Chapter 436 Amazing, Baili Hong Zhuang

Feeling the energy of ‘Stormbreaker’ Ye Zhao’s expression changed in a few moments, from the energy fluctuations of the martial arts, he could clearly feel that this was a Yellow level middle-grade martial arts!

“Breaking the clouds!”

Ye Zhao’s body quickly surged, sharp energy coming out from him like a razor’s blade, the fluctuations distracting everyone.

When the energy of his martial arts erupted, the two collided in a storm. In an instant, clouds of smoke began to blow up as yellow dust covered the sky, obscuring everyone’s vision.

Ye Zhao retreated, a faint glowing light appearing in his eyes.

Although it was a martial arts only at the bottom of the yellow tier, he had been practicing it for a long time.

Even if the level of Baili Hong Zhuang’s martial arts was stronger than him, her cultivation level could not compare.

Therefore, in this round of competition, the winner must be him!

“With your strength, you are not my opponent at all!”

Ye Zhao smirked, looking proudly at the other side where the flower-like beauty, Liu Qin Yue stood, an indescribable pride emerging in his heart.

Listening to Ye Zhao’s words, Liu Qin Yue’s face became pale. Did Baili Hong Zhuang really get seriously hurt while fighting Ye Zhao, could she have… fallen?

“Little beauty, at the moment, no one can save you, if you beg me, maybe I will spare you.”

Ye Zhao walked proudly towards Liu Qin Yue, compared to the hard-headed Baili Hong Zhuang, Liu Qin Yue who was unable to rebel could give him far greater pleasure.

“You… You keep dreaming!” Liu Qin Yue said in a cold tone, but her slightly trembling voice revealed her lack of confidence.

Suddenly, Liu Qin Yue’s face changed, because she was shocked to find that, she could see Baili Hong Zhuang’s figure in the gradually setting smoke, her stature clearly behind Ye Zhao.


A slightly surprised voice sounded, and Ye Zhao’s eyes were etched with an even deeper surprise.

He slowly looked down at his chest, where the bloody tip of a sword was revealed, and severe pain spread throughout his body.


Baili Hong Zhuang relentlessly withdrew her sword, this guy must be happy that the fight ended early.

Ye Zhao turned his head, looking at the unforgivable appearance of Baili Hong Zhuang, he was completely stunned.

“Scum like you go to hell sooner, so as to not harm other people.”

Baili Hong Zhuang looked coldly at Ye Zhao, as she mercilessly left as if staying there further would insult her, and looking at him would make her sick.

Looking at the imposing and powerful stance of Baili Hong Zhuang, shock appeared in Lu Qin Yue’s heart. She finally understood why the two mentors had insisted on recruiting Baili Hong Zhuang, even after being rejected by her.

“The strength of Baili Hong Zhuang is really applaudable.”

Lu Huai Yan’s eyes looked admiringly at Baili Hong Zhuang’s decisive nature. Few would hesitate before mercilessly killing another.

It was reasonable to say that students her age would be unable to do it, however, Baili Hong Zhuang had no problem at all.

“Not only that, she was very calm even when engaged in battle and she was able to completely display her strength.

Fu Hong Bo’s eyes shined brightly, “Compared to her, Liu Qin Yue’s ability to face the enemy is not good.”

Lu Huai Yan nodded.

“In fact, all students would face problems similar to Liu Qin Yue’s without adequate experience. Baili Hong Zhuang is amazing.”