Chapter 437 Wifey, You Are Strong

A wide smile slowly emerged on Lu Huai Yan’s face. He was very pleased to see her performance as a mentor.

“The mental fortitude of Baili Hong Zhuang is very strong. Just like when we saw her in the royal hunting game the first time when she was surrounded by the Wicked wolves, even experience cultivators could lose their calm and be unable to do it.

“It’s true that Baili Hong Zhuang is indeed a rare fighting genius.

Fu Hong Bo’s face also revealed a smile. Although the cultivation level of Baili Hong Zhuang was not strong enough, it was only a question of time before it would be.

The next moment, Fu Hong Bo’s eyes fell on the body of Di Bei Chen. “Not only Baili Hong Zhuang, Di Bei Chen is also a genius.”

Lu Huai Yan and Fu Hong Bo glanced at each other. The two really deserved to be husband and wife.

The people of Feng Bo countries Imperial City had paired Baili Hong Zhuang and Di Bei Chen together as a joke, one was the waste of the general’s manor and the other was a disabled prince. Let’s put them together!

After seeing the way Baili Hong Zhuang encountered the man while fighting, Di Bei Chen made short work of Zhao Yi Han. In a few moments, he was by the side of Baili Hong Zhaung.

“Wifey, your strength is really good.”

His star-like eyes flashed with admiration, in the time he had not been by her side, the strength of Baili Hong Zhuang had progressed rapidly.

Hearing that, Baili Hong Zhuang glanced at Di Bei Chen, her gaze deep, “Compared to you, my strength is far behind.”

With her current strength, she could not judge the strength of Di Bei Chen at all. This proved that the disparity between their strengths was large.

Di Bei Chen smiled and said, “What will wifey do next?”

“Since they came here, let us solve this problem fast.”

After Zhao Yi Han had been bested by Di Bei Chen, his face quickly became pale.

Di Bei Chen’s moves seemed simple and powerful, but he could still feel the burning pain in his body, apparently, he had suffered multiple internal injuries.

At the time, he discovered that their mercenary group had already lost two members, and both the two mercenaries were at Mysterious Eon Lat stage!

As cultivators, even though they were only a mercenary group, the death of a member could cause a huge loss. He did not expect that now two of them would have died.

Taking advantage of Di Bei Chen and Baili Hong Zhuang’s relaxed stances, he suddenly found that the original situation had now tipped in their favor.

Just ready to fight again, Zhao Yi Han felt pain rushing through his body.

Obviously, Di Bei Chen’s moved had hidden secrets, he was afraid that he would be unable to use Yuan Li for a few hours.

Xia Zhi Qing and the others who were still fighting saw Baili Hong Zhuang and Di Bei Chen’s awesome power. As a result, their morale rose sharply, and the speed of their movements increased.

On the other hand, the mercenaries of the Vicious Flame mercenary group could not help but feel a trace of fear. The two heads of the mercenary team had already suffered serious injuries. As long as Di Bei Chen started fighting again, they would not stand a chance.


As Dong Fang Yu killed a mercenary, Zhao Yi Han’s face became dark to the extreme.

“Stop!” Zhao Y Han suddenly shouted.

When they heard Zhao Yi Han’s orders, the mercenaries of the Vicious Flames group retreated to Zhao Yi Han’s side.

Yi Hu Cheng frowned and looked at Zhao Yi Han. He did not understand why Zhao Yi Han had suddenly issued such an order.