Chapter 455 How Dare You!

“Master, this guy seems to have taken a fancy to you.”

Xiao Hei’s eyes flashed with excitement, as if hoping for a good show.

“These people are the most annoying.”

Baili Hong Zhuang did not plan on ignoring Hu Jun Qing. She just believed tht this guy was an annoyance and should not bother her.

“Our master was talking to you. How dare you ignore him?” The brawny man beside Hu Jun Qing was full of dissatisfaction. Their young master had such a distinguished famiy background. How could someone dare to ignore him like that!

Hu Jun Qing looked at Baili Hong Zhuang with deep feelings. He did not stop the guards around him and even appeared somewhat poud of it.

However, Baili Hong Zhuang’s face chilled instantly. This time, she found the guards of this man to be extremely annoying.

“Roll.” The cold ad chilly voice did not contain a trace of emotion, Baili Hong Zhuang did not even glance at Hu Jun Qing and his guards. The unassuming attitude clearly displayed her contempt.

Seeing the attitude of Baili Hong Zhuang, the faces of the guards and Hu Jun Qing darkened. So far, no one had dared to tell them to roll!

“How dare you!” The guard warned.

Baili Hong Zhuang’s brows wrinkled, she was studying the toxins in the miasma intently, suddenly, a bunch of noisy guys had disturbed her!

Just when Baili Hong Zhuang was about to make a move and solve this trouble, a figure clad in pale gold appeared beside her and in front of Hu Jun Qing.

“How dare you? Didn’t you hear it?”

Di Bei Chen was like a dark storm, arrogant and decisive, not giving others the slightest chance of rejection.

Hu Jun Qing looked at Di Bei Chen who had suddenly appeared in front of him and wanted to threatened him. He never thought that after seeing Di Bei Chen’s countenance he would be at a loss for words.

The dark and deep eyes were cold and murderous, just a single look made him feel the dangerous atmosphere around.

Although this idea was incredible, it truly did exist.

Howver, Hu Jun Qing did not have time to stop the security guards next to him. Before he could say anything, they had already spoken.

“What kind of onion are you? How dare you speak to our young master like that? I think you are looking for death!”

Di Bei Chen’s mouth curved in an evil smile. His aura became more and more cold, the killing intent congealing, letting a shiver run down people’s spines.

After seeing tis scene, all the cultivators around also anticipated a good scene.

Over the past few days, the place had become really monotonous. It as rare to have a fight break out. Everyone was very interested.

“Isn’t that Young Master Hu? This newcomer is really unlucky.”

“Yes, Hu Ju Qing’s strength is not weak. I heard that the Hu’s are interest in the miasma forest. The Hu family has sent a lot of cultivators here.”

“Oh, they just had to provoke the Hu family after arriving. His is really bad luck. I am afraid this mn will be crushed.”

The security guards looked at Di Bei Chen in a proud manner. Hu’s escorts had always bullied others. Where does anyone have the power to talk back?

“I also feel that you are looking for death.” The arc of Di Bei Chen’s lips became wider, more dangerous and colder.

In the next moment, shouts of excitement broke out from the practitioners around. Everyone was surprised to see the scene before them, hardly able to believe it.