Chapter 452 *

Baili Hong Zhuang’s lips twisted, her deep black pupils flashing with seriousness, “I, Baili Hong Zhuang, never will.”

To him, this was her answer.

Di Bei Chen blinked in the moment of stagnation. Soon, a smile rose the corner of his mouth again. “So to speak, husband still has to continue chasing his Wifey for a long time.”

Di Bei Chen said, his face full of emotion. It seemed as if he was completely confident.

Baili Hong Zhuang shook her head, looking indifferently at Di Bei Chen and the atmosphere between them fell silent.

Soon afterward, Gong Shao Qing and Liu Qin Yue came back, looking as if nothing had happened.

“It is late now, let’s go.” Gong Shao Qing slowly said.

Everyone nodded, the sudden appearance of Yi Hu Cheng had disrupted their plans and now they needed to hurry up.

Baili Hong Zhuang stood up from the ground and was ready to go along with everyone.

When everybody was ready to go, Di Bei Chen grabbed Baili Hong Zhuang.

Suddenly, Baili Hong Zhuang was pushed up against the tree, and he was standing before her.

Di Bei Chen’s face leaned close to Baili Hong Zhuang’s, as he said, “The husband is not willing to give up, there will be a day, that lady will willingly marry me.”

Saying this, Di Bei Chen let her go, watching as Baili Hong Zhuang ran to catch up with the team.

Baili Hong Zhuang looked back at the tall and straight figure, different emotions flashing through his eyes.


After the people once again embarked on their expedition, the people clearly felt that Liu Qin Yue’s mood was somewhat low.

Usually, Liu Qn Yue’s mouth always has a shallow smile. At the moment, her face looked like it was shrouded in dark clouds. It was like she didn’t have the slightest spirit, and a faint hint of vagueness spread.

Upon seeing this situation, the other people knew the outcome and were slightly desperate.

Now free of Yi Hu Cheng and the mercenaries’ harassment, the progress of Baili Hong ZHaung and the team was very fast. After three days, the team finally appeared at the place where the miasma forest was located.

On looking closer at the miasma forest, more and more cultivators appeared around them.

Usually, in the depths of Luo Yun Mountains, it was rare to see so many people. It could be seen how the mysterious miasma forest was an attractive place to everyone.

“Wow, I didn’t expect that there would be so many people here.” Xia Zhi Qing said in amazement. “They’ve already come here, so isn’t the task finished by now?”

Watching the posture of these cultivators, it was obvious that they had been here for some time.

Bai Jun Yu chuckled, “Do you think that a miasma forest like this would be so simple?”

“Miasma has always been dangerous, to make sure to not get trapped inside, we must think of ways before itself.”

Listening to these words, Xia Zhi Qing’s eyes cleared, realizing it.

“If so, then we still have a chance!”

“Master, this miasma is highly toxic. Wanting to go in is not easy.” Xiao Hei spoke up, as he looked at the miasma in front of him.

There was also a trace of worry in the eyes of the other little beasts. “The area covered by the miasma is very large. It is no wonder that the Mercenary Trade Union will give out such high rewards.”

Baili Hong Zhuang eyed the trees and miasma which seemed to cover the entire forest. Completely covered by miasma, the place appeared white.

The thickness of the miasma was very scary, and the visibility was not even one meter. From the outside, it was impossible to guess on the situation inside.

* Chater 452 I Will Never