticed by other people, it won’t be good.”

Xiao Hai and Xiao Bai were her trump cards. She won’t use them so easily.

Although the situation in front of them was tricky, it had not reached a stage of danger. What’s more, this guy in front of her, was not worth her time!

The last time she hadn’t pursued him, but this time she would not let him escape…