Chapter 453 Unexplicable Miasma

“Ah, the miasma in this forest is really strong, this is the first time I’m seeing miasma so thick,” Zhan Yu Feng’s eyes were full of horror, she was afraid to even breathe when the miasma was so close. The miasma almost looked like early morning mist.

However, it wasn’t. Even if they were a team member, they would be mistaken for enemies when the visibility was barely one meter.

The faces of Gong Shao Qing and the others also became dignified. “Such a strong miasma is unheard of.”

“We should first enquire about the situation from the others. After we have some understanding, we can make further plans.” Cui Hao Yan said.

The others nodded their heads, they believed that the cultivators who had arrived earlier would know more, and understanding more about this situation would help them come up with better plans.

They slowly walked in a random direction, approaching the cultivators, whose talking voices now in a hearable range.

“The miasma’s thickness is really terrible and the miasma keeps spreading more every day. I can’t imagine what range it will spread to.”

“It is also really weird. Before when some people went in, we only heard sounds, suddenly all movement seized and they seemed to have disappeared.

“In my opinion, the Mercenary Trade Union’s judgment this time was wrong. This task is far higher than a blue level one.”

Everyone shook their heads, sighing. It was obvious even they were at a loss.

Listening to these remarks, the hearts of the people seemed a little heavy, the power of miasma was higher than they anticipated.

Dong Fang Yu did not delay and went directly into the crowd to make more inquiries about the miasma.

Baili Hong Zhuang and the others found a suitable place to rest nearby. Obviously, this situation would need more inquiries.

In a little while, Dong Fang Yu came back and told everyone what he had earned.

From Dong Fang Yu’s narrative, everyone had a certain understanding of this situation.

It turned out that many cultivators had arrived here as early as a few days ago at the miasma forest. They had discovered that the miasma was spreading little by little.

Every day, the area covered by the miasma would get a little bigger.

Not only that, people had heard the howls of Wicked (demonic beast) from tie to time coming from inside. The howls were extremely loud, even some of the old mercenaries who had often come to Luo Yun Mountains did not know what they were.

During this time, many cultivators had courageously entered the miasma forest, but they had not reported the slightest news after entering.

As the days got longer and longer, everyone thought that the others must have died.

Nowadays, people had begun fearing this inexplicable miasma, but since they had sent people to ask for news, they could only sit back and wait quietly.

“I have heard that miasma forest spread over time, but this is the first time that I have witnessed it.” Cui Hao Yan’s eyes were wide, his face full of wonder.

Many people, like Baili Hong Zhuang, sat in silence, this situation wasn’t unheard of.

“In my opinion, we don’t need to worry. Let’s think of what to do.” Gong Shao Qing said.

The current situation was clearly beyond their expectation, taking rash actions was absolutely impossible.

“Now, let’s not be so anxious. Let’s get to know more about the situation.”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s eyes were bright, she had always been interested in such unknown things.