Chapter 446 Don’t Ever Offend Baili Hong Zhuang!

“Baili Hong Zhuang, do you have a solution?”

Even the iceberg faced Gong Shao Qing was concerned with the sudden turn of events and hearing Baili Hong Zhuang’s words he asked her, his usually placid as lake expression now slightly stormy.

He had always disliked trouble, and he was simply unwilling to pay attention to problems that could be ignored.

However, the repetitive occurrences of Yi Hu Cheng had incurred his ire.

He had never been afraid of Yi Hu Chen, he just thought it was useless to bother with someone like him. However, Yi Hu Cheng obviously did not get the hint.

If he allowed Yi Hu Cheng to go on like this, there would be countless troubles in the future. It was better to take this opportunity and silence him completely.

If it weren’t for the urgent need to go to the miasma forest, he would have immediately rushed to kill Yi Hu Cheng as early as this morning, and would not have given him an opportunity for escape.

The eyes of the team members locked onto Baili Hong Zhaung. They all looked forward to it.

They were attacked early in the morning and later they were schemed against. As Special Enrollment Students of Cang Lan College, how could they bear this?

Hearing that Baili Hong Zhuang had a way, they just wanted to retaliate against Yi Hu Cheng and the others and let them know that they were not to be trifled with!

The corners of Baili Hong Zhuang’s lips rose up slightly. “I do have a way, but tonight we need to find a place to rest earlier; I need some time to prepare.”

Hearing this, everyone did not hesitate to nod, as long as they could show them their places, what could some delay of time be counted as? The big deal was that they would have their revenge tomorrow!

What’s more, if they were constantly attacked by Yi Hu Cheng and the others, their speed of progress will slow down. So, it was better to solve this problem and then hit the road again.

Seeing that everyone agreed, Baili Hong Zhuang said: “Since they used Wicked (demonic beast) to hurt us, we will also use Wicked (demonic beast) to deal with them!”

Everyone’s eyes lit up, this was naturally the most energy saving method.

“Hong Zhuang, do you have any way to use Wicked (demonic beast)?” Xia Zhi Qing’s eyes flashed with curiosity, unable to help but ask.

“They are not the only ones who can produce that liquid.”
Baili Hong Zhuang smiled lightly, her face full of confidence. With regard to making drugs and elixirs, she always refused to admit defeat.

She had dealt with many unusual poisons, she had also developed medicinal elixirs and liquids for various purposes. Fortunately, she had always had the habit of collecting medicinal herbs. In her Yin Yang bag, there were enough herbs to satisfy her current needs.

“But… how do we smear the liquid onto their body?”

Bai Jun Yu frowned, his face puzzled and worries. They had originally been sparkling but thinking of this predicament they turned dark.

“That is somewhat tricky, tonight when they come again, we will be waiting for them. Then doing what they did to us, we will let them have a taste of their own medicine.”

As Baili Hong Zhuang expressed her thoughts, everyone’s eyes expressed their shock.

Bai Jun Yu was excited. He was now aware that there was no one who could offend Baili Hong Zhuang, otherwise, they themselves wouldn’t know how they died!

“This idea is really awesome!”

Xia Zhi Qing was excited. For such disgusting fellows like Yi Hu Cheng and the Vicious Flames Mercenary group, she did not show an ounce of mercy.

“This move is pretty smooth!”

Cui Hao Yan once again raised his thumbs. He really admired Baili Hong Zhuang’s brain and was at the same time fortunate that he was not an enemy of Baili Hong Zhuang.

Otherwise, he will be finished.