Chapter 445 Relying On Yourself

Listening to everyone’s praises, Baili Hong Zhuang smiled and waved her hand. “I’m just doing what I should be.”

“Hong Zhuang, you are too humble.” Zhan Yun Feng laughed.

After Cui Hao Yan was saved by Baili Hong Zhuang, Zhan Yun Feng was full of gratitude towards Baili Hong Zhuang.

At first, she thought that Baili Hong Zhuang was just trying to steal all the limelight in the college, and her heart had been guarded.

However, after learning more about Baili Hong Zhuang, her original dissatisfaction disappeared and was replaced by an appreciation for Baili Hong Zhuang.

For example, with Baili Hong Zhuang being such a talented genius, she really had no need to grab the limelight. She has long been doomed to be watched and admired.

“I also required Di Bei Chen’s help to confirm my guess.”

Baili Hong Zhuang smiled slightly, looking towards Di Bei Chen, she does not like being put into the limelight alone.

Di Bei Chen chuckled, his wifey was too cute.

“Anyways, thank you, or we would have still been fighting and exhausted.”

Cui Hao Yan shook his head, previously they had been like a taut bowstring with tension, always alert but still being attacked by Wicked (demonic beast), making them extremely tired in a short time.

If later in the day, they were encountered by Yi Hu Cheng and the others, they would have no strength to fight.

“Yi Hu Cheng and the people of the Vicious Flames Mercenary group are really scheming and despicable. With the method they used, if not for Baili Hong Zhuang and Di Bei Chen, we will be really unlucky!” Xia Zhi Qing seethed. Being schemed against, who would be happy?

When she said this, Gong Shao Qing and the others looked as if their faces were covered with a layer of ice.

They had never been good people. Since the other party wanted to deal with them in this way, they would fully reciprocate to Yi Hu Cheng and the others.

Suddenly, Baili Hong Zhuang smiled sinisterly, her eyes appearing deeper than the ocean.

Di Bei Chen looked at the change in Baili Hong Zhuang’s expression and told himself to be more aware of his own wife.

It was just a means to deal with the fact that Baili Hong Zhuang was really mysterious. He already knew of Baili Hong Zhuang’s bizarre means.

“Not as good as… shouldn’t we also give to people what they have given to us?”

Baili Hong Zhuang smiled slightly, she had never liked to be the losing party.

If Xiao Bai and Xiao Bai had not told her this time, she would not have known what happened.

She had already studied the substance and found that the liquid applied by them was colorless and odorless and it was smeared by hand. It was indeed unguardable.

It seems that the physician who made this liquid was quite good.

However, doctors were of two types, one who helped the world, learning medicine to save people, and the others who used medicine just as a means for their own survival and achieved this through the usage of a variety of poisons and poisonous powders.

Obviously, the doctor who developed this medicine belonged to the latter kind.

The Vicious Flames Mercenary group had this liquid, it was no wonder they gained the spot among the top mercenary groups.

The most frequent place visited by mercenaries was this mountain range.

Among the mountain ranges, Wicked (Demonic beast) were in abundance.

Once the Vicious Flames Mercenary Group decided on their enemy, as long as they had the opportunity to smear the liquid onto the others clothes, then they had the power to trap the other party in the Luo Yun Mountains forever…

This method was really cruel.

As Baili Hong Zhuang said this, everyone there looked towards her.